potions & notions

My morning consisted of popping chamomile flower heads to dry.  Chamomile is just one of the herbs I grow in my herb beds (which take up about 90% of the front yard).  I use  dried and fresh herbs/flowers to make teas, bath salts, lotions, sachets bags, candles and traditional herbal remedies.

My patrons (regular clients) are sent relaxing, soothing and enjoyable teas to drink before one of our sessions; bath salts for a calming soak and sachets bags for inside pillowcases and drawers.  These herbals are sent to them free of charge.  Drinking a cup of my dreamy-time herbal tea before a session helps to relax you and allows you to go deeper more quickly.  All of my teas and other products are 100% homegrown, pesticide free and handmade.

Part of my own meditation routine is to spend 20 minutes a day (or more) out-of-doors; breathing in the fresh air, connecting to the earth and being a part of nature instead of just observing.  I ask my regular clients to do the same.  If you live in the city this can be a task.  While I have my gardens, you may have to take a hike or a walk in a nearby park.

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