#Beltane / #MayDay – an eclectic witch’s view

Beltane is a fire festival is celebrated on May 1 in the northern hemisphere (and at the end of October below the equator) with bonfires, Maypoles, dancing and sexual energy.

I love the Maypole and the ritual it represents.  From erecting the pole to the flowing ribbons and dancers who seem to have their own special magic, weaving in and out, up, under and through.  It is beautiful to watch.

The Celts honored the fertility of the gods with gifts and offerings. Cattle were driven through the smoke of the bonfires and blessed with health and fertility for the coming year.

Keep in mind that our time passes with the turning of the Wheel of the Year and is agriculturally based.  So Beltane helps to mark the beginning of the planting season, sowing seeds and hoping the seeds sprout successfully.

Blessings are made over our gardens.  Many seeds have already been sown so we ask that they grow, be fruitful and the bounty plentiful enough so we may share with others.

At sunset, we gather around a campfire where we celebrate the abundance and blessings already in our lives. In the fire, I scry for images of the past, present and future.

Spiritually and metaphorically, Beltane for me is a time to be thankful.  Today and every day, I welcome abundance and prosperity into my life and I welcome abundance and prosperity into the lives of those I love.

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