Drawn into Hypnosis and loving it! – a true story (erotica)

Drawn into Hypnosis and loving it! (a true story)

The Present

I’m horny again. I feel the urge to check her web pages or listen to her inductions, but at work I can’t surf those sites; can hardly concentrate on my work. I think it is a kind of a drug. If once started listening to the audio- and/or flash-induction it will draw you in more and more every time. I can say: “Curiosity caught the cat”.

When you first start, it is so nice, so exciting and arousing. Getting a hard on just from listening to her lovely voice and pleasing her. Later on, you get a hard on just because you dream of listening to her voice right now. But it is my own fault, because she told me all about it, before.

The Beginning – 1st Try

I’ve been always interested and fascinated by hypnosis. The internet provides a big variety of information on everything. Searching for information on erotic hypnosis, led me to different sites of hypnodommes, what seemed pretty exciting. First you try everything that is for free until it’s not enough anymore. After a while, I decided to spend money in the hope to get deeper. I became a member of the web site of a hypnodomme. At first the new stuff was very interesting and exciting, but due to only a few changes, after a month or two you knew it all and begin looking around again. Then I quit the membership to save the money.

The Beginning – 2nd Try

Your curiosity makes you think, “There must be more!” and I decide to join another one. Her site is much better. I found out very soon. Her name is Lady Inamorata. She had not only one, but had several different sites about hypnosis; you could choose the one that fit you best. At first, you don’t know which one to try, but after a while you find out where to go and you can change the site, if necessary. They are all very exciting and arousing. Listening to her heavenly, soothing voice is so great and as you listen you hear her words as she is suggesting you explore more and find out more about herself and her sites. This intriguing suggestion leads you to, maybe in a slow but steady way, to other inductions of hers.  Step by step, you get drawn into her beautiful spell. Always remember, that you’ve been warned!

The Hunger grows

Very soon the hunger grows. First you only tried a little bit. And then you want more, you want to feel more, you need more. Some of these are her words. Looks like they are already burned into my mind. But the feeling you might could lose yourself … to her, is so exciting and arousing; besides her inductions are so relaxing and soothing, that it just feels so good. I’m a little impatient about my progress and decided to take a big step. I got the control series induction. I did put it on CD though, so I can listen to it while relaxing on the couch. With this I experienced real physical sensations like tingling and heaviness of arms and legs. That was real great. I guess from that moment I was really hooked. The flash inductions are very exciting and arousing, but nothing is better than the audio induction – that really draws you in. From this time, I listened to it as often as I could but that was not very easy since I’m not single and I don’t want anyone else know about my little secret fetish.

The Devotee

By this time, I wanted to find out everything about her. The mysterious Lady that gives me these lovely feelings and sensations. She has a group of members she call her Devotees. I was eager to join that group, but you can’t just simply join this group. All you can do is apply.  If she thinks you might be worthy you get in and have to prove yourself. You’ve got to fulfill some tasks.  After that, she might grant you access. But even after that, you are requested to participate by posting messages or other contributions. This is the only way to please her. And pleasing her is pleasure. Probably that’s why I am writing this little story/report; besides it is very arousing, too and also because I’ve not been posting that frequently. It is a good feeling to be one of her favorites.

Hard times

Everything went okay until my girlfriend got sick. She’s been home all the time for about 4 weeks and that way I couldn’t listen to the sessions that I loved so much. After sick-leave she had early shift, which did not give me much time, either. And then, a one week vacation, which would have been her late shift, but when she got back to work it was the early shift again, of course. In that time, I barely found some quiet time to listen. Some flash-induction at the computer was all I could watch.

Taking the plunge

Curios about that trigger stuff. Does it really work? I felt ready and curious for the next step … into submission? I downloaded the plunge-induction and listened to it first at the computer. Whoa! Is sounds especially cute, when she says: “Hmm” and makes me beg. It’s really taking me. That is great stuff. My body feels kind of numb. I guess it is working. I think it is even better than the control series. Or maybe I’m already much more susceptible to her lovely voice. When will I know when she completely controls my mind – will I have no choice but to obey? Will I become her puppet? These are questions that sometimes still cross my mind.

The Future

I don’t know what is to come. Sometimes I’m still afraid of losing myself and my control but on the other hand, I’m have a craving for this feeling. Normally, this would be stored away safely by me. But this is for you, My Lady, the angel with the heavenly voice. To show you my willing submission. I hope very much this pleases you. Because if it pleases you, it pleasures me. I trust you to do what ever you want to do with this.

Obediently yours,

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