There are so many facets that make you, you. So many layers. So much has happened in your life that make you, you. So many moments. Sad moments, tragic moments, passionate moments, joyful moments, worrisome moments, angry moments, moments you want to remember and moments you have tucked away to forget. Yet all without all these moments, you would not be you.

No matter what has happened in your past, you cannot change it. Yet you would not be you without that past. That is your past. No one else can own that past. Just you. Shed no more tears for that past, it is gone.

Waste no more time for a tomorrow that never comes. Think about it. How much time do you waste worrying about something that never comes. It never does. While you are worrying about tomorrow, it takes away moments from today – the present, right here, right now. When you wake in the morning, it will not be tomorrow that you wasted time worrying about. It will be today. It is always today. The present. So live today. It is always today.

I would love to get to know your many facets but only you have that perspective. Remember that the next time someone ticks you off or makes you angry. They have just as many facets as you do. They do not know all of your facets and you do not know all of theirs. Resolve the difference, walk away but do not stay angry – it is not worth your energy. You will benefit so much more from staying present, in the moment, breathing in peace. Wouldn’t someone who is self-aware, self-conscious and living in the present choose peace? I would think so.

Inhale through your nose to 4.
Hold it to the count of 4.
Exhale through pursed lips to 4.
Do this 3 times.

Do a slow head roll.
Begin at the front, drop your chin.
Move your head clockwise.
When you reach the front again, raise your chin.
Do a slow shoulder roll.
Shrug your shoulders 3 times.
Then roll your shoulders 8-10 times (stop sooner if you have any pain).

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