make the time

Ahh.. The quiet and peace of the wee hours. A very good time to reflect. Or just enjoy being.

At times like this, before the hustle and bustle begin, I often attune myself to what is around me, striving to be part of it all.  Envelope myself in just being.

What is all the hustle and bustle about anyway? Rush off to this, rush off to that. Don’t be late for this, don’t be late for that. Sure, we all have to make a living but in the big picture – does that mean so much that we put ourselves on the back burner time and time again?

You’ve all heard the saying, ‘take time to smell the roses.’ In my opinion, it goes much deeper than that.  Don’t just smell them.  Inhale them.  Look at them in such a way that you’ve never seen a rose before.  Appreciate the complexity; from seed to bud and finally flower.  Be humbled in the simplicity – it’s sprung forth this beauty the same way for thousands of years. Delicate and strong at the same time.

‘Take time to smell the roses.’  Take time.  Make the time.  If it is only mere moments throughout the day, take time to just be.

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