While you sleep (erotica)

While You Sleep

I walk into the room, but you are asleep so I decide to have a nice warm bath. Running the water, the steam heats up the room. I light some candles and incense. the scent rises slowly mixing with the musky steam. Feeling delicious and beginning to relax, I’m looking forward to feeling the silky water on my skin, imagining it as soft licks all over my body. So I slide in slowly and sink deep, the water nearly up to my chin. 

The water’s still running, steam is rising and I’m feeling much better. As the tension floats from my body, it’s replaced by excitement and arousal … pleasure and warmth. Soothing my muscles, I take the hand-held shower head and slowly run it over my legs … the heat relaxes my muscles even more. Moving up, I let the water shower my thighs and tickle between my legs. The sensation of the warm soothing water surrounding me along with the pressure from the shower head on my sex is so sensual, I feel even myself becoming wetter than just with water. I sense a familiar ache inside and I am begin to completely submerge, now, not only in the heat, steam and bath … but also into my own desire. 

I let the water shoot over my sex, the sensation arousing me and sending little electric-like shocks toward my clit, making it throb. Lying back, I slowly and luxuriously wash my body, feeling my skin tingle all over. I close my eyes and think of you asleep. Lying there in the bed. The ache gets stronger. My body reacts and I am hungry for you. My fingers find their way to my breasts and my nipples become hard at my touch. They pull and draw from inside, my entire body is craving you. My hands slowly caress and rub, explore and move all over my body, lingering here and there. All I can think of is you and what I want to do with you; what I can do with you and how I make you feel. Completely aroused and not wanting to deny myself of you further, I decide to finish my bath a little quicker than I had originally intended.

I hop out of the tub and wrap my wet body in a fluffy towel. Feeling the softness against me only makes me more aroused. More moisture between my legs and the ache is ever present. I can see you lying there, completely oblivious. So relaxed and peaceful. Deep in dreamland. My mind turns, again, to what I do with you. How I make you feel. How you beg for me and open yourself to me so completely. The look on your face. The sounds from your mouth. You go so deep you end up being completely disconnected from reality as I take you and lead you to the edge. 

Oh, these thoughts always arouse me. Make me feel strong and very excited. I move my hand between my legs, standing there, watching you sleep and then slide a finger inside myself. Teasing myself, playing and arousing myself more and more. Pleasuring myself while you lie there, so close, breathing deeply, resting and looking so comfy. The realization that you lie there completely unaware sends shivers through me. My clit is hard, my breath shallow, my heart pounding and my muscles are clenching at the thought of having you. Smiling, I move closer to the bed, drop the robe … I am ready to do with you as I please. 

I’ve gotten myself so aroused, now, there’s nothing that would stop me from doing exactly what I wanted. The smell of my own sex lingers on my fingers. As I pull the covers back to reveal your naked boy and my eyes drink you in. I know that body, every inch of that body. I’ve explored every bit and touched you everywhere. It’s that body that I own and that body I will have. I’m just looking at you and my level of excitement is growing. 

Obviously, even in your sleeping state, you are aware of me. You roll over in the bed and have exposed more of your body to me. Now I can see that succulent sex of yours – of mine – that I control. I know how I drive you wild, how hard I can make you. Aching and amazingly aroused, I lean over to you, softly stroke your nipples and chest… exhale my warm breath on your body. 

As you slowly become more consciously aware of me, you begin to try to fight out of sleep. But I won’t have that. Oh no. You stay right there, not thinking.. I like you dazed and sleepy. So I move closer to you and whisper in your ear… ‘sleep for me, my good boy.’ Instantly you respond. Your body, once again, goes relaxed and you exhale slowly. 

I continue to play with your body very softly, stroking your chest, whispering to you. Relaxing you further and watching you slide quietly and deeply under my control. ‘that’s right, my good boy… quiet. sleep for me.’ And though I am going nuts to have you, take you and ravage your body, I want to take my time … to enjoy you. enjoy this. I do so love to see you this way, to have you react to me and take you to the edge. 

You’re deep. Your breath has slowed and is shallow. Your arms and hands are dead weight. I move my fingers close to your lips. They’ve been inside me and smell like me. And you love the smell of me. The teasing begins. 

You move slightly as I tease you with the smell of me. Completely under and relaxed, your body responds without hesitation. You lift your head slightly, trying to get closer but I pull my fingers away. Your eyes are still shut, your body still very relaxed, but your libido is completely under my control now. I let you smell my fingers again and your penis begins to react.

