Venus Slave Trap (erotica)

The Venus Slave Trap ©
posted by request

It was Friday night. Friday night of a week Gene Erickson thought would never end. He was looking forward to going out with Bill Anderson and hoisting a few – as they say. Though Bill was his immediate boss, they had been friends for five years and Friday night had become a ritual.

This friendship had carried over to their wives. Once, when both were very wasted, they confessed to each other their darkest fantasies about the other’s wife. Though there was interest on their part of sniffing the other’s ‘bush’, they both knew that their wives, though extremely sexy, were barely interested in vanilla sex so something as kinky as swapping partners was totally out of the question. (It never occurred to them that maybe the problem was with the ‘delivery boys’ – not with the concept of experimenting with others!)

Bill had been acting strange all week. His mind seemed to be off somewhere else – not on his work. Once Gene walked in on him and his new secretary, Sheba.
(Sheba was one of the recent hires who always dressed a little too provocative for the office. Though this bothered the females around work, all the ‘powers that be’ were males and they could not bring themselves to enforcing a more conservative dress code.)

Bill was sitting behind his desk. Sheba was straddling him, leaning forward exposing him to the seductive charms of her cleavage. Gene couldn’t see what was happening but she seemed to be dangling something in front of Bill’s eyes while whispering something to him. Gene thought he heard her say, “… you must Obey!”, and Bill respond in a like whisper, “I … must …. Obey!”, Anyway, whatever was going on, Gene broke the Spell of the moment by his intrusion. From the look on Sheba’s beautiful face as she left the private office, she was not pleased with Gene at all. Even after she left, Bill sat there as if entranced for a bit. When Gene asked him if he was okay, Bill said everything was just fine and he now knew there were other things outside of work that were more important to the betterment of society.

When Gene asked him what, he simply replied “service!” Bill did not belong to any service organizations that anyone knew of so Gene was just a little confused and concerned.

He tried to talk to Ray Rodgers, Bill’s boss (who also had a new sexy secretary he was “breaking in”) but he just told Gene to mind his own business and it wouldn’t hurt him any to serve outside of the office as well. Another strange thing about both Bill and Ray’s, behavior, Gene notice, was they each treated their secretaries with a reverence not fitting their work experience. It almost suggested that the secretaries were in complete control and the high lever corporate executives were their pliable subservients.

Granted, both Sheba and Delilah (Ray’s secretary) were young sexy knockouts and each had replaced their predecessors within the past two weeks under mysterious circumstances but both men were in their early forties, had wives, and were, like Gene, on the fast track to stardom at the firm. Gene didn’t know why they had replaced their secretaries, he only knew that no one could make him replace his. Anyway, tonight was the night Gene would press Bill for answers.

He always stopped by Bill’s office at seven. Normally, they were the only two around at that time on a Friday night. As he walked past Ray’s office, however, he heard two young females giggling and what sounded like a puppy barking. Trying the door, he found it locked. Not wanting to create a scene, he continued on to Bill’s office. When he entered, there stood Sheba in a black leather dress which had a deep scoop neckline accenting every feminine curve on her body, black nylon seamed stockings, and five inch spiked heels. Bill was behind her fastening the pendant she always wore around her neck. Sheba smiled at Gene. It was not a smile of friendship or greetings but rather a gloating smile of victory. Though Gene knew this, the sight of Sheba in all her feminine glory melted his heart and caused his cock to twitch. As Bill fumbled with his task, Sheba slowly slid her hand to the stone which now dangled at the very top of her succulent cleavage and toyed with it causing it to sparkle right in Gene’s eyes. He was drawn to it and found he could not, did not want to look away. He stood there in transfixed silence.

Finally, Bill broke the spell by getting the latch to close and saying, “Thank you, Ms. Sheba!”

“You’re welcome, billllllllly”. (Gene was so fascinated by the stone and Sheba’s luscious breasts that it wasn’t until much later that he questioned why Bill was thanking her when it was he who had performed the favor and why he addressed her as Ms. Sheba!? At the time the only thing he was conscious of was how his cock hardened reacting to the way she had said “billllllllly”.)

As Sheba started to leave the office, Gene asked Bill if he was ready to leave. While his eyes locked in on the suggestive sway of Sheba’s leather clad tight ass, he replied, “Yes, give me a few minutes to compose myself.” When Sheba reached where Gene was standing she stopped and faced her ‘boss’ (Her proximity to Gene exposed him to the full effects of the leather’s aroma and her potent perfume.) Her hand once again glided to the pendant. “Don’t forget your commitment to serve tonight, billllllllly!” (Again Gene’s cock hardened.) With a glazed look in his eye, Bill spoke, “Sorry …. Gene …. I …. cannot …. go …. tonight. …. I .. am .. committed .. to .. serve .. at …. The … Club!’

