Dark moon

The dark moon refers to the end of the lunar cycle when the moon is absent from the sky. That is, the period of time between the fading of the old, waning crescent moon and the appearance of the young, waxing crescent moon. This can last for 1.5 to 3 days.

The dark moon is often a time designated by magic-users to clean their altars and perform rituals to cleanse their homes, ritual tools and auras. Banishing of negative energies or unwanted influences may also be performed at this time.

Personally, I am pulled toward the dark moon to work – rather it be introspective work, retrospection, grounding and centering.  During the dark moon I become more quiet and thoughtful, at times isolating or distancing myself from people.  Although it is not intentional, those who know me well will notice the difference.

I use the time of the dark moon to face my own shadow self and embrace the darkness that lies within me.  As in all of us, there is dark and light.  Yin/Yang.

My tools are charged under the dark moon – negative energy banished.  I also use this time to smudge with sage and bay leaves.

Whether you work with the dark moon or not, I wish you peace and love, bright blessings and prosperity.


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