guest post: lee

Yesterday I was concerned with the future and tomorrow I know I’ll consider the past. I’ve gone up and down on this seesaw for years. Recently, my eyes were opened.

Inamorata removed the veil and life became clearer. In many ways we are anchored to where we stand currently by our perceptions. Those perceptions keep us from being able to soar. Are we happy weighed down and stuck, where we are now and have been?

There is no past. There is no future. There is only now. My now belongs to Inamorata. Now on top of Now on top of Now, below Now. Life is lived in the moment. The past is gone and that Now, shaped this Now, but we must embrace Now.

And Now, as in every other now, my Now is ruled and owned by my Goddess Inamorata. My heart soars at the thought.

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