Enslaved (erotica)

The day started out normally enough – but within two hours it will have completely changed my life. I was walking to the train station to go into town for work. The train is so convenient – avoiding traffic and being able to read, work or just think while traveling into town. I never really talked to anyone – seemed that everyone was just not that personal.

I also fancy myself a pretty good people watcher. How entertaining it is to just sit and watch the people. All different shapes of body, types of faces, manner of standing or walking – and doing all sorts of things. Best yet was that I didn’t see the same people each time I went on the train. First, because I am self employed so I go at all different times of day and second because I often go to different places, so on different platforms and in different train cars.

I strolled along causally, watching the crowd in the terminal. I do have a weakness: a penchant, for watching women. As I scanned the offering for today, I saw her. I saw her from behind, buying a ticket. She had a leather mini skirt and a tight stretch shirt. Her legs were strong and firm and she had boots on that went up almost to her knees. She was incredible looking. She had a good figure as her hips curved out and then her waist in and her shoulders out again. I was enjoying this view, especially seeing the round firmness of her rear.

My examination must have been fairly obvious for when she finished and turned around she looked right at me. I was standing still with others rushing by me on both sides, so perhaps I did lose track of myself a little. But now this was too much – as she faced me I saw she wore a button down blouse that was straining to contain two gorgeously proportioned breasts, jutting out at me, firm and strong. Breasts are my weakness – this was too good.

They looked soooo nice. Oops, I am staring! I forced my eyes to move up to her face and with some amount of embarrassment I saw her still looking at me with a strange kind of smirk. She slightly raised an eyebrow and I could take it no longer. I broke off the gaze, turned and started walking towards my platform. Man, was that exciting. But I am feeling really embarrassed to have been staring at her and to have been caught in the act!

To the platform, my body took me, as I tried to again focus of my mind on the meetings for the day. It’s always good to try to mentally prepare for meetings and I enjoy having the time in the train station and in the train to go over each meeting: the objectives, the desired outcome, how I envision it happening, the potential issues that could arise and how I can turn them to my advantage. But her rear was so firm and her legs seemed so strong and soft at the same time. No, I needed to think of the meetings for the day. Her round, firm breasts straining at her blouse, heavy, full. Now, where was I in that thought about the morning meeting? Who was expected to be there? How many? I need to get straight down to business in that meeting.

Oh no, (Oh Yes) she is on my platform. Waiting for my train. I turned around and walked to the other end of the platform. I need to keep my mind clear for the meetings. She looked so nice, though. Maybe just another look, just a quick passing look and I’ll be able to get back to my productive thoughts. So, I turned and started walking, strolling, trying to look like I was in thought and unaware of my surroundings. There she is. Getting closer. Good, she is looking at a book. Let me look at those legs and at that skirt again. Her hair is very nice too; and she has a really cute face. Oops, staring again. Was that a quick look? Did she look up at me just for a split second? I better fade back a bit, out of her perimeter of view. But I’ll linger here, maybe even wait for the train here where I can see her just inside my line of sight.

Just as I was able to get my mind back in line, preparing for the day, the train pulled up, doors opened and people poured out. There were a lot of people getting out, all around me. This car was loaded. When at last I could approach, the doors nearly cut me off as they closed suddenly. But I was inside. All those who were exiting must have kept people from getting in this car as all seats were empty on the bottom level. I’ll sit there. Good, no commotion, no people, no distraction. Now I can think, close my eyes and think.

I heard someone walking up behind me, passed and then sat down across from me. I was sitting in one of those seats where you sit across from another seat that is facing you. That is nice smelling perfume. I opened my eyes to see who is there. It’s that incredibly attractive woman! Right across from me. Strange, I wondered why she came to sit here. She could have sat in any other seat on this level. She was reading a book. She looks like she is really into it. I think I’ll just let my eyes open very slightly, where no one can tell they are open and let my gaze linger on her most beautiful form.

Legs – nice legs – smooth legs – strong legs. Legs parted open just a little. Can I see the panties? Maybe, just a hint right up there. Now she shifted position a little so I can see her blouse better. Are those her nipples pointing out, straining against the material. MMmmm, nice. And her top button is undone. Now she is fiddling with her second one. Nice fingernails. Just fiddling with it. I wish she’d undo it! …. Wait, she’s not reading anymore. My eyes are open! She’s looking straight at me! Hmmm. Well, isn’t this just a position to be in! She’s got great eyes, so alluring. And that smirk on her beautiful, wet lips. And her eyes. Why am I looking still at her eyes? She’s looking right into me with those penetrating, enveloping eyes.

