Erotica: Airport Arrival

I stood in the arrivals area of the airport, frantically searching for her. I was late, her plane had arrived over an hour ago—I could only hope that she was delayed going through Customs.

Thinking about the alternative, that I had missed her, that she had taken a cab to the hotel, made my hands shake.

I broke out sweating as the awful possibility crossed my mind, that she may not want to see me, that she was angry—no, I mustn’t think that, couldn’t think that.

Meeting her was the culmination of my dreams. It wasn’t possible that she wouldn’t want to see me, was it? I swallowed bile, wiped my sweaty palms on my trouser legs and started looking for an information booth to page her.

Perhaps she would believe that we’d just missed one another; several international flights had arrived all at once, and the airport was chaos . . .

Yes, that was it.

My step grew lighter as I headed for the booth. I began to think about first laying eyes on her, being able to hold her for the first time, my cock swelling with anticipation.

She had been my online hypnotist and lover for over six months. I was crazy about her, filled with a desire for her that I’d never felt before in my life—she was my dream come true. And now I couldn’t find her! I felt my erection shrivel with frustration and fear.

There was an enormous queue at the information booth! My god, I would miss her, I was certain of it now. I turned away from the booth, suddenly exhausted, saw a deserted bench against a dark wall, made my way to it on wooden legs, and collapsed, leaning back against the wall, eyes closed, tears leaking from under the lids. I didn’t even know what hotel she planned to stay in. I had hoped, no, prayed, that she might consider staying with me.

But now . . . Soft fingertips brushed my cheek and the smell of Chanel Allure filled my nostrils. My eyes flew open to see her large green eyes only inches from mine. I don’t know how I knew it was she, all I could see was her eyes, filling my vision, but who else could it be? My heart nearly stopped. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her, press her to me, envelope her, but my arms were strangely immobile. All I could see was her green eyes, pulsating, as they stared into mine. I was falling into her eyes, those deep green eyes, that scent of cologne, making my head swim, her soft hands cupping my face, the world was her eyes, her scent, her hands.

She pulled back just far enough for me to see her entire face, a soft Mona Lisa smile playing over her incredibly rich lips, the soft loose curls of her hair framing her face. I felt as if I were swaying, swaying in her hands to the rhythm of my beating heart. She laughed softly, a delicious evil little laugh that I was very familiar with, and said, “fall for me now.”

Even though all I wanted was to keep staring into those eyes, the moment she spoke my trigger, my eyes slammed shut. My breathing became deep and regular even though I was certain my heart was hammering loudly enough to compete with the sounds of jets leaving the runway outside.

My cock was rock hard and a small part of me hoped that she would not make me stand up this way, embarrassing me in the crowded terminal. I admit, I had no idea how I was going to lose my erection, not with her here, not with her voice, her scent. Suddenly, my eyes flew open against my will and I came up out of trance—I had found her!

She was really here, with me, holding me, touching me, talking to me. My arms found movement and I pulled her to me, mumbling nonsense. As soon as my hands touched her back, I realized that she was wearing a soft leather dress—and impossibly, my erection grew bigger.

She had remembered every single thing that I fantasized about and dressed for me. I couldn’t believe it. She came into my arms then, sitting herself softly on my lap. Once again, she took my head in her hands and began making hushing sounds to me, eventually placing her cool fingertips over my lips to stop my babbling.

Still smiling, she gently brushed my lips with hers, and then pulled away, making me moan in frustration. Once again I was staring into those deep green eyes, being mesmerized by them, falling into them, feeling my erection grow even harder, pressing against her soft thighs enfolded in the beautiful soft leather of her dress.

She began to whisper to me, taking me deeper into trance, and I struggled to keep my eyes open and focused on her. It was incredibly delicious torment, the longer she spoke the heavier my eyelids became, and the more I wanted to keep them open and focused on her. “Hush, sweetheart, I’m here with you now. Fall for me now. I’m here, and you are safe in my arms, safe in my trance. All you need to do now is listen to my voice, my soothing voice. You know what it’s like to listen to my voice, how it captivates you, how much you crave it, and how wonderful my voice makes you feel. “Just relax now and listen to my voice, let my voice become the only thing in your mind, my voice and my eyes, falling into my eyes, feeling them draw you down, down to sleep, so deeply asleep, pulling you, soothing you, relaxing you, all your muscles growing limp and heavy, so limp and heavy. . .”

I felt myself sag against the wall, the warm sensual weight of her body pressing against me, her voice lulling me, putting me to sleep. “That’s right, darling, don’t resist now. Just let go and let it happen. It’s so easy, so easy to just listen to me, to just fall, just fall for me now, no need to worry about anything else, no need to think about where you are or all of these other people, that’s not important, all that’s important is that you are here with me, here in my trance, falling for me, so deeply asleep, so wonderfully relaxed, muscles limp and heavy, eyes struggling to stay open, focusing only on me, only on my voice, only on me, my words, my voice. Just let the feelings overwhelm you now, give into them, you are safe here with me, darling, safe here in my trance. So very tired, so very sleepy, so very safe. It’s so easy to give in now, isn’t it? Just surrender, sweetheart, surrender to my words, surrender to the trance . . . surrender to the feelings . . . surrender to your desire.”

Impossibly, my cock hardened even further at her words and I could do nothing else but surrender to her. I was hers, body and soul, wanting only to be hers, captured by her, enfolded in her, belonging just to her. As her lips once again brushed against mine, teasing me, eliciting the moan she wanted from me, I no longer cared what the other people in the airport thought, I no longer cared about anything at all except being in her trance. I smiled as I kissed her. It was going to be an interesting visit.

I love HER.

© jeffrey

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