Who sings now?

I recently read an article on SOTT “Singing can create cohesion: Why the community that sings together stays together.  But I want to think about this on a larger scale. So okay, I am in a crowd and we are going to sing… not just a community or a congregation but we are going to sing to the world to help those struggling to start to heal.  We want to reach as many ears as possible, globally.  We want to be heard by all nations.  We want this song, our song, to touch humanity.  How many examples of this situation can you think of?  I can think of 2 right off the top of my head…



But who is singing now? When attending a concert and everyone in the audience is singing along with the band on stage, everyone feels it. Music is universal. But who is singing now? Farm Aid, Live Aid… Woodstock. Every single person singing, chanting, dancing, keeping the beat feels bigger than themselves, they feel they are part of something larger. Even if it is a sad song, we can all feel those feels too – along with everyone else in the audience. But who is singing now? What happens when the crowd exits the stadium or auditorium. What happens when that commercial we all sung along to stops playing. What happens then? Where does the cohesion go? How can we stay cohesive when literally what created the cohesiveness has dispersed? It’s more obvious to me than I have experienced in my lifetime that we are a divided nation and that the rest of the world is not doing much better. Who is going to sing now? Who sings now? Where is our unifying song?

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