The Witch (erotica)

He rang the door bell and waited for it to answer, absentmindedly checking his hair in the window. The house was in the middle of suburbia and altogether unlike anything he had expected. Likewise was the occupant who opened the door. The woman was petite, standing 5′2 with a mane of blonde hair that cascaded down to her slim waist. She had smokey blue eyes and a pert expression on a very beautiful face. Her body was lean and muscular, and he could absolutely not place her age. She looked just over 20, but seemed to have a air about her that suggested she was several times…. older.

“Yes..?” she asked, taking stock of the man before her. Looking him over like a side of beef, she noted his blond hair and tanned skin. His tank top revealed ample muscles and a well defined beach body. She also noted a disgustingly macho self importance that presented itself as he leered at her. But, she was in a good mood, so she would hear him out.

“Look babe, I think I have the wrong place. I am inquiring about the place that sells potions?” His eyes drank in her body and she didn’t need to be a witch to see his beady little mind thinking it’s beady little thoughts. “Yes, that is I”, she said letting the babe remark slip for now. “I am the witch that sells potions.” She watched as his eyes registered the usual shock of disbelief. What did they think, these males? That a witch would be an old hag? Bah.

“I thought that a witch would be an old hag.” he said, his eyes still roaming her body, mentally undressing her. “But Hey babe, this is the nineties, so I guess you can be as foxy as you want!” She smiled a waning smile and turned her back on him,. leaving the door open as her invitation. Once inside, his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, he realized that this was more of what he expected. Like the shop from the old movie Bell book and candle, her apt. was a menagerie of artfully and tastefully decorate paraphernalia. A cornucopia of occult items, trinkets, crystals and things. A whole plethora of magical and mystical items. Crystals, wands, posters and paintings, every thing placed just right. She was seated in a high backed wicker chair, all black with a velvet cushion, the only chair in the place. She was still dressed in her silken robes, barely exposing her soft breasts. She indicated a pillow at her feet to sit on. He headed for it after momentarily checking himself in a mirror.

“My name is Sorcerina. How may I help you Mr…. ?”

“Burton. Tommy Burton. I came to buy a potion.”

“Of course you did Mr Burton.” she said, watching him settle in.

“Hand me that glass over there.” she said pointing without looking to a glass on a nearby tray. She watched with glittering eyes as he dutifully fetched the glass and brought it back to her, and she marveled at the pliancy of this man.

“But what type of love potion?” she asked watching him settle back down.

“A…A…A LOVE potion” He tried to explain. A slightly puzzled look coming to his face. She looked down at him with a haughty air, slowly sipping her tea.

“What …type…of…love potion?” she repeated, enunciating every word and enjoying how red he got from her verbal humiliation.

“A love potion” He said lamely, not liking to be the butt of some joke. “You mean there are different types?” She chuckled softly under her breath. An evil sound that could make neck hairs stand up on end, and arouse other parts as well. “Of Course. Just as there are many different types of love. There are many different potions to bring it about” She leaned forward in her chair, nailing him with her dark blue hypnotic eyes. “So tell me” She purred “Who is the object of your affections… and why do you want her to love you?” He gulped silently quivering under the weight of her stare. He had a lie, a whole story made up, but somehow, helpless in her gaze he had no choice but to tell the absolute truth.

“Susan is my fiance. She is a wonderful chick. Her daddy is rich, so I will never have to worry. I met her on the beach, out by Comb’s point. The waves there are fantastic. Anyway at first she really dug me. Let me move into her condo, Took care of my clothes made me dinner every night. Even convinced her ol’ man to give us the place rent free. She does some modeling, and is taking classes over at STATE U. She got a scholarship, and like she knows what she is doing with her life. The collage doesn’t cost much, so with her job on top of her ol’ man’s money we can still go out and party. ” His eyes narrowed as he paused in his tale, “but things have started to change. She no longer does my clothes. She rarely cooks and when she does she is always tiring to serve something healthy or new and exciting. And now she is bitches at me about getting a job. I mean come-on how am I supposed to get ready for this years surf season if I am working?” She watched him with cat eyes, her disdain for this man showing more and more on her face. Then she tried one last stab at reason.

“Mr Burton, it is quite obvious that she indeed loves you. But the problem I believe is, she wants more form life. More from you. You seem unwilling to do this.” He looked up from the floor to her and almost shook with anger.

“I want her to adore me again. Like she used to,” he spat. “She is a nice broad. I don’t want lose her. You sell potions don’t you?? Well sell me one that will make her cherish me. I still have access to the joint account… for now. SO I can pay anything. But she said if I don’t change, she will cut me off. So it has to be now.” Long moments passed. Sorcerina gazed down on him and silently evaluated his worth. Then she let out a small sigh and smiled faintly.

