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I think this post should be an ongoing topic with threads of questions.  It should also be re-posted on a regular basis (every 3 to 6 months).  IMO, this article is vital, important and relevant.   No one should ever assume everyone knows the “rules.”  And just in case you were wondering, ignorance is not stupidity.  Ask questions.  We all have them.

When I was active, back in the day (ahem), this is the sort of article that got everyone’s attention and everyone’s input.  I hate to seem old-fashioned but this is important.  Even more importantly, there are at least 12 million women out their claiming to be hypnotists and they are not.  Be safe, sane and consensual.

Thanks germshep24. – Inamorata

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There hasn’t been any real blog posts on this website that aren’t advertisements done by a Domme for for a Domme, so I have decided to start writing some general information type blogs for those new to hypnosis or new to just the Domme/sub theme in general. I figured I would start with Dommes in the sense of the potential slave this probably will not be a very organized blog and will travel all over the place.

There are so many Dommes out there, all with various degrees of experience in varying types of fetishes. This can be very complicating for a submissive. When there are so many delicious looking apples in the tree, which one do you decide to choice? Can you rely on the comments of slaves about their Dommes? When you think about this community (not Inraptured, just fetish community as a whole), this is a very weird place field with all kinds of kinks that are ever expanding and that it is impossible to keep up with all the kinks that make the smaller part of hypnosis community. You got the basic erotic hypnosis, which is your basic hypnosis that could be understood by anyone new to the concept of fetishes/kinks. You have someone hypnotize you, then when your under you get JOI and you wake up in a mess of your own pleasure. Anyone can understand the appeal of this. Then you get into the concepts of mind control, brainwashing, and programming and for a someone new to this it is hard to contemplate the appeal, why would one want to lose control of their mind, to become a minion to another person (Dominatrix, mistress, Goddess, Princess, Queen, or master). That’s not getting into the popular fetishes like forced bi, sissification, anal play, cum eating instructions, financial domination, or specific body part/clothing obsessions and everything becomes overwhelming will fast.

How does one explore all of this and more importantly how do you find the right Domme to explore all of this with. We live in the information age, where you can learn anything and everything with a click of a button. When it comes to fetishes there is porn it is everywhere broken down to the smallest and most specific fetishes you want all you need is an open mind and you’ll figure out which fetishes you like there, just don’t dive to deep you’ll get lost in the abyss of the strange and come out scarred.

As for the Domme; remember no one Domme is perfect for everyone no matter how much a slave might say how much their Master is the greatest and no one can compare to them. The reason there are many Dommes is because of the many fetishes and the many variations that can come within those fetishes. Looking at hypnosis: you have different inductions (breathing, imagery, fixation, snapping), different styles (natural, demanding, fast speech, slow speech, echoes, overlay), different platforms (mp3, videos); each of which can add even more variations. Another think to throw out there is NO hypnotist can force you into a mindless slave; that should be obvious, but with the mysticism around hypnosis and slaves always saying that their mindless and have no choice it can be very easy to misconstrue the powers of hypnosis. So if hypnosis can’t make a person into a mindless slave how can a submissive feel like they are a mindless slave for their Queen. That comes from finding the right Hypnodomme for you.

For Hypnotist and subject relationship to work there has to be an understand and trust between the two, this trust brings the illusion of being a helpless mindless slave, because you know they wont try to force you to do something you wouldn’t want to do and thus break the illusion of being a mindless puppet. The more times you let your Goddess in to your mind the more receptive you’ll become to their hypnotic suggestions and from there you’ll find fetishes that you didn’t know you had, because in the end your mistress is your teacher and is helping you explore your fetishes and find what you want out of their relationship. They can help you for the good or help you for the worse and this is why research is important in finding a potential Domme, since you don’t want your manipulator to twist you around your more darker fantasies (blackmail, debt, home-wrecking), but around fulfilling your fantasies and overall improving your life.

I’ll stop it there for know. If there is any subject you would like me to talk about feel free to let me know, this was more of a broad stroke introduction and wasn’t trying to get into any specifics.

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