meditation by-products

I should not have to tell you that meditation can benefit your life.  Any self-help article, essay or magazine will tout the benefits (generally for profit).  It’s comparable to needing a fitbit before starting an exercise – you really do not need it, do you.  Yet you do buy it – but ask yourself why.

Here’s a NEWS FLASH – meditation is FREE!  Since it began, the practice has always been absolutely free.  You can do it by yourself, in your own home, in a relaxed position and it costs nothing.  You can do it with an intimate group, breathing as one.  You can do it in a larger group perhaps with a meditation guide who will, in a sense, tell a story and guide you through the process.  You can all me on NF and I can be your meditation guide.

The benefits of meditation seem to be growing the more scientists research the mind, itself.

I refer to these benefits as by-products.  These benefits will happen to you without your knowledge simply because you meditate. 

Personally the very first by-product I observed in myself was that I was no longer knee-jerk reacting to situations.  Things that used to set me off no longer did.  This was huge for me.  Everyone notices it.   It’s a pause, like a cushion, between my reaction and what situation has occurred.  I get to decide how to react and often times I really take a few minutes to be thoughtful about it. 

I am also, thereby, more mindful.  I am not so easily distracted when focusing on tasks.  When I was a little girl, I can remember my grandmother telling me to ‘be mindful of those stairs’ or ‘be mindful of that pot on the stove, it is hot’.  Being mindful is being self aware of your own space, being self aware of how you do things.  Let’s use an example of washing dishes.  Simple task.  After meditating regularly for a few months, you will find that you not only enjoy this task more and it does not seem like a chore but that you are completely focused and thoughtful about the task at hand and nothing else. 

I do not meditate because it is trendy.  I have been meditating before it was and I will continue to meditate when it is no longer “in” because it is not only helpful to me but I have more of me to help others. 

Life is wonderful and magical.  We overthink things way too often.  After you have meditated a while, you will understand… you will understand a lot more than you do now.  If you would like a guide, call me.  I would be more than happy to get you started. 

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