“Okay, Mr. Burton. I will sell you a potion. I guarantee that this potion will make her cherish and adore you.” A smile, no a sneer broke out over Tom’s face. And surprisingly, Sorcerina was smiling also. She languidly reached out her hand to the side and snapped her fingers twice. Instantly a huge towering hunk of a man was kneeling at her feet. This guy was a dead ringer for Fabio. Tom almost jumped to his feet in surprise. He watched silently as he bent over and silently kissed her feet. She patted him on the head like a favored pet. “Steven go get me potion 21.” The guy flew to his feet and hurried to obey.. coming back to kneel before her in several seconds. She again favored him with a pat on the head and snapped her fingers again and pointed. He was gone as quickly as had arrived. Tom just shook his head and sneered. He looked at the small bottle she had in her hand. Plain and ordinary, it resembled a small whiskey bottle more than an exotic vessel for some mysterious potion. he looked up at her and arched an eyebrow.

“This is it, Mr. Burton. Now one last time, are you sure you want to go though with this? This potion will make her adore and cherish you.” She looked at him with heavy lidded eyes. He nodded “Oh yes. Defiantly.”  “How much does it cost?”, he asked bringing out the check book.

“One dollar” She said looking at him amused. He stopped his writing to look at her incredulously

“ONE DOLLAR???” I thought you said it was powerful and would make her love me. How can that cost one dollar??” The anger on his face evident in his voice.

“Well it doesn’t cost one dollar to make. Most of the ingredients are rare and exotic but I get a certain satisfaction from it’s use. It makes people happy. so I only charge one dollar.” Tom looked a little unsure, but reached into his pocket and gave her a crumpled dollar anyway. She accepted it and passed over the bottle to him.

“Okay, how does she drink this? Do I pour it into something? How does it work? She favored him with a tinkling laugh.

“Oh, My Dear Mr Burton.. she doesn’t drink it, you do. It is a magical potion.. and it does magical things.” She looked at him “I drink it?” he gulped softly. “How will that make her love me? ” he asked with questioning eyes.

“Simple, Mr. Burton. She once loved you because of her perception of you. This potion.. will completely change her perception of you again. In effect she will cherish and adore you.. all over again.” Long moments passed while he looked at the bottle unsure. Finally he unstoppered it and gave an experimental sniff.  He looked up, ” Right now? ”

“Right now, Tom.” He again paused.. then experimentally sipped the stuff. With no undue effects noted, he drank some more, finally downing the whole bottle, which he handed back to her. Sorcerina flashed a triumphant smile. “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No.. it tasted kinda nice. You sure this will work? ”

“I absolutely guarantee it. Now why don’t you call her and tell her to come over here.” She said pointing to a phone. Tom seemed to automatically jump to her command, but at the phone he hesitated.

“I don’t want her to know I am here,” he explained. “why should I call her?” A wave of dizziness swept over him and it became hard to think.

“Tom,” she said calmly but firmly “I didn’t ask you what you thought. I simply told you to call her. Now do it.” His fingers flew over the numbers and after brief conversation, he hung up the phone. He stood there swaying slightly and dizzy. Slowly his fogged brain started to form words.

“What was in that potion?” Sorcerina looked at him and flashed him a evil grin.

“It is just what you wanted deary. A love potion. And I can guarantee that Susan will love you. Now remove your clothes. ” Slowly and fumblingly Tom stripped. Panic in his face starting to rise. “What have you done to me you witch? ”

“Oh, not much. See, the potion you drank makes you unable to resist a command from a female. “Now once we get you set up with a few basic commands, I’ll talk to Susan. She will tell me every thing she dislikes that you do. With the help of that potion, you’re going to be a new man, Tom.” She beckoned him over with one finger, “Come over and kneel for me, Tom” She watched as he came haltingly, jerkily over. He knelt before her, and sitting in her chair she looked over his nude body. “Hmmmmm. Not quite fast enough.” She produced seemingly from nowhere a soft doe cloth and a English riding crop. “Now, slave which should I use ?” Tom’s eyes looked from one to another, from somewhere in his being he summoned the will to choose.

“The cloth.” Sorcerina looked down at him and sighed.

“Alright.” She said and took the cloth and started to rub the side if his face. She watched as he moaned in ecstasy and slowly trailed the cloth down to his nipples, making them firm under her expert touch. She quickly attached a pair of nipple clamps held together by a chain. A bemused smile lit her face as she watched him squirm in agony. She softly trailed the cloth down to his erect member and started to stroke him, slowly but firmly. She always enjoyed knowing she had a man by the balls and gave them a cruel twist just to prove a point. Again Tom went from ecstasy to agony in mere moments and he writhed, almost doubling over in pain.

