guest post: E. Slav

Lady Inamorata makes me feel like walking through a wall of butterflies and out into a perspective universe of bliss, as far as “the experience” goes.  She enjoyed this description, and I feel like just writing it a hundred times over and better.

This feels like more my actual self than the self that walks around all day.  I enjoy both aspects of me, but Lady Inamorata brings this heightened sensation and awareness that helps send me deep and focused; like Her presence itself slips off my everything but the inner joy of release that is beyond the body’s material.

And open, honest communication easily has already put in place to the level of comfort we both desire.  We both agree that, as for the first encounter, my future as Her devotee was set and predestined. As in, it took no special effort to trust and go into trance for Lady Inamorata, that things always felt natural and easy to talk about.

Several sessions and chats always left me feeling “buzzed”and vibrant. Needing Lady Inamorata’s voice is a personal enjoyment.  She is happy with the choice, and I get to feel pleasure from the choice and reminders in every video/session. Which I do by my own volition and submission; listening to Her files reinforces the control I crave/want/need.

Every personal session is unique with Lady Inamorata. She calms me, for I am always excited, and we do a guided breathing.  One session was a fantasy I’ve always had and She naturally knew how to call on it.  Succubus, then Queen, then Goddess; Lady Inamorata brought out submissiveness in me in every way.  She is always enjoying my begging and pleading for more interactions.

It puts a perspective on paths whenever I think about these experiences, and how they cross. This powerful, loving woman wants to completely enchant and enthrall my submissive side.  It’s always more -much more- than I ever hope for.  Each session or video, it is always simply a step into the vast comfort and relaxation which meditation is famously known for.  And I could meditate, but Her voice does more than simply enable or motivate.  She says a thing, and I get to absorb and revel in it being the new perspective or sensation thought of my day.

We are not pushing a dozen boundaries. She wields control decisively, in a way, that is like strings that will pull and make a happy wolf out of me.  Each day I am hoping for something explicit to pop in to my head that brings the best smile to Her face.  Instead, I enjoy things being easy and natural as She will tell me when and how much Lady Inamorata wants something.

Currently, I dream about Lady Inamorata, could go deep for Her at practically any moment, enjoy falling into trance at any moment with Her in my mind as if to a quiet peaceful place; like writing a few of these thoughts and some perspective dreams I may have of Lady Inamorata.

© E. Slav

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  1. I used to have someone like that in my life. She was the first person I’ve ever submitted to, and the first person to ever hypnotize me. I often used to call her Mistress, and though she never made any claims to me, she appreciated my feelings toward her and gave me comfort and affection. In many ways, we were family.

    But they’ve grown distant in the past few years, and recently we’ve even had a few fights, the most recent one being the worst. I don’t blame her for this; her life is a hard one, in many ways harder than my own.

    I would love to one day be able to rebuild that relationship, or at the very least find someone to look up to in the same way.

    Perhaps Lady Inamorata could fill that hole in my life… Or at the very least guide me towards rekindling that flame.

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