“You’ve been watching me. In fact, you can’t keep your eyes off me,” she slowly said.

She continued, “I think you really can’t keep your eyes from looking at my big . . . inviting . . . commanding . . . breasts.” She moved her hand down to her left breast where she began slowly drawing a little soft circle on the material around her nipple. My eyes followed her hand and kept watching her finger circling her straining nipple.

“In fact, it is these breasts that will entrance you, hypnotize you, and make you my slave, my hypnoslut – giving your whole life to ME. These tits are soooo tempting that they will take you. These nipples will drill straight into your mind and make you want to obey me.”

Hypnotize. Slave. Slut. Taking me. Obeying her. Giving my life to her! This is too much. I liked looking at her, but I can’t handle these kinds of words. I’ve got to stop this talk. “No, you must be mistaken,” I casually defended, “you may have some kind of mental delusion, I think.” I tried to say it in a joking way. No reason to offend this little cutie.

“You do think I’m attractive, don’t you?” She asked with an inquisitive tone.

“Of course. You are very sexy.” Now why did I say that? It was true, but why did I answer her so quickly?

She smiled. “I hear your objections, your resistance, but you cannot keep your eyes from looking at my powerful, commanding breasts and how my inviting finger rubs around and around my potent nipples.”

She was right. My eyes did not leave her hardened, straining nipple. I really have a weakness for tits. Lets end this now. I’m going to look at her face and not her breasts.

“Oh no,” She purred, “No you don’t – my body already holds you and guides you. You can’t help but follow my hand back down to my hypnotizing breast, down, down, follow it back to my big, heavy breast.”

And so it was. I just watched as her graceful hand went down and started softly outlining the straining beauty of her breast. How can this be? My eyes just moved with her hand.

She was smiling. “There, you see. It’s already happening. This is your deepest fantasy – to be taken and controlled by a strong, powerful woman. You will soon find yourself helplessly obedient to my every wish. That is why you can’t resist me. You think you can, but you can’t – your true self will come through soon enough and melt all of your resistance.”

“I have to disagree with you. Just because I quite enjoy watching you tease your own breast, does not mean that I will serve as your, your, hypnoslut or slave or whatever you said. I make my own decisions.” But even as I said that, I had a swelling sensation down in my lap.

She also noticed the swelling in my lap. “Yes, I see that. You crave, you lust after my body – you feel so good right now, all tingly and alive as you watch my finger go round and round just as you want your tongue to go round and round right here.” She momentarily stopped her tracing and squeezed her tit right out towards me. “Yes, right here…”

With that movement, I felt my body tremble and slightly convulse. Then I noticed my stiffness growing very hard. My cock was responding quickly, beginning to strain against my pants.

“Your own decisions – yes, you make your own decisions and you have already decided to obey me. Feel your little penis. IT obeys me already and you will follow. Soon, very soon.”

“Now that is ridiculous.” I said, “Of course I’ve got a hard-on. Look what you are doing and how you are talking to me. How wouldn’t I?”

“Exactly, now you see, don’t you. You can’t resist. You are drawn to my control, my domination, my sexual power that will subdue you and make you submit to my will and make your mind into putty.”

“In fact,” she continued, “You will continue staring at my breasts and when you actually see my nipple come out in the open for you, you will drop to your knees before me and when you see my other nipple in the fresh air, you will confess your eternal devotion to me and feel swallowed up in the pleasure of serving me for the rest of your life as my little slut boy, my hypnoslave, my play toy! And you WILL worship me.”

With every one of those words, slave, slut boy, play toy my cock ached and strained more and more. She did have power. Wonderful power. And how incredible I feel just listening to her tell me what I am going to do for her. What I am to be. Wait, what am I thinking? I can’t.: “Excuse me, I have got to find another seat, I think I’ve enjoyed this long enough and need some fresh air.” And I moved to get up.