She smiled and again seemingly from nowhere produced a small Cat o’ Nine tails. Holding both the whip and the crop out she looked down at him again. “Now, slave which should I use?” Tom’s eyes focused on both the crop and the whip. Finally his dazed mind responded, “The crop.” Again she looked down at him and sighed. Somehow Tom began to understand that was not the right answer.

Like the cloth, she started at the top, slowly stroking his skin, making him like the touch. Only to lash out and slap him when he got used to it. She kept him off balance and guessing. Softly stroking some then rearing back and whacking him. She would even stop short of smacking him just to watch him flinch. She used the crop to toy with his manhood. Caressing it, almost lovingly only to slap his scrotum sac cruelly. She enjoyed this game. Slowly but surely she watched as he began to accept what ever she gave him.

She brought the crop up to his lips. “Kiss it slave, and thank me.” Tom lavishly kissed the crop and piteously thanked her. The pain in his chest was like a fire. His balls ached from over a dozen swats.

Sorcerina produced a cane whip. A cruel piece of flexible bamboo. Holding both out in front of her she looked down at Tom. “Now, slave which should I use?” Tom’s mind reeled. He looked from one to another in horror. His chest burned. His face was red and wet from tears. His member was purple with need. He gazed, his tear streaked face up to her Golden Magnificence. Slowly and haltingly he made his choice.

“Whichever you desire.” Sorcerina flashed a smile of triumph, her spell over him complete. She stood up and lifted him to stand also by placing her finger under his chin. She lead him over to the fireplace and snapped her fingers down at her feet. He quickly fell to his kneels kissing and licking them. Using her feet to guide him, she rolled him over onto his back. She squatted down on his face all but smothering him. “Suck, slave” She commanded and using the Cat o’ Nine tails on his penis, directed the speed of his devotion. After two shudderingly delicious orgasms, she stood up. Standing over him, she placed one foot into his mouth.  He willingly sucked and licked each pink little toe. She sat down on a small settee and gazed powerfully at him.

“And now slave, a final demonstration of power.” She nailed him with her eyes, watching his soft brown ones glaze over, “Look into my eyes… Deeper… deeper.  Lose yourself in my eyes… yes.. that’s it.. you’re falling now.. deeper and deeper. Your going to cum now slave. You are going to have the most powerful orgasm of your life. But neither I, nor yourself are going to touch your worthless cock.” She reached over to a golden urn and positioned it underneath her dripping pussy, never breaking her gaze from him. “Yes, you can feel it building can’t you?” She said her voice a low monotone as she furiously played with her swollen clit. “Closer… closer.. building now…” Tom rolled on the floor, helplessly squirming under her gaze. His tortured sac drawing tight. “Yes slave at the count of three you will cum.. One… two… THREE!,” She said snapping her fingers. He spasmmed furiously, writhing in pleasure.  Her orgasm felt like a bolt of electricity charging her skin and tingling everywhere in her body. Great spurts of his orgasm where flying everywhere. She orgasmed with him; flush with power over this simple male.  Her juices trickled down and flowed into the golden urn.  Her fluids, coming at the moment when she had a male completely at her mercy was the main ingredient of the love potion she gave him. She reveled in the last of the waves flowing through her body and stood on shaky legs. She snapped her fingers twice. Steven flew coming seemingly out of nowhere to kneel at her feet. “Take the urn down to the altar and then clean this,” poking the dazed and lolling Tom with her foot, “put him in a cage while we wait. Call me when she gets here… and Steven? My bath had better be ready. ”

“It is Mistress Sorcerina” He said never moving a muscle from his position at her feet. She reached down and petted his head. He was getting so good at anticipating her desires. “Good boy,” she said and walked off to her awaiting bubble bath.

It was about two hours later that the door bell rang. This time Steven answered the door. Susan stood there looking confused and somewhat angry, demanding to know where Tom was. Steven directed her into the same strange looking parlor. Susan was astounded to see Tom on his knees painting a strange woman’s toes. The woman looked up and flashed her a pleasant smile. “Hello my dear, you must be Susan. My Name is Sorcerina. I believe you know little tommy here?” Susan stood agape and looked at him, naked and on his knees.

