A Perfect Day (erotica)

A Perfect Day

Your hand reaches out to me as you say “hi pet..” in a very warm and soft, caring voice. I let your hand rest on mine as I kiss it very gently.. while my heart is pounding I am able to bring out the words “good evening Goddess”.

I pull your chair away so you can sit down, you told me to make sure that I sat next to you on your right side. As you start asking me questions, learning to know me better I fall in love with your voice, your charm and I feel your power over me.  I am becoming your property, for you to do with whatever you wish, I melt as butter in your hands, my mind and body are yours, my power is yours, my heart is yours.

I surrender unconditionally.  I have this ever wonderful sensation in my penis, I feel powerless over whatever may come, shivering at the thought and at the same time completely happy with myself..

I am suddenly aware of the fact that I have a throbbing hard-on.. that the sky is the limit at this point, that you could ask anything from me. Not knowing what will come.. only knowing that I’m here grateful to be allowed in your presence, grateful to be your toy, your sex slave, your slave, your pet and that your every wish is my command.

I feel that I make you feel good inside, that I’m pleasing you as I watch your every move, elegantly charming you, it has been three days since you allowed me to have an orgasm, I walk around with an aching permanent erection.

I wake up, naked at your feet and decide to bring you some fresh fruit, coffee and toast for your breakfast. You look so beautiful when you wake up.  You pull the covers away as if you’re hot, but leave the sheet covering your body as if you’re asking me “Do you like what you see, pet?”… and I answer with my eyes, “Yes, Goddess, you are the most beautiful..”.  Your hand cups my balls nonchalantly and slides up the shaft of my penis squeezing it gently, then harder, then by pulling hard on my penis you pull me towards you and tell me..  “Show me pet, show me how much you adore me… Show me how much you love your Goddess…”

I start with giving you a tongue bath, a morning ritual that puts you in a very good mood, I start by kissing your toes and letting my tongue roll around and in between your toes. My tongue moves down the arch of your beautiful foot to your heel and back up, I move my tongue all around your feet until they’re completely wet and clean, I move up to your ankles and knees and lick you all clean, my penis is dripping with cum, hard as a rock, no relief.

As I move to your thighs and approach your beautiful vagina, you order me: “turn around, pet, and show me what I own!”  I smell the combination of your vagina and your beautiful body and it makes me deliriously horny, I start licking you ass cheeks moving towards the center, my tongue is circling your vagina, making it nice and wet. How I love to smell you, I push my tongue inside and start moving it in and out, accidentally letting it slip on your vagina, I love your taste.  In the meantime, you are pulling and squeezing my penis and balls, pushing your fingers up my ass, and suddenly out of nowhere you start spanking my ass cheeks, not too hard but hard enough to feel a gentle and loving pain, …”keep licking me pet!” you order, “keep licking that Goddess pussy you love so much.”

I keep licking and adoring your pussy with my tongue and lips and nose, you just keep slapping me on my ass cheeks with one hand and finger fuck my asshole with three fingers, harder and harder until you reach your morning orgasm. When you calm down some, I move my tongue gently away and start licking the rest of your body, all the way up to your neck. My dick is hard to control by now, hard, my ass burns from the slapping and your fingers up my asshole, my mind is going crazy with submission and love for my Goddess, my eyes look gratefully into yours.

You order me to give you a shower after which you decide to put my penis in bondage until it looks like one big white rope sculptured dildo sticking out of my body, tight but not so tight that it would cut off circulation, just tight enough for the ultimate tease, and tell me to stay naked for the day as you disappear to get ready for your day.  I start cleaning up some around the house, and go to my computer to do some work.  My erection is just about unbearable, but I enjoy it incredibly as I know this hard-on is for my Goddess to decide what to do with.

By lunchtime I have prepared a beautiful salad and some seared Ahi tuna for you. When you come in and go sit at the table, you order me to bring you the food and sit at your feet, I’m still naked, as you ordered, and still have this incredible erection in bondage. While you’re eating I caress and kiss your feet and ankles as you pet and caress my head, my face, my ears. I love to be your pet my Goddess.. don’t you see it in my eyes? I love to be your pet.

You push one of your feet that are dressed in an elegant leather shoe with pointed toe under my balls and let it run up and down the shaft of my penis and back down pushing the tip gently in my asshole. You order me to caress and massage your feet and legs and I do massage both you legs and feet all the way down and up to your crotch. I move up to your buttocks and start massaging both your ass cheeks, as I feel that you lift your bottom a little to give me easier access, my hand moves inside your panties to caress your little asshole I love so much, but you get angry, order me to leave it alone, so you can continue your delicious lunch.

