Yule: The Rebirth of the Sun

The winter solstice is a time of optimism, celebration and joy. In the movement of the annual cycle, the shortest day of the year and the longest night are a clear signpost that all is moving toward brightness and ease. Though there will still be cold, challenging days ahead, there is (quite literally) light at the end of the tunnel. In myth, this is seen as the birth of the divine child, the son who appears across cultures as Mithra, Horus, Baldur, Apollo, Dionysis and Lugh, to name a few. It is this child of the Sun who promises to bring peace and order in triumph over the days of darkness and chaos.

In our inner landscape, Yule is a perfect time to reignite the light within. Ask yourself what your light is. What is the particular talent that reflects your contribution? In what ways are you a gift to the world? Yule reminds us that each of us carries that ineffable spark of the Divine within. Though it may be, at times, buried beneath frozen barrenness, it takes just a small shift for its brightness to begin to move into strength once more.

Written by Tiffany Lazic (Llewellyn contributor)

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