the moon’s pull

It is early Saturday morning.  No, the moon is not yet full.  Though it will be full in 3-4 days.  Some of us feel the pull earlier than others.  Some of us do not.  But if you are connected in one way or another to someone who does feel the pull, you are likely to be pulled as well.  If you have felt the pull before, perhaps you are feeling it again.

During an upcoming dark (new) moon or full, I can feel the pulling of it almost an entire week ahead of time.  But then again, I have practiced this for years.  Even before I knew it was the moon and her phases that were affecting me.  I would write it down, what I was feeling and when.  Biologically, ovulating or menstruating – as my cycle has always been connected to the moon phases.

Our sensitivities are higher, our emotions more easily surface.  We coil inward or we lash out.  We are distracted.  We are also the most creative.  We may be upset, scared and cannot pinpoint what might be wrong.  We are headstrong and we forge ahead, possibly to the detriment of ourselves.  We can be at our highest high or our lowest low.  Either way, when I point this out to the person asking of me that it could be the moon effect, there’s an “ahhh” moment and that, yes, I could be right.

For years, I have been documenting exactly when this phenomenon occurs with me and I have finally gotten to the point where when I feel out of the ordinary, the first thing I check is how close we are to a dark (new) or full moon and I am usually right.  That is not to say that this happens to everyone in the same way and I do not mean to imply that in every single case that the moon is the reason or cause.

What I can say is this – if you feel yourself a little “off” from your norm, check the calendar first before you spiral in, spiral out or begin to connect dots that do not exist.  Self-care is of utmost importance.  Rest.  Meditate.  Nap.  Call me.  I hear and understand you and what you are going through.  It could be the moon, it might be something else.  I am here, though, and sometimes sharing and being heard is curative.  Namaste.

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