Seemingly satisfied, Sheba turned to Gene, looked at his bulging crotch, then directly into his eyes. He felt like a mouse being toyed with by a feline but it excited him nonetheless. Sheba teasingly brushed his cheek with her scented hand making sure he inhaled its fragrance. Then, as she turned to leave she whispered so only he could hear, “You’re next!”

After Sheba left, Gene tried to get Bill to “come to his senses” but to no avail. Then, he noticed the portion of the office arranged for informal discussions. The coffee table was moved away back from the couch an extra few feet. When Gene asked Bill about this, he said Sheba had “suggested” he move it to give him more room and he immediately saw that she was right! “More room for what?”, Gene asked. Before Bill could answer, Gene saw something else which upset him even more. On the arm of the couch was a matchbook and an ashtray full of cigarettes. The filters had red lipstick on them. Picking up the matchbook, Gene yelled at his boss, “Are you crazy? You know the strict rules the firm has about smoking on the premises! This could ruin your career! What’s come over you? You’ve always been right there in front of the pack arguing about the ill effects of secondhand smoke!”

Bill got angry and defensive. “Look, Sheba suggested she stay late to catch up on all the work that’s piled up. She asked if I could give the dictation sitting on the couch where we’d be more comfortable. She saw how uncomfortable I was with the table so close – something I never realized until she pointed it out to me and suggested I move it. Then when she said she was dying for a cigarette I just couldn’t deny her one. So she ask me to fetch the cigarettes, ashtray, and matchbook from her desk.”

“FETCH!? …. She had you fetch?”, Gene exclaimed, “and this looks like a lot more than one cigarette to me, Bill.”

“Yes, I distinctly remember Sheba saying ‘fetch’. Don’t make a big deal out of someone’s choice of words Gene. Besides, there was something about the way she said ‘fetch’ that turned me on. As for all those cigarettes, I only remember the first. I guess we were just too involved in what we were trying to accomplish!” (This was exactly what Sheba had programmed Bill to remember. In reality, she had suggested to him that they postpone the dictation until Friday after work so they could work together alone in his office. Sheba knew that Bill had a manufactured subconscious craving to be alone with her
whenever possible.)

He never realized the large chunks of time which could not be accounted for during all of those close door private meetings with his secretary. Tonight was no different. Once alone in his office, it was child’s play to lure him over to the couch. Once there, she exploited all the fetishes which had been planted deep into his subconscious in the past weeks. In short order, Sheba had Bill deeply entranced and subject to her suggestions. For the past two hours Bill had been trained and programmed by a disciple of The Goddess Venus! If Gene had been in the office at 5:20 he would have found his friend kneeling naked at Sheba’s feet while she first immobilized his cock and balls with an old stocking, then enshrouded everything in a cocoon with the stocking’s mate before finally enticing Bill into a pair of crotchless panties.

Unbeknownst to either Bill or Gene, Bill still wore these garments. At 5:30 he would have seen Bill laying at Sheba’s feet licking and sucking each toe. For the remaining time, Bill performed body worship functions as directed by his mesmerizing instructress while she saturated his open receptive mind with The Truth about The Superior Dominant Female! But Bill did not remember any of this because Sheba had told him she did not wish him to have any conscious memory! Subconsciously he had been programmed by The Goddess Venus to Obey his Secretary Mistress in all things!)

“She has you under her spell and you don’t even know it!” Gene said, “She’s what? …. 24? …. same age as your daughter Barbara.” (Realizing Barbara was the apple of Bill’s eye, Gene tried to bring her into the conversation in hope thoughts of her would bring him around.) “By the way, how is she doing in pre-med at UWM?”

“She dropped out – decided she wanted to go to a special secretarial school she heard about.”

“Dropped out!?”, Why she was the valedictorian of her high school class. Why would she want to be a secretary? The work is hard and the pay is low. Anyone can be trained to be a secretary!”

Bill immediately came to the defense of ‘his’ Sheba, “What do you mean ‘anyone can be trained to be a secretary?’ – Sheba does things for me that no one else has ever done! She is not afraid to make suggestions and when she does I immediate see that she is 100 percent correct and wonder why no one else had ever thought of it.”

There Bill went again – Sheba … Sheba … Sheba … everything always came back to Sheba. Gene had had enough and said he would see Bill on Monday. On his way back to his office, Gene once again passed Ray’s office but this time the door was open. Sticking his head in to say good night, he saw an almost identical scene as when he entered Bill’s. There in the middle of the room stood Delilah in a red leather dress similar to Sheba’s in style and features, red nylon stockings and red open toed shoes. Behind her Ray was attempting to fasten a pendant very similar to the one Sheba wore. Behind Ray, pressing up against him as if to issue instructions was Sheba. She was only whispering loud enough for the three of them to hear. Whatever she was saying, she had Ray in a sweat while Delilah was grinning ear to ear.

