The Generous Moon by Natalie Zaman

Long ago, it was common for the Moon to come down from the sky and walk amongst the people.  She was especially fond of an old woman living by herself in a small hut.  One year, a great famine ravaged the land and the Moon sorrowed to see the people suffer.  Concerned about the old woman, every day she went to the hut and gave her friend a piece of her own flesh to sustain her.  The woman thrived and the Moon grew smaller until she was only a sliver.  When the people discovered what happened, they were angry, for the Moon, they said, belonged to everyone.  The Moon; however, insisted what she did was necessary to help her friend survive.  Eventually, the famine ended but the Moon never returned to earth.  In the sky she remains, waxing and waning to remind us of the importance of generosity.  Sharing bounty is an important aspect of Mabon.  But need, as the Moon teaches, can happen at any time.  Sharing makes everyone richer.  Meditate on this truth under September’s Full Moon.

Generous Moon, you shared yourself.
Inspire me to share my wealth.

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