You start feeding me some little bits off your plate after which you tell me to wipe of your mouth with a napkin that your ordered me to stick between my legs first so you get a whiff of my sex as I wipe those beautiful lips.. how I want to kiss those lips.. You tell me to come closer, and as I think you want to whisper something in my ear, I am completely surprised by the pinching pain I feel as you bite my ear. “That’s for not executing my order correctly pet, now wash my feet, so I can go on with my day..”

I wash and massage your beautiful feet, dry them off, put on your shoes again, kiss both of them. Then you order me on my hands and knees, and you gently caress my entire body.. one touch over every single inch of my body.. “I love you pet..” and you disappear, leaving me with all my horniness and throbbing erection in bondage.

I get back to work on my computer, but can hardly focus, instead I start working around the house, arranging things, cleaning things, all I can think of is My Goddess, how I can make her happy tonight, how I will be able to show her how I love to serve her unconditionally, how I can create the perfect environment for her.

It is evening now, I decided on a light dinner for my Goddess, Angel hair pasta with fresh Roma tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, paired with a gently Chianti. I set the table with a red tablecloth and red napkins, red candles all over, and a sensuous wonderful classical piece from Beethoven performed by Yo Yo Ma.

I am of course still naked, still with this erection in bondage.. and loving it. So far my day has been perfect.. I run a hot bath for my Goddess with wonderfully perfumed crystals, and wait patiently next to the bath tub on my knees for you to arrive.

When you arrive I start by kissing your feet and hands, I undress you and give you a wonderful bath, I wash you all over and after slightly drying you off, I massage you body with oils. The room is filled with wonderful odors, perfumes, and the great tunes from the cello of Yo Yo Ma.

You decide that you want to dine naked, and you order me to stand next to you. As you are eating your meal and feeding me of your plate once in a while giving me a little wine to drink, you are busy caressing my bound cock, my balls and my ass. What a wonderful torture.. I love you my Goddess, I am forever yours.

Suddenly you squeeze and pull on my bound penis real hard, you order me to get on my hands and knees, and slide a couple of your wonderful fingers up my ass. You order me to bend over backwards so you can reach my head and you start biting on my nipples and ears. While in this position my penis sticks hard and bound straight forward and wants to brake out of its constraint.  As you sensed it, you order me to release my penis from bondage… “lie down on the floor sweet pet..” you say and as you are masturbating yourself you start to step on me, around me, looking down on me, and over me, you suddenly crouch down and let my big erection slide into your vagina. “Don’t you dare to come right now, pet!” And you start riding my penis.  It is unbearable, I can hardly hold on, and since of course it has been a while that you have allowed me to come.. I come, even though I don’t want to and know that I will be punished for this, I have an incredible orgasm.

You keep riding my penis, completely ignoring the sensitive state it’s in right now, and you start to really squeeze my nipples hard, it hurts.. then you bend over and you bite my nipples and I feel this piercing pain that I can hardly stand.. You now get up and as I see you tower over me in all your naked beauty, you lower your ass on my face and order me to eat it and lick it, to fuck it with my tongue. My tongue disappears into your ass and I again notice how much I love your smell, I keep licking and pushing my tongue in and out. You order me to touch your full beautiful breasts, and I reach my hands up and cup your breasts in my hands, gently, letting the palm of my hands slightly go over your nipples, as you are riding my face with your ass.

As you have now just about reached your orgasmic point, you decide to spice it up by punishing me for my orgasm..

You order me to get up and bend over and you start spanking me, first teasingly soft, but progressively harder, you stop in between spankings to caress my red buttocks, my penis and my balls… to make sure that I feel that you love what you hurt, the spankings get harder though and I start to feel real pain, tears come to my eyes, and all I can hope is that soon you will have an orgasm, I hope that will stop the pain.

Suddenly, you stop, you order me to turn around and get on my knees and as I do that you order me to start to tongue your vagina, and as I put my tongue to work on your beautiful and wet vagina, you start flogging my back. And while all this is going on I again, uncontrollably, have this enormous erection, this enormous horniness coming over me, and I just bury my face into your crotch as you flog and caress and flog and caress my back almost suffocating me between your legs.

You finally have this deep orgasm.. and I look at you with gratitude for this wonderful experience where you allowed me to give you an orgasm.

You order me to follow you to the bedroom where you fall asleep on the bed with me at your feet, naked.

A perfect day.

Your slave.. William ©

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  1. This perfect day has many perfect examples to perfectly describe how perfect Goddess makes me feel, too. <3 great read. I ate this all up.

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