‘That’s my good boy, responding to me, I know what you love, I know what drives you and you know who controls you’

I move myself closer to you, so that I might tease you more. My breasts are against you. My leg over yours. So close, I can just lower my head and trace your nipple with my tongue. The moment you feel my tongue there, you shudder. Your nipple becomes instantly erect and hardens for me. A sigh escapes from your lips ‘please’ and you stir, becoming more and more aroused.

I move my mouth and tongue up and around over you, licking and tracing, tasting and nibbling all over you as my hands stroke, softly tease and caress your skin. Moving over your body, down your abdomen and touching your inner thigh. Your legs part. Wide. As I continue to trace little circles over your thighs, accidently (on purpose) occasionally barely touching your shaft. Even wider you open your legs for me. You have become harder and are now moving, moaning and I can tell you’re wanting more. 

Softly my fingers caress your balls making them ache. You move toward me, wanting to feel more of me but I deny you further. Instead, I simply whisper… ‘my good boy…. all for me, my good boy, your body is mine.’ And you instantly reply, ‘yours.’

The teasing continues, you squirm, moan, writhe on the bed and begin to beg me through your trembled breathy gasps. You’re so aroused, the veins have popped up over your shaft, hard, strong and so big for me. Responding to me. I lean down to taste your precum and you nearly explode when you feel my tongue pass over your head. I lick down the length of you, looking up at you. Watching you lose it. My tongue flicking over you very slowly and my hand moving further between your legs. 

You’ve parted your legs wide for me and you know where I’m headed next… I’ve been training you to love this. To ache for this. To need this. The feeling of me inside of you – everywhere. How addicted you have become, wanting to feel me inside of your head, all over your body, the scent of me wrapped around you and me inside of your ass.‘Open for me, my good boy.’ ‘open.’ And you are. And you do.As I slowly move my finger inside of you, taking my time to tease and touch those very sensitive spots – it is then I see the look. The look of complete and total surrender.If someone were to call out to you, you would not hear them.If the doorbell were to ring, it would not register.You’re gone. Reality is completely gone and you’ve melted into a state of complete and utter bliss. Feeling. Only feelings now. Nothing else. No thought. No comprehension. Only that the feelings continue. That they go on. That they don’t stop.Here, in this moment, we connect our energies together and I can read your thoughts. I am you. You are me. There is nothing that you’re not feeling that I am not sending. Nothing that I’m not feeling that you’re not reacting to. I’m so deep inside of you, controlling and owning every bit of you.‘mine.’‘yours.’It’s total power exchange. And it has every fiber in my body alive, awake and empowered. So wet now, I’m dripping moisture onto the bed. You’re somewhere in subspace, ready to take flight.There’s no turning back now.I move further into you and with the other hand, I slowly and softly touch your nipples. First the left and then the right. Circles. Small circles. Barely there touches. Barely a breath. But you feel every single thing. You react with wild abandon and pure, raw energy. The light around you, now, is that of uninhibited feeling. Nothing to keep it from shining bright and no thought to interrupt it. Only the feeling. The powerful and intoxicating feeling.Lower now, I trace my fingers from your chest to your abdomen and then to your throbbing, bigger than ever, now almost purple penis. Your balls are tight. You are moving with me as I move inside you. Closer. You’re so close.‘ready to soar, my good boy.’‘yes, please!’‘want to soar, my good boy.’‘oh yes, please!’Then it’s not the finger inside of you. It’s not the caress of my touch on your cock. It’s all of that and all of those feelings circling and swirling in, around, above and under you. Coursing through your veins like hot lava, melting you and unnerving you.What is it then, that lets you take flight? What happens next?The intensity is higher than ever. The rhythm is paced, slow and deliberate.‘now, my good boy.’‘now, my good boy.’‘soar.’‘you may fly for me, my good boy.’And you’re gone with the words. Over the edge to fly. Losing it. Wave after wave of total pleasure overwhelming you. Breathless, trembling, sweating.‘ride the wave, my good boy and fly.’An d it goes. Continues.Only when you look at me, trying to connect and find me in the daze do I move. Slowly. On top of you.To make love.Later, when we both wake … you’re certain of how you feel, but not quite sure of how it happened.And all I can do is smile at you. ‘Have a nice nap, honey?”
© Inamorata

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