In the darkness…

I think it is perhaps the eclectic witch who celebrates the dark moon that may be the most misunderstood.  To those who are ignorant, dark means bad and light means good.  To the willfully ignorant, that is, those who refuse to be educated beyond what they already know – they will not change their minds.  But to those who are willing to ask questions and actually seek knowledge, the unknown becomes known and is; therefore, demystified.

Once a HPS (high priestess) of my own coven, I now choose to practice as a solitary but will occasionally host a circle and participate in other circles.  I have chosen to remain solitary because I crave the isolation from all of the noise.  In doing so, I am labeled by some as anti-social.  That is simply untrue.  It is a choice.  Because I am now also eclectic and not of one specific tradition, I am again labeled, even by my own peers.  All these choices I make for myself and no one else.  These are my choices.  This is my path.  I see no reason to explain or defend my choices to those I consider willfully ignorant.  I am mostly a hedgewitch, a bit Gardenarian, a bit neopagan, a bit Buddhist…  I find my own way and have only myself to be at peace with.

When it comes to acknowledging the dark moon, well that stirs the pot even that much more.  Yet we learn from many teachings that there cannot be light without dark and vice versa.  The dark moon pulls at me more than the new and I simply cannot refute it – so why try?  The dark moon lasts only briefly before the young new moon begins to show its shimmer of light.


The above image, I believe, shows precisely what I describe and also what I advocate.

‘To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose, under heaven.’ – Peter Seeger