There are specialties in medicine; general, surgery, plastics, cardiology, etc.

There are specialties in meditation and hypnosis, too; transcendental, erotic, sensual, self-help, etc.  I believe every hypnotist/guide has their own specialty because it suits their proclivities.  What they do and how they do it is something they enjoy.  It brings them pleasure in some form.  It is a give and take.  The client gets what they want and at the same time, the hypnotist/guide gets what she/he wants.  It is a relationship that is born out of want, need and commonalities.   The want/need or give/take is so vital to this relationship that one simply does not exist without the other.

Personally, I am a hypno purist.  I love to trance to evoke response.  I revel in pulling responses from my clients with my words.  Guiding a client to fall for me to a deeper level and then adding a layer.  Layer after layer, deeper and deeper under.  With each layer the client reveals more and more about themselves, letting go a little bit more each time.  The client is entranced, enchanted, bewildered and hanging on each word.  Every word I say can send him/her further down the rabbit hole or up towards reality.  Every bit of that I not only enjoy but relish.  That’s my thing.  That is what makes it magical for me.  The response.  The interaction.  Even if it is intelligible at some points.  I am able to monitor my subject from the deepest part of their experience to their full alertness and wakefulness.

I thought I was having writers block, trying to come up with the perfect script for an mp3 and failing.  But it was not writers block.  After a phone session I realized, I do not want to do mp3s regularly, only rarely.  I want the live version.  I want to experience the person on the other end of the line.  I need that connection and apparently there are many others who desire the same thing.  The connection.  The emotion.  The highest high experienced with another person.  Forget about space and time.  Forget about touch.   When in those moments there is energy connecting through that line – no matter the distance.  So you are in luck.  I will be taking phone sessions more regularly.

I will continue to make my hypnotic creations.  I love making them. They are my creative outlet and I attempt to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible while dropping in bits of voice, music, binaural beats, Solfeggio frequencies or a perfectly matched musical loop.  That is where my youtube channel comes in and I am very proud of my work there.

I am looking for those who are like-minded and searching for my particular specialty.  Those who are willing to put forth a little more of themselves besides the “happy ending”.   I will practice conversational hypnosis, covert methods, deepening techniques, planting triggers to take them deeper, help them fly higher.  I do not do JOI.  My style is subtle and it may catch you by surprise.  It is Ds in nature but not overtly so.  Not for the faint of heart, mind you, I want to reach inside you and pull your guts out.  Figuratively speaking, of course.  A total mind-body experience.

My subjects need me; as a hypnotist, guide and release valve.  I prefer live sessions to mp3s.  Fall for me through Nite Flirt.

Find me on twitter and follow me there.  Blog posts are good but interaction is better and live sessions are best.  I will answer any questions you have privately or publicly.

I am excited to hear from you.  xox

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