Zen and clarity

Zen for me is the process… the process in which you reach that moment beyond where time does not exist, where there is nothing but clarity, focus and realization.

Zen – for some – is a teaching. For others, a way of life.  Still for others, Zen is that “ah ha” moment.

To me, Zen is the process of getting there – not the actual point, per se.  Being so completely engrossed in something, totally focused that time ceases to exist… that is Zen.  It is not a photo of bamboo or the sound of trickling water in a stream.  Zen is not trendy although it is being elevated into the mainstream because it is now trendy.

My first recollection of Zen was during sex.

During orgasm I reach a point of total clarity where time and space do not exist, I am one with my partner and one with the entire universe.  And I ride that wave for as long as it lasts.  I had to teach myself to meditate.  And because of the way my brain works, this kind of focus, during meditation, took me years to acquire effectively.  I had to train my brain.  With sex, there was no teaching required.  it just was… and is.

Zen is not the orgasm but the getting there.  It is not the end goal, it is the journey.

I was sure when I started this article that it would be much longer – that I would have more to say on the topic.  It turns out that much of what I have to say is difficult to put into words.   And at this juncture, there are so many other things that tie into the topic, it would end up being several pages worth…. branching off into spirituality, sensuality, sexuality, emotional and physical health…. so I will ponder this awhile longer and, perhaps, write again about Zen.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to stop.  Stop and just breathe.  Deep breathe.  Really utilize your lung volume and take as much air in as you can through your nose.  Exhale through pursed lips and let everything go while that breath leaves you.   This focused breathing will help with anxiety, your stress level and overall make you feel better.

The next time you find yourself so focused on something that you lose track of time – you just might have experienced Zen.  What got you there? How did it feel?  I would love to read about your experiences.

Where and how do you find your Zen?

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