Equinox Mabon/Ostara

“Equal night” the equinox.  In the northern hemisphere it is the Autumnal equinox and the Spring equinox below the equator.  The sun now moves into the sign of Libra and is directly above the Earth’s equator.  From this day on in the northern hemisphere, the night will begin to slowly outlast the daylight hours.  We move from warmth to cold.  Below the equator, there are signs of spring and their days are longer than their nighttime.  On this day we celebrate the second harvest, we gather the bounty from summer and prepare for winter’s cold.  The final harvest celebration is Samhain.  May your day be filled with light and love.  I wish you peace.

The Harvest is in
Food stored for the winter
Seeds secreted for Spring
Celebrate the inward journey
Join Persephone as she descends
Mother Earth turns toward Crone
As we dance the last dance
Half is day, Half is night
Harvest Moon, Orange sight
Bless the dance, Bless the rite
Half is day, Half is night
Half is dark, Half is light
Spiral out, Spiral in
Harvest, Death, rebirth again
Who spiral out, and spiral in.
-Ila Suzanne

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