Hypnosis works best with an open mind

Today, hypnosis is commonly used in medical care. It’s been shown to help people with certain conditions turn the dial down on their pain or cope with stressors. But we, on the fringe are far from that, are in a whole different niche aren’t we? BDSM, Ds and the ilk.  We like it fun, a little dangerous and both the hypnotist and the subject each get satisfaction in our own ways.

Hypnosis, in the genre we find ourselves, is not about forcing anyone to do anything against their will but we tend to push that limit now don’t we?  We use techniques to help the subject reach a state of awareness where you may change your perception, your emotional state or get closer to whatever goal you have chosen to reach. All of this should be discussed beforehand with your hypnotist.

Much of what we do is about long term behaviors in order to change or modify a lifestyle. In the short term we can address certain cravings or fantasies.

Your hypnotist helps you reach a deep state of relaxation and from there will guide you.  It is an interactive meditation, if you will, as the hypnotist and the subject are responsive to one another.

When you are in that deep, focused state, your conscious mind is quieted and the hypnotist and the subject are able to tap into part of you that may have lain dormant and going deeper still, the subject may be able to tap into thoughts and fantasies and share them. Going this deep and revealing the subject’s true nature means they may be more open to even more guidance from the hypnotist. The subject may reveal something they have revealed to no one else in their lives.

What’s the secret behind helping the subject achieve that deep and relaxed state? It depends on the hypnotist, but it might include deep breathing, visualization, guided meditation and other deepening techniques. Most importantly, the subject should have an open and willing mind.

How long the session takes is, indeed, up to the hypnotist and the subject. If the subject is clear about his/her goal, perhaps 1 or 2 sessions is all that is needed.  If the subject wishes to explore those deeper states then quite a few more sessions would be recommended.

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  1. I would like to be hypnotized to explore the obsession i have of being humiliated and trained to as a chastity slave by women to serve and entertain and whatever i am to be in their world

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