After the initial shock wore off, Gene told of hearing a puppy earlier. With that there was a feminine giggle from Ray’s couch. Looking over, Gene noticed the table had also been removed. Sitting on the couch in a brown leather outfit at least as suggestive as Sheba’s and Delilah’s was Barbara, Bill’s daughter. The only noticeable difference from the others was the absence of a pendant around her neck. Otherwise, she projected the same
wanton image as Sheba and Delilah. She took a deep drag on a cigarette, “Hello Geeeeeeeeeeene, long time no see!”

“Barbara! Your father just told me about school – why did you drop out? and I’d like you to still address me as Mr. Erickson!”

“The school I am going to now is teaching me so much more about life. Perhaps someday soon I’ll give you a demo. I think I’m mature enough to call you Geeeeeeeeeeene now! And by the way, I changed my name. Barbara was so plain. I think you’ll agree I am anything but plain! You may now address me as Jezebel!”

“Jezebel? ….. You’ll always be Barbara to me! You shouldn’t be smoking in here.”

Jezebel’s only response was to dangle a shoe from her toes. Gene could not keep himself from watching the shoe swing back and forth – back and forth from her sexy foot.

“Oh Raymond”, Delilah cooed, tell Jezebel it’s okay to smoke in your office” Gene knew that Ray was Barbara’s godfather and he despised being called Raymond so he expected fireworks. Instead, Ray said, “Oh Gene, cut the kid some slack …”

“Raymond, I said to tell Jezebel, not him ….”

Ray then said in the direction of Jezebel that it was okay to smoke. “Are you talking to me, Raymond … I’m not sure. When you talk to me address me by my first name!”

Ray obediently repeated himself, “Jezebel, it’s okay to smoke in my office!” The three femmes giggled while Gene turned scarlet red.

Jezebel allowed her shoe to drop to the floor. “Geeeene, come fetch my shoe and put it back on my foot!” “Not on your life, Barbara”, Gene replied rebelliously.

Expecting this response, Jezebel did not miss a beat. Beckoning with her index finger she turned her charms on her godfather, “Raymond, come! I know you would Loooove to do this for me!”

Gene heard Sheba whisper to Ray, “Obey!”

Bill was like a game fish hooked on a fishing line. With each beckoning of her finger, Jezebel reeled Raymond closer and closer to her until he was at her feet. Jezebel then Snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor. Raymond obediently went to his knees and picked up her shoe. Before he was allowed to place it on Jezebel’s foot, she rubbed his crotch with her stocking foot, “Oooooooh is that for me, Raymond?”

Ray turned as red as Gene had a moment earlier.

Gene had seen enough! He quickly left the office and the building so he could try to gather his senses and decide what to do about the situation. For the first time in years Gene dined alone on a Friday night. He was so confused by what he had witnessed and felt in his crotch that he drank a little more than he normally did. With each round he became more ‘sure of himself’ so that by the time he finished his after dinner drink, the old confidence was back. If only he knew how to find this ‘club’! When it came time to sign the check, he reached for his pen and found Sheba’s matchbook which he had picked up in Bill’s office. On the cover was the silhouette of a female. Gene knew she was the most beautiful and desirable female he’d ever seen. It never occurred to him that if a silhouette could have this effect on him then in real life he would become silly putty in her hands!

He also failed to consider the definite weakness he felt when teased by Sheba, Delilah, and Jezebel – ah Barbara. If they were nothing more than neophyte cult members, what sort of influence could their High Priestess wield over him?

On the other side of the matchbook was an address and phone number. “Now I’m getting somewhere!”

Before leaving the restaurant, Gene got change for a dollar and went to the payphone by the restrooms to call for information. The number only connected to an answering machine which provided the caller with directions to the club and explained that it was exclusively for business executives. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the content of the message.

What was extraordinary, however, was the voice of the female on the tape. It was pure velvet to his ears. Gene used up all his change and then five additional dollars in change just to hear ‘that voice’ again. Finally, he decided to go to the club to ‘rescue’ his friends and, if possible, see the female on the other end of ‘the voice’.  Again, it never occurred to him that if a female whom he has never seen could induce in him the type of sexual excitement he now felt, she would devour him without so much as the blink of an eye. He felt secure in the fact that his wedding ring was on his finger.

Much to his surprise, there was a line to get into the club. At first he panicked and thought of leaving but realized that even if he saw someone he knew, so what – they were there too. Then he started to look closer at the faces of the men on line. Some he did not recognize