Unexpected Reunion (erotica)

Unexpected Reunion

It all started after another one of those stressful days where I needed to get away from the noise of daily life. I decided that I would get back to nature and visit the local beauty-spot, Crystal Falls, before going on to a picnic with friends a short way from the lovely waterfall. Things didn’t go as expected.  After leaving the car in the nearby car park, I strolled along the wooded path to the falls. I could tell that I was nearly there as the roar of the water intensified. I could also smell, almost taste, the aerated water. Upon following the path and rounding a few boulders, the falls opened themselves up to me. It felt great to be here – so relaxed, and no cares in the world. All the stress just drifted away.

Seeing the sparkling water cascading made me take a deep breath and I decided to take a closer look. Dreamily I wandered over to the rocky edge of the river that flowed off from the falls, able to see the water frothing up as if excited by the flow and course it was taking.

All of a sudden I heard a noise from behind me. Strange, I thought, it sounded like the snap of someone’s fingers. I turned around and saw a sight that sent a shock wave through my very being. Around me were several women wearing black robes that fell to their feet; bare feet I noticed, with beautiful toes. They looked like witches. I also noticed one woman in particular and she stepped forward to me with a strange look on her face, almost predatory. She was beautiful mind, eerily so, with flowing wavy red hair and bewitching eyes. As she stepped closer she opened her robe revealing an awesome pair of breasts and a bright red crystal pendant. At the sight of this I don’t know what came over me. My legs just gave way and I fell. I fell right into the frothing water and my heart almost jumped out of me and the water. Instantly, being aware of my predicament, I reached frantically for a hand hold but the rocks were covered in green algae and unbelievably slippery. The pull of the current also towed me further from the bank. I was now well out of my depth, panting frantically and unable to resist the pull of the current. Seeing the robed women standing there I called out to them to help me but they just stood there with expressions of almost orgasmic joy. I felt lost, consumed by the waters.

I was now being ripped along by the current and the water was bracingly cold. The riverbank twisted and turned and I floated like a piece of driftwood. Realizing that struggling to get to the shore was impossible I tried to calm myself. I thought panicking was not going to help me and that an opportunity would arise to escape further downstream where the river slows. On and on the river coursed, frothing and foaming and spiraling as it massaged passed the rocks making up the banks. I felt like a drop of water amongst a torrent and unable to resist the collective movement. I relaxed and allowed myself to float.

A bit further down the river I saw people not far from the river bank preparing a picnic. My goodness, I thought. They’re my family and friends who I was supposed to meet after my brief detour to the falls. I called out as loud as I could but they didn’t notice me. Soon I was well down the river and realized shouting was pointless. I just lay back and floated on down in the comfort of thinking I would be able to get out where the river slowed. Drifting on my back I looked up at the clouds wispy and white and noticed how they were drifting too. I almost drifted off to sleep, in large part due to the cold of the water. It seemed to suck the will to resist out of me. Strangely, I also heard a beguiling female voice that seemed to be calling me and telling me to relax and go with the flow, and that I would soon be with her. I couldn’t seem to get her mesmerizing voice out of my head.

Time seemed to lose all meaning as I was carried further down the river and my conscience seemed to wax and wane. A while later I came to and realized something had changed. The water now flowed graciously and calmly, the roar replaced with tranquil ripples and serenity. The river had also widened, very much so. I thought it seemed wider than I’d ever seen it before and that I must of drifted further downstream to stretch where I had I never been before. Something else was odd too – the trees; they seemed to tower up into the sky like skyscrapers. I felt as if I was tiny, as if I had shrunk.

Drifting along and looking down river I drew a quick breath, a gasp in fact. Standing in the water was a giant naked woman. A woman I recognized – the red headed witch. She stood astride the river and I noticed how fascinating her breasts were, I felt lost in them. Shaking my head in an attempt to clear my thoughts, I saw that she was holding an urn with both her hands and began to dip it into the water revealing its pouting spout. My goodness, I was heading straight for the urn along with the other water being sucked into it. Within seconds all I could see was the lips of the spout and then I felt myself slither into it. All of a sudden it was dark. I couldn’t see anything and I was swaying, spiraling and being thrown about with the water inside this great cavity until it calmed. I was then able to look up and through the spout I could see those captivating breasts and a pair of nipples that sucked my attention. I felt aroused at the sight and ached longingly to sup from that bosom. I was trapped, thrashing wildly in the thought. As I gazed upwards I saw the witch place a cork into the spout, casting me into darkness although the impression of the witch’s beauty was left in my minds eye. Indeed it proved very effective distraction from my capture.

After what seemed a while I was jolted in my dark wet prison as the witch placed the urn on an altar in her home. As the water stilled I drifted dreamily in thought but always about this witch and how becoming she was. Briefly, I thought how could I think like this but this soon gave way to an ironic erotic longing. Her flowing red hair, dazzling eyes, in fact everything about her, even the pimple on her chain, was so so sexy.

Whilst going through these feelings of longing I heard a muffled female voice close to the urn. It was like no other voice – it was as if I could feel her voice within my whole body. Every sound, sigh or word from her would cause resonations within me, as if I was filled with the strings of a harp and she was the harpist. I felt a feeling within that she had enormous power over me and that I myself wanted her power to grow and grow and never end. This feeling like a tingling surge of electricity whirled deep within me, and to my surprise my cock swelled in reaction. She whispered, “Tonight is the night my little one” and instantly my toes curled in ecstasy. I then lay there floating with those words and the image of my captor filling my mind. Time itself seemed to lose all meaning and I fell into a deep sleep.

With a jolt, I woke within my dark confine. I swayed from side to side and thought that the witch must be taking me somewhere. A little while later the urn jolted again as it was placed upon an altar in a dark woodland grove. The only light, being that from the full moon, crept through the trees. The moonlit sky was then revealed to me as the cork was removed and I heard voices and chanting. The urn then moved and tilted as the witch poured me and the water into a waiting silver chalice. I couldn’t resist the flow and ended up looking up from the chalice into the eyes of the beautiful witch. I now felt trepidation mixed with a bizarre excited anticipation as she now held the chalice to her lips and began to gulp me into her mouth in an orgasmic frenzy. I tried to escape but her lips and silky tongue got their way and I ended up sliding down so very fast. Fortunately all feelings of fear departed me and were replaced by a warm and soothing glow throughout me. I was now one with my Goddess, resonating in perfect unison.

Dedicated to my One and only Goddess, Witch and Owner – Lady Inamorata.

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