guest post: clare

Thank You Lady Inamorata for the opportunity to share a few thoughts here…

My journey with Lady Inamorata began several years ago. I discovered Her posts and writings on a prior website and the more I read Her thoughts, the more intrigued with Her i became. From there, I gradually slipped deeper listening to Her various MP3s. There was always something unique in Her words and messages. She seemed so close, so caring and so loving that I wanted to share my thoughts with Her.

I shared some of my previous femdom stories and contributed images to Her red file on Pinterest. To this day, i am certain that is why i find the color red so sexy and alluring.

I felt comfortable contacting Her, which easily led to a natural desire to please and serve Her, as it just seemed right and proper. However our initial connection only lasted about a year. It always seems life interferes at the most inopportune times and we eventually lost contact with each other. 

Recently while scrolling through a Twitter feed, I discovered Her name and immediately clicked through on the highlighted text and everything immediately flowed back as if we never were apart. i found Her email address, wrote a lengthy message and awaited, hopefully, her response. She replied with very kind words and i easily slipped into melty thoughts. I’m naturally submissive. It’s a part of my personality.

When you find that special dominant, you realize it immediately. Lady Inamorata is that person. She wants you to share your thoughts & desires with Her while She teaches you what pleases Her. It all occurs gradually, but you eventually learn your desires & thoughts align with Her wishes. 

Lady Inamorata offers all of those unique factors a submissive would seek. Just take a few moments and glance at Her Twitter feed,. It’s not all kink, it’s food for your mind and spirit. For example, on any given day you may find Her hypnotic mental massages, wordsmith posts to improve your vocabulary, lunar and astronomy postings, personal reflections, musical songs and erotic writings, breathing and relaxation techniques, Her magickal thoughts, and of course sexy boot, shoe and red colored visual teases and images. You read, learn, watch, listen, absorb and share …and return frequently to absorb even more of Her.

If it feels right, if that unique factor draws you to Her, then this post from Her Twitter feed completes these thoughts perfectly….”When you love a Witch, Magick happens.”  Need i say more??


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