“Tommy what is going on?” Sorcerina smiled and looked down at him. He didn’t speak and continued to apply polish to her nails. She looked back up at Susan and motioned for her to sit next to her in an identical black wicker high back chair. “Please sit, while I explain. Steven, Bring out two iced teas. Seemingly from nowhere, Steven rushed out and knelt before the two women.  Susan took a glass and slowly sat down, still looking at tommy on his knees. Sorcerina favored Steven with a smile, but since he always looked down he never saw it. “Good Boy,” she said. Now run along to your chores. In a flash he was gone. She looked back to Susan.

“Like I said, my name is Sorcerina. I am a witch. Little Tommy came here earlier today to by a love potion from me.” Susan stared at her incredulously. But the strange crystals and things that adorned the place, along with her relaxed manner made her accept what she said.

“A love potion. I see. ”

“Yes, he told me all about you and him, what you were like and how you were trying to change him. So he wanted to buy a potion that would make you ‘cherish and adore him’.”

“Alright, so why didn’t you sell him it?”, Susan asked.

“I did”, the witch replied with a slight smile. Susan looked alarmingly down to the tea she half drank. Sorcerina laughed her twinkling laugh. “Relax, there is nothing in your herbal tea. The potion I sold him, he drank. ”

“Oh,” she said looking uncomprehendingly.  Sorcerina flashed her an evil grin.

“Oh yes, now Tom is everything he wasn’t. Caring, attentive, thoughtful. Everything you wanted him to be. Susan gazed down at him, a smile braking out over her face.”

“So when do I claim ownership?”

“As soon as you help me through a ritual.” Sorcerina said. She looked down at Tom and snapped her fingers. “Finish that and clean up” She commanded. In a flash he had cleaned up everything and came back to kneel at her feet. “Kneel in front of Susan. Upright!, ” Tom crawled over and knelt in front of Susan.

Sorcerina handed her a collar studded with diamonds. “Now Susan I want you to swing this collar in front of his eyes, pendulum like.” Susan took the collar and started to swing it back and forth in front of Tom. Sorcerina stood behind him and slowly and sensuously rubbed her hands all over his body. She drew her mouth along to the side of his face and started to whisper in his ear. “Tom, I want you to focus your gaze on that collar. That’s it, Tom, watch it swing back and forth, back and forth.”  Her voice droned to a soothing monotone, full of power. “Yes that’s it. Watch how it sparkles and shines, it fascinates and mesmerizes you Tom. You cannot look away.  Now, Tom listen to me. You are very tired. Your eyes are getting very heavy. You’re falling asleep, Tom.” Her hands continued to caress his body as she cast her spell over him.  His eyes continued to track the swaying glittering collar, “Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier. You cannot resist. You are falling into a deep sleep Tom. Your eyes are closing now although you will continue to see the collar in your mind. And you will continue to hear my voice.  Fall now into a deep submissive sleep.  Sleep my pet, sleep.” Tom’s eyelids closed as he fell completely victim to her power. She flashed a winning smile at Susan who grinned back at her. “Now, Tom I am putting an order into your submissive mind. I command you to accept this concept. That collar has magical powers. Say it Tom.”

“Magical… powers” Tom said slowly. His breathing was slow and deep.

“Yes Tom.  And whoever holds the leash on that collar, you must obey in all things. As if she was your primary Mistress.”

“I will obey in all things” he said again, slowly.

“Good Tom” She crooned. Now I am going to count to three and snap my fingers. When I do, you will awake and feel refreshed. But you will remember nothing. Do you understand? ”

“Yes” Tom said.

“One, two, three” Snap!  Tom’s eyes blinked open, he looked around dazed for a second before bowing down to Sorcerina’s feet. Sorcerina looked down at her conquest and Motioned for Susan to hand her the collar. Sorcerina held the collar in front of Tom’s bewildered eyes for a moment before snapping it on his neck. Then she motioned for Susan to attach the leash. Tom’s eyes went wide as he saw her hold the leash. Then his eyes glazed over in a look of pure adulation. Susan flashed Sorcerina a winning smile.

“There you are,” She said showing them to the door.” Stop by every once in a while and let me know how things are going, luv.”

“Oh I will!” Susan said tugging on the chain for Tom to crawl behind her. Going down the steps, she tugged on his leash. It was such a nice day out. Too stuffy to drive. She decided a nice walk would be better.

Sorcerina stared at her crystal ball, watching the image of the two disappear down the street. Outside a Sports car stopped in front of her door and a Dark Italian man with a tooth pick in his mouth jumped out and looked at a piece of paper. Tossing it into the street he slicked back his hair and strode arrogantly up to the door.

Sorcerina sighed and hoped that Steven would have a second bath ready. It was proving to be a busy day!

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