But then she did it. Her other hand came down and started undoing the top button on the blouse. Yes, I thought. Yes, undo the rest of them for me too. I’d love to see those milky white breasts. Why should I get up now, she is going to give me a little show. I can’t miss this show. I’ve got to see those breasts and see her nipples get free. Maybe I can suck on them, lick them, nibble on them. Feel them between my fingers. Will she let me? Maybe if I stay and watch and do what she wants? Maybe then she will let me worship her breasts?

“There. You see?” A look of control came over her face. “You cannot get up. You cannot move. You cannot resist my sexual power over you. In fact, you want it to take you. You want me to reach into your mind and take you. These breasts reach deep into your mind, into who you are. They drain you of any resistance. You feel so drained, don’t you? So helpless before me, yes? As your eyes focus on these two wonderful breasts and the little bulges of my nipples, straining to get out, get out and take your mind forever into my service.”

Yes, they are so very sexy and controlling. I can’t get up. I can’t resist her. It feels so good just to sit and look at her tits; at her nipples. Maybe I can touch them sometime. Maybe if I am good enough she will let me look at them without being covered by clothing and taste them in my mouth? My whole body feels so heavy, like her breasts. So heavy and wonderful. It just feels so good to watch, to stare, to lose myself in those wonderful luscious tits. My mind floating away as I think and with every suck, with every nibble. My whole body feeling so very, very relaxed as I see their weight and feel their softness. My mind soft and pliable just like how the breast would feel — soft and pliable, supple. Cupping her breasts as she cups my mind in her hands. My mind giving way, putty, obeying anything as I am controlled by those powerful breasts. Obeying. Deeply, heavily, thoroughly relaxing and feeling so wonderful. Seems so nice and so good to just look and hear and obey and look and feel so heavy and relaxed — falling into a wonderfully relaxed state — letting go and sucking in the power of those beautiful breasts. … Wait, what is she saying to me…

“You are already completely taken by the power of my my beautiful breasts… Yes, as I undo these buttons you will fall into a deep, deep sleep and come under my soothing, powerful spell. My hypnotic, sexual control. These breasts control your mind. When I reach this last button here you will long so much to see my breasts exposed and these nipples that will bind you to me forever. You will totally succumb to my will. Just follow my hand down, down as I undo these buttons.”

This is incredible. She really is doing it. Undoing her buttons for me…. She sure is taking a long time with them, with each one. My head is getting such a strange feeling. So soft in my brain. So…


What? What was that she just said? Boy, I must have spaced a little there. But I feel kind of funny, kind of sparkly all over.

“Five,” she said. “Very good. You are a very good sub now, aren’t you. Yes. Now you may look. Look with all the feeling of your mind and body at my most beautiful, powerful breasts.”

Oh, I’m so embarrassed, spacing out like that. But at least I did not miss the grand finale, the unveiling! She’s going to do it. My Goddess is going to let me worship her forever and serve her. She is going to bind me to her completely: body, mind and soul. She will allow me, a petty little slut boy to be in her service! How powerful she is. How commanding. How strong and sexy and beautiful. She is so incredible. I can’t believe I’m sitting here in front of her. I probably should be kneeling…

“Now be a good boy and watch this very closely,” she said as she slipped her first breast out from behind her blouse and revealed to me her nipple.

My legs felt a tingling sensation and my whole body slid forward, off my seat and on to the floor in front of her. Yes, I thought. I must kneel before my Goddess and confess my devotion to her. She commands and I obey. I serve her and it feels so good. I am hers. I am her hypnoslave, her slut boy, her boy toy … her devoted follower and eternal servant. I could not help myself as the words just rushed to my mouth: “Oh great Goddess, I am yours forever! Please have me. Please let me serve you, obey you, adore you. Please command me! Please let me be your slave. Let me devote my life to you! I beg you! Please!”

With a soft and most compelling voice and a sparkle in her eyes she then said, “Yes, you are now MINE.” At the same time she revealed her other nipple to me as she pulled the material away from her left breast.

I immediately felt a rush of pleasure and devotion flash through my body and I started to get more aroused and lustful than I have ever felt before. Oh, how I would DO anything for her! As I knelt in front of her looking up at her, my cock straining painfully in my pants, she looked down at me and smiled with what seemed like great satisfaction. She then shifted in her seat, hiked her skirt up and spread her legs before me. She reached down between her legs and moved her panties to one side and softly, lustily commanded:

“Now my slave, WORSHIP me.”


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