A Bit of Relaxation (erotica)

A Bit Of Relaxation

“Welcome home Mistress” I state as she finally arrives back home after her long day of traveling. “I hope that day wasn’t too terribly long Mistress.” 
“It was a very long day pet. But it’s so nice to be home again. Mmmmmmmm.”
Then Mistress turned towards me and smiled. “Dear…do you know what I would truly love right now??” “No, Mistress’ I replied, ‘but I will be more than happy to get whatever it is for you.” “She grinned at me again. “You are so sweet and obedient to me. This will not be very difficult for you though. I would love a nice, hot bubble bath. Do you think you could take care of that for me??” “Of course Mistress. Would you like that now??” “Yes, pet…that would be very nice. Mmmmmmmm.” I leaned over and placed a gentle kiss upon her cheek and said, “Of course Mistress. I will call for you when all is ready.” “Thank you dear” she replied.
Then I headed towards the bathroom. I found some of her favorite bubble bath and then added some nice, hot water to the tub. Immediately the soft bubbles begin to expand and start to the fill the tub. The hot water letting some steam into the air, so I temper it just a bit with some cooler water to get the temperature to her liking. When the tub is just about full, I turn off the water and walk back out to the room. “Your bath is awaiting you my lovely Mistress”. And with that she smiles at me and holds her hand out to me to assist her up. When she arises she comes directly in front of me and gives me a big hug and whispers, “Thank you pet.” Then she turns around in front of me. “Pet, please undo my bra.” Which of course I immediately do and it falls gently to the floor. Then I say to her…”This way Ma’am” and take her hand and head to the bath. She looks at the tub, all steamy and fully of bubbles. “Mmmmmmmm…Looks very nice pet” “Yes Mistress, I thought so too.
I particularly find a nice warm bath like this to be very relaxing. The warm water caresses your skin and has such a soothing effect on you. Makes you just want to relax and just let go. And the gentle bubbles just sit there and lovingly caress your skin. They are so soft and so gentle. As they slowly take you in with them. Getting you all nice and relaxed and comfy. So soothing and soft. Just like these nice words. 
They are so soft to read. 
It is so easy to focus on these words. 
And they feel very nice in your mind. 
Like soft gentle bubbles. 
Caressing your mind as you begin to let go and continue reading down. 

Setting your foot into the soft water. Feel how nice and warm it is. So relaxing. So soothing. Then your other foot slides in, while I gently hold your hand. The water feels so soothing. So relaxing. as it covers your feet and your calves. Mmmmmmm Then you lower yourself deeper into the water. Feeling it caress you body and skin. So soft…so warm. Letting it relax you completely. As your body settles completely into the tub. Feeling the warm relaxing water surrounding your body now.
And these soft pink words surround your mind. 
Watching them flow by so easily. 
Eyes focused, as you want to continue to read….and to relax. 
As they guide you down deeper. 

The bubbles dancing along and down your arms. Feeling so nice. So comforting. The warm water relaxing your body so completely. Your head resting on my hands, as I lovingly caress your neck Relaxing you so nicely. Sensing a very soft breath escape from your lips. Feeling so very relaxed. Feeling so very content now. The water so soothing. Soooo relaxing. 

These soft words guiding you deeper. As you continue to slowly fall. 
But eyes still open, wanting to continue to read down the page. 
And to drift…… And to float. 
All of those nice, relaxing feelings. Feeling so comfortable right now. So very content 
Body surrounded by the relaxing water, The soft bubbles dancing on your shoulders. Feeling them so softly on your breasts. Just so soothing. So gentle. 

My hands still caressing your shoulders. So relaxed. So deep within yourself now. 
Just watching the words scroll by. 
And enjoying the wonderful feelings. 
So very soothing. 
Your mind so relaxed now. 
Feeling so wonderful. 

The water encompassing your body completely. It feels so very warm. It feels so very relaxing. 
You’re drifting so deep right now. 
Just focusing on these words as the caressing your mind. 
While the gentle water caresses your skin. 
Feeling so comfortable. So relaxed. Breathing is now so slow and serene. Just feeling so good. Mmmmmmmmm 

But now it’s time to assist you out of the tub. And bring you back up. Still feeling very relaxed…and very nice. 
And you are able to come back here anytime you need to get away and relax. 

Just follow the soft pink words. 
And you will return back here so very easily. 

I am now going to gently and lovingly pat you dry Mistress. I will come up from your feet. And as I work my way up to your shoulders, you will gradually awaken. 
Feeling very nice…and comfy. 
And when I dry your shoulders, you will awaken completely. 
While still feeling very nice. 

Now, as you continue to read…and enjoy these soft words. 
I am starting with your feet now…gently patting them dry. 
Insuring all your delicate toes are dry also. 
Then slowly coming up your calves. 
Patting and caressing as you slowly awaken again. 

Continuing up to your thighs. 
Softly absorbing the water with the towel. 
It feels very nice and soothing as you slowly come up. 
Then caressing your tummy with the soft towel. 
Absorbing the moisture as you continue to come up. 
Moving to your back now. Continuing to come up. 
Higher and higher. And then back to your front side. 
Patting your lovely breasts dry. 
Watching your eyes begin to focus again. 
Beginning to blink. 
And then drying your shoulders off. 
As you are now completely up…feeling refreshed and relaxed.

© Clare https://twitter.com/BlueIntrigued

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