This is something we do without thinking about it.  We breathe.  Inhale and exhale.

Deep breathing is so much more and when practiced regularly (daily – even three to four times a day) you will feel the benefits.  A sense of peace, calmness and clarity.  In many cases, this is also how I begin a hypnosis session.

Many people are mouth-breathers; inhale and exhale through the mouth.  For those of you who are mouth-breathers, it will be difficult to change your ways.  Without thinking, no need to think, you may have not even noticed.  This will need to change so you must focus on your breathing.

Inhale through your nose and imagine your lungs filling from the bottom up (like liquid in a glass).  When your lungs are full, hold that breath to the count of 4.  When you exhale, do it through pursed lips and fully exhale all of that air until your lungs are empty and you can actually feel your diaphragm.

Fill your lungs to the count of 4, hold it to the count of 4 and then exhale to the count of 4.  You may feel a sense of lightheadedness or even euphoria.  This is normal.  It’s the extra serotonin in your brain.  Perfectly natural.

When I was first learning how to meditate, this is how I did it.  It allowed me to focus on something in particular and it kept my focus while at the same time afforded me all of the benefits of breathing deep.



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