During a #fullmoon #esbat

Since the full moon is a time to increase your positive energy or conversely, it can wreak havoc on your emotions. You should be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect. Whatever is going on in your body, mind or spirit will be amplified. So theoretically your sadness or dark mood could potentially be amplified and we do not want that. If you are sad or feeling dark – do something that makes you happy before you decide to soak up some energy from this full moon.

During a full moon, the ocean swells and affects people in different ways (women in particular). The energy is powerful so it’s important to direct it with positive intention. Intention is what you envision. If you envision a sweet summer day in a field of wild flowers in your mind but you do not feel that vision in your body, you are not using True Intent.

True Intent is what you feel with every fibre of your being. Children are especially good at true intent – they have innocence that the world has not destroyed yet. So imagine, if you will, going back to a time during your childhood where you impulsive, spontaneous and curious. When everything seemed possible and magical. Grab that piece of yourself and bring it forth. Feel whatever you desire with your entire being. True Intent.

During a full moon try to refrain from arguing and getting angry.

The full moon is the time to stay calm, let things go.

Breathe deeply.
Inhale through your nose to the count of 4.
Hold it to the count of 4.
Exhale through pursed lips to the count of 4.

Of course I recommend deep breathing exercises to my subs and clients on a daily basis. For those who tend to be a little hyper, confused or overwhelmed, I recommend deep breathing exercises a little more often. Personally, I do deep breathing exercises up to 6 times a day – it helps with my own anxiety, helps to keep my pulse rate regular and helps to control my blood pressure.

During the full moon think positive thoughts.

We know we should think positively as much as possible but during the full moon, you’ll have a chance to give that positive thinking an extra boost. Think of all the positive things in your life. How blessed you are. How grateful you are for what is in your life. Take a walk and notice all the beauty around you, even in the winter. Nature never gets it wrong.

During a full moon, envision your dreams manifesting.

Why not? What ever dreams you may have, goals or things you would like to see manifested in your life – spend a few moments and envision them coming true, happening, actually manifesting in your life and how accomplished you will feel, how grateful. Send it out to the Universe. Open your arms wide and give it to the Universe – “I accept abundance and prosperity into my life!” Close your eyes and envision your goal being fulfilled. You may use this mantra every day of your life. It feels good. Feel yourself opening up to the full moon, like you have unzipped your chest and feel the universe answer “Yes” – say it like you mean it and believe it. “I accept abundance and prosperity into my life!” And see in your mind’s eye that dream coming true.

During a full moon meditate by yourself or with a group.

Since the full moon pours down so much energy, meditating during this time helps to create calm, mindfulness and stillness. You can do it by going outside (make sure you are bundled up!), find the beautiful moon and bask in her energy. Then take a few moments to ground and center yourself. Feel the earth steadfast and steady under you. Listen as the breeze blows past your ear, whispering words of wisdom from the Ancient Ones. Start a little campfire, or have a candle with you, and focus on the flame. If there is snow or rain, smell its purification of the land and let it seep into you. Take into you the moon light. Stay out there for as long as your nose and toes can stand it – or you can do this in the privacy of your heated home! It can be by yourself or with a friend, even a group of friends.

During a full moon send blessings to people in need.

Since you have now calmed yourself, done deep breathing, seen your dreams manifest into your life and meditated – you may feel empowered and have extra energy.

Time to ground and center again. Though this time, you need to use that wonderful imagination of yours and feel as if you are the tree. Your roots go deep into the ground and are very strong. Yet they, like us, need nutrients and food in order to stay strong and grow. So send a little of that extra energy you are feeling into the roots of that strong oak, maple or walnut tree.

To my fellow witches – Blessed esbat! I send you light and love.
To those who have taken the time to read this post, I am grateful. Thank you.

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