Beaver moon

Old World Witchcraft says, 

Between this current Mercury Retrograde and the Moon’s Gemini influences, now is a great time to retreat in order to focus on ourselves and channel our creativity; think outside the box, journal new ideas and prepare for the first magical chapter of 2019.

Mystic Mamma says,

Venus went direct on November 16th and on that same day Mercury went Retrograde. As our hearts return from their underworld voyage our focus turns inward to nourish ourselves as we process so many of the changes that have been occurring. For most of us these have been some very turbulent times.

I am not usually astrological and yet I could feel the effects of this full moon so completely that I had to check the calendar more than once to confirm my suspicions. It washes over me with feeling, wave after wave. So in my experience, I say,

Feel whatever you feel and feel it completely. Do not give in to naysayers. Do not doubt your own feelings. They are all there for a reason. Feel them, embrace them, acknowledge them and validate them. Only then can you move away from them if you choose to do so. Me? I am happy stargazing and moon gazing. The thoughts racing through my own monkey mind have me thinking outside the box. Thoughts swirling and brainstorming late into the night and the stars are my light. Moon, oh moon, you shine so bright, I close my eyes and take flight.

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