Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered (erotica)

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
I’m like a silly school boy. I’ve got it and I’ve got it bad. She’s bewitched me. She came up on my blindside and before I knew it, BAM!  Like I’m in a daze.  Okay, I knew it was possible.  Sure.  Possible.  I didn’t think it was probable.  I certainly didn’t think that she would have this effect on me.I think about her constantly. Morning, noon and night.  I mean really – no self-respecting man would be this gone this far, this fast.  I’m trying to play it cool but it’s not happening.  And it’s more than lust or fantasy.  I know this. It was like something out of “The Outer Limits” how we just clicked, how this connection happened and how it just keeps growing!  She’s brand new but I’ve known her all my life.  Everything about her excites me.  Everything from her voice, her hair, her strength and her creativity. The way her mind works makes me excited.  She’s no cover girl but sexuality and sensuality drips from her.  She’s vital, spiritual and strong.  To me, she’s simply irresistible. 

The sound of her voice reaches something very deep inside of me.  She’s been working a lot lately but I call her anyway. I know she has to work, but I can’t help myself.  I have to hear her voice.  She must think I’m silly.  Even worse, she’ll think I’m strange.  I don’t understand it.  I’ve been hypnotized before and it’s been great, but with her it’s so much more.  I’m even a little frightened by it.   I mean what if she just throws it back?  Tosses me to the curb?  It’s been done to me before, but I don’t think I could survive her doing it.

All I do lately is sit and remember, staring into nothingness. Thinking about the little sound she makes when she’s pleased.  How her smile feels as warm as the sun. Her cleavage holds bliss to me and when she wears that crystal, I am just too distracted to look anywhere else.  I wonder if she realizes how much I fantasize about her. 

Her eyes are so direct; she can see right into my soul.  I am humbled when she looks into my eyes welcoming me as we come together.  And, oh, I love the feel her soft skin. To be enveloped in her softness, is heaven.

I marvel at the way everything about her is serene. I mean she just walks into a room and everything calms. She talks about her spirituality and sexuality openly.  It’s captivating.  Her spirit is her soul.  She is in harmony with her soul.  She’s often told me that if she’s off balance or not centered, she just doesn’t feel herself.  As I sit here and think of her, I realize that her soul has captured mine. How else can I explain this? She has more than my heart, she has my soul.

She’s even got sexy hands.  I watch them while she’s working and, in my mind, I imagine her hands caressing my body as we lay together. Her touch sends me places I never dreamed of.   The ring she wears is completely mesmerizing as it catches the light.  She should not ever go out of the house without gloves. She might give some poor unsuspecting guy a heart attack.

Yes, I have got it bad. I watch her mouth as she talks and daydream about her lips; about kissing them. Starting in the left corner. Then tracing her upper lip with my tongue. Coming down to pull her lower lip into my mouth, to suckle. Then it’s a full-blown explosion when she reciprocates. Exploring my mouth like she explores my body. She kisses so thoroughly my eyes cross.  First gently, then with wild abandon and force.  I can hear myself moan and feel certain parts of my body thoroughly bothered.  Her kisses can send me to places and points of no return.

I sit here and constantly daydream about her. The dream escalates as she takes me places inside my own mind.  She shows me a reality like I’ve never known. She hypnotizes me with her voice, a crystal, a pendant or her body and my mind and body separate.  In that moment, without thought, I react completely on instinct and can act on every surge and impulse I feel.  I will kneel for her. I will crawl for her.  I would do absolutely anything in those moments.  There is nothing I can refuse her.  I will open myself completely to her – willingly. She invades my mind and my body. I can hear her laughter, she’s pleased – it comes out of the darkness from a distance, but I hear it and it sends me further into the mindless spiral. In the distance I can hear my own cries and my moans.  I can feel the command in her voice.  I can feel her softness against me as we dance the dance.  She kisses me and touches me.  

My mind and body react instinctively.  I can feel the heat of her body.  I’m trembling and can’t control it.  She’s sent me to the edge… again.  The dance continues until she has me hanging by a thread on the edge, on the verge of falling.  Hanging there, she pushes my buttons, she delves deeper inside of my mind and finally, softly and knowingly, she lets me fall over that edge. My mind and body are spinning so far out of control I fear I may lose the very vein of my existence.  Surely, I’ve lost my mind.  Spinning and spiraling so deep into the feelings I lose all sense of reality. Time and space are gone.  There is nothing but feeling.  There is only the feeling in the void.  All is black, but wonderfully so.  Everything is so far away.  I’m completely gone. 

Then she speaks.  She cradles me.  Soft against me, as the dance slows.  Ever so slowly, I’m calmed.  My heart returns to a normal beat.  My breathing slows and becomes even.  I’m still not able to speak but I hear her whispers in my ear, in my head, soothing me.  Her hands caress my body and her fingers run through my hair.  She’s wrapped herself around me and I feel completely safe.  I have returned and I am home. 

When I’m finally able to control my own body, I turn to look into her eyes and see the pleasure, empowerment, strength, laughter and love shining back at me. 

Oh damn, I’ve got it bad. 

And I’m glad! 

I know I want it bad!

I NEED this! I need to be bothered, bewitched and bewildered for the rest of my life.



  1. I can relate to every word of this! I wish i had words to explain how i feel. Thank you for articulating your feelings so well.

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