More about me – albeit belated.   I suppose I assume that you know me {or at least heard of my name} because I’ve had a web presence since 1998; websites, hypnosis communities, bdsm communities and the like.  My activity level may at times seem low but my presence has always been available.  I’ve been practicing energy work (hypnosis, Reiki, tantra, meditation, etc.) my whole adult life.  Even as a child, I can remember meditating, practicing and being successful with out-of-body experiences.  I meditate faithfully at least 3 times a day – at least one of those times outside, to keep myself centered and grounded.

I adore exploring other people’s minds… being able to get them to the in-between state of consciousness and unconscious; the subconscious mind is limitless.  I enjoy working with those who understand the concept of hypnosis, what it is, how it works and what they want to accomplish.  I am a hypnosis purist in that I love doing it for the sake of doing it… being a guide and enjoying the feelings and sensations wherever they may go and for however long it lasts.  I use Nite Flirt as a starting point because it allows both me and you to be at ease knowing that it is a safe, secure and discreet way to begin. Only with regular clients do I ever share details and take appointments. I will post an announcement via Twitter when I’m taking calls, so be sure and follow me there.

I hope through the posts I make that you will come to know me better.  I believe that it is imperative to not only know who you’re working but have a good rapport, too.  For me, it is not about controlling you but exploring with you; that in time and with time, the knowing will allow for more intimacy and a more intense experience.

I will share more … in time.  Feel free to post questions.  I’m happy to answer them.