guest post: christopher

Thank You for inviting me to be a guest blogger for Your page, Lady Inamorata. Just a short entry.

I want to emphasize how intelligent, intuitive, real, gorgeous, loving and powerful Inamorata is. Those are a lot of words and each one has a series of experiences behind them. Each one has me mindlessly, instinctively and arousedly saying, “Yes Goddess”, “Yes Mistress”, “Yes m’Lady”, “Yes Wonderful”, “Yes Marvelous” or others. When i fall for Her, i fall into who i am, and into what brings me satisfaction in life, pleasure, peace and a general excitement for living. She knows how to do this to you.

How do i know? Well I first found Her online when online was young, 20 years ago. She is a tech pioneer. She had some “storyline” gif sequence “inductions” on Her Web of Passion site. As I saw some of Her graphic inductions, read about Her (I’m very cautious), and then took this sequential gif induction, I was completely knocked into wonder as I got very aroused with the buttons She was pushing and I realized that She knew me much better than I knew myself. I was hooked. 

I bought Her recordings. Listened day and night. Sometimes a lot and sometimes only when I could. I had some great dreamtime experiences.

I contributed, commented, wrote stories for Her, served in any way I could. We talked. We talked and got to know each other. I went out to see Her, in person. A very big step for me, and I felt so so good and excited about it. I did have the incredible opportunity to be with Her in person.

However, to help make a long story short, for various reasons in my life I ended up leaving Her service and not communicating with Her for years. From time to time I would try to reconnect but something or another would keep that from happening. She was always in my mind and heart.

I finally reached out and reconnected, and it’s like all that was there came flooding back and now with more understanding and more wisdom and with a lot of emotion (and desire). She is helping me on many levels. She is understanding. She gives a lot. She has a power that is a bit subtle and then, all of a sudden, you realize that you’re captured and enthralled and She insisted it to be my choice all the way, all along. 


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