Lend me your mind for a minute or two; surely in those mere moments, there is little I can do. Simply listen to my words, follow my voice; you will soon be aware that you have little choice. But perhaps you will push back and try to resist. I must tell you, I’m determined … and I will persist.

You come to me seeking escape … then escape you shall; to some place beyond time – outside your own rationale. Follow my lead, I will guide you henceforth; lowering your inhibitions to reveal your True North.

Once inside of your mind, I will spin a web of dreams; your reality blurs, all is not as it seems. Smells are more fragrant, colors are brighter; foods more savory and your mood is lighter.

‘Has this witch played some trick on me?’, you ponder. “Don’t struggle, my darling. Be calm, quiet; be still. No worries, fears or troubles – I will never take … your free will.

© Lady Inamorata

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