Did I warn you?  Maybe I forgot.  I must have forgotten.  While you might be looking for the cotton-candy-coated distraction of the happy ending you receive after you listen to one of my Inamorata Classic files, you’ll also be getting the rest of me.

I have decided that this time you will be privy to my not so hypnotic thoughts, my OCD thoughts, my irrational thoughts, philosophical thoughts… you get the idea, right?   You get all of me {some might even say mpd and others might be overheard using adjectives like addictive and witch}.  I no longer have the time; seriously, I have more time behind me than in front of me {those of you who have already faced and overcome that nifty fact, I feel you}.  I have come to the conclusion it be best to think it, process it and record it… sharing with as many as will read it for the sake of every thing I will think and know until my death — oh, screw it.  I do it just to do it.  I do it because i like it.  And you will like it, too {but you will not have a practical reason other than the fact that you would literally sit at my feet if I asked you to}.

I will just leave this right here.

orange vinegar

Orange Vinegar.

You’re welcome.

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