In my practice, I find the moons to be of particular importance in that the whole world experiences the same phase of the moon no matter what part of the world you live in, no matter what time zone.

The sabbats vary depending on if you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere and while these are also called High Holy Days, I do see them as of lesser import to the world at large and of more import to your own geographical areas and celebrations.

Most calendars mark the New Moon and Full Moon.   However, not the Dark Moon (the dark moon is a period of 2 to 2 1/2 days until the sliver of the young moon appears.  It is during the Dark Moon when I do my spellcasting, divination, etc.  Then, within the (approximate) next 2 weeks I usually can tell if the spellcasting has worked or the divination was as predicted.  When the Full Moon arrives, I celebrate.

A former High Priestess of my own coven, I now practice most of the time as a solitary witch.  Solitary rituals, solitude and even isolation at times I have found is good for me.  Calling upon the dark, acknowledging it, working with it and then releasing it until the next Dark Moon is my way of recognizing and honoring both sides of myself whether it be the male/female duality that exists within us all or the dark side of my energies versus the light.  It is a balance.  A balance which I have found to be a vital part of myself.  Introspection, meditation and reflection are part of the work that I continue to do in order to maintain my balance.

Initially, I started with the Wiccan Tradition but not believing in all the tenants, I moved from any real organized group.  I encourage you to do much research.  Educate yourself.  Do what feels right to you and let no one dictate what that is.  Spirituality is a path that is walked alone.

I wish you peace, love, abundance and prosperity.

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