week of the full moon

The moon’s effects date back to legends and mythology of ancient civilizations.  The full moon has been associated with strange behavior, heightened emotions and sleepwalking.  The lunar theory (the lunar effect) is the idea that there is some correlation between moon cycles and human behavior.  Many people dismiss myths concerning the influence of the moon, but real effects are being found through science.

Personally, my menstrual cycle has always been affected by the moon phases (maybe TMI but it is true).  I generally need less sleep the week of the full moon and for a few days after.  My creatively flow is high during a full moon so you may see me post new hypnotic or meditative files during this time.  I am more productive during the week of the full moon, accomplishing many tasks that have either been laid aside or pushed to the back burner, so to speak.  You may find that I post more, tweet more or have more sessions since I my creative energy is flowing high and I tend to need less sleep.  I have vivid dreams around the full (and dark) moon.  My empathy levels rise at this time of the month and as long as I stay away from politics, I have found, I can use my empathy in conjunction with Reiki to help relieve stress, tension and alleviate pain.  My empathic abilities are not curative, however.

How does the full moon affect you?

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