Have you ever blown out birthday candles and made a wish?  Then you, too, have cast a spell.

Perhaps you were told as a child a couple of days before your birthday, “have you thought about what you are going to wish for?”  So you did think about it.  Maybe for a few minutes or maybe a whole day.  You knew when the big moment occurred, you would be wishing with all your heart.  Boom.  Intention – the biggest component to any spell is intent.  For if the intent be through and through the spell itself will surely come true.

The confetti spent, the wrapping paper on the floor, streamers above are now falling down and all is dark except for the candles on the cake.  The mood is set as all in attendance wait, holding their breath, for the wish to be made and the candles blown out… because if all the candles are extinguished, then the wish would surely come true!  The witch has an altar adorned with correspondences – some decorated with meticulous care; the colors, gemstones, candles, trinkets, elemental objects and depictions of the god/goddess.

Finally, with every fiber of your being and every ounce of belief you can muster, you blow out those candles and just know that your wish will come true.  So also, does the witch.  The smoke carries the wish to the cosmos and from there we will hear, and know, by the next moon if the wish (our spell) will come true. 

Light and Love

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