Riddle me this…

Continuing from the last post, connections, here’s a fun one to try that night your insomnia kicks in {again}.

We are born.
We live.
We die.
We spend approximately 9 months inside another human being after which we are completely dependent upon said human for the next years {this time spent will be varied upon several outside factors but are said to be our “formative years”}.  We then spend the next 20 or so years finding a partner for procreation and “living our lives”, “making our way”; wouldn’t you know it — just when we’re about to get “IT”, it is about that time we begin to become aged and memories start to fade.  Soon, or shortly thereafter, we, in many aspects, return to the totally dependent state from which we once were with this also to be short-lived at which time we die.  When we are mature enough to understand the latter, this then inspires the question we all ask at one time or another, “why?”.

This is where undoubtedly some will find a connection of some sort and the path in front of them may seem a little less confusing, perhaps a little less daunting.  Have you?  Found a connection?

Maybe this is your connection.  Here.  Now.

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