Her Control (erotica)

i am amazed at Her power.  i don’t know how She does it.  Well, okay, yes, i do have an idea about how She does it.  Hypnosis.  Yep, that’s how.  She has really reached deep inside my mind and found those connections and put Her lock on them.  Now She controls them.  Now She controls me.  She has such a firm grip on my mind that She can instantly push my buttons and; in an instant, i am kneeling at Her feet, begging Her to allow me to serve Her.

How does She do it?  Do i beg to be relieved of some torturous suggestions of pain that She has planted deep in my psyche?  Does She make me imagine a slow death?  Does She make me fear for my life?  Do i do it to avoid punishment?


Deeper.  It goes much deeper than that.  She could do all those things and i imagine She would if She found that it was what i really wanted.  But no.  Not fear.  She uses pleasure and love; devotion and fulfillment; self-discovery and conviction, happiness itself.

Don’t we all want to be happy?  To feel loved and appreciated?  To feel special?  To feel at peace with ourselves?  To feel spiritually fulfilled?  Feel devoted?  Feel deep friendship?  Deep companionship?  Kinship?  Of course we do.  It is part of being human.  It is part of us.  These needs — not to mention pleasure.  Yes, pleasure.  We all want to feel that deep satisfaction of consistent heightened pleasureful fulfillment — our most base need and desire — sexual fulfillment.

She ties it all together.  She gives it all to me.  i am addicted to Her.  To be around Her.  To please Her.  To serve Her.  To make Her happy.  i’d do anything for Her – yes, anything.  The more i can serve Her, the better i feel.  The more free i feel.  The more i bind myself to Her will and pleasure, the more satisfied i am with myself and my life.  It is truly amazing!

She gives me the ultimate carrot enticements.  She makes me want Her.  i want her well-being.  And what a better way to make it all happen than through my sexual arousal.  i want it, i need it, i love it.  i love arousal.  It is like a drug — a natural high.  When i am aroused, i am on top of the world.

Yes, i really want to please Her.  i need to please Her.  It is who i am.

i’ve given it all to Her, my whole being.  Sure, i say that i am enticed to follow Her; entreated by Her wonderful gifts.  But i know better.  She likes it that i voluntarily want to be Hers, but She really has all the control.  She can put me out within a split second.  i lose consciousness and when i awake, if She allows me to perceive a difference from when i went under, i am anything She wants, doing anything She wants and loving it.  She can be a true Goddess to my mind (and you know, i think She is!).  She can be Kermit the Frog or a Toaster if She wants me to see Her that way.  Don’t you get it?  She has TOTAL control of my mind.  Even the thought, even the act of writing that “TOTAL” gets me aroused and hard.  By the way, my cock gets stiff very often around her.  In a moment She can take my little, withered willie to nearly bursting with devoted pleasure, crying for orgasmic release — quickly dropping me to my knees in rapt agony and gratitude.

She can give me arousal and take it away in an instant.  Amazing.  Inspiring.  She controls my cock.  I think that is the key.  That sure is how it all started.  Yes, back in the beginning when i first started watching her flash inductions and listening to her voiced inductions.  She drew me into her web of passion, luring me with those instinctive feelings of submissiveness and resulting arousal.

Over time, and with repetition, She strengthened the tie between my submission to Her, service to Her and my arousal.  With that most base, primal connection to my mind and body getting firm and rigid, She could keep me coming back to Her, wanting more, addicted.

Then with that most basic control in place, She deepened it.  Brought me in further with Her personal phone and in-person hypnosis.  She expanded Her control over my whole mind and body.  She knew i wanted it.  More and more i wanted it.  i chose Her.  At least i like to think that, but i really know She chose me.  She was always in control.  Yes consensual control, of course — i mean who wouldn’t want it?

i want it.

i think i have always wanted it.

i will always want it — more and more.

i will always fall for Her.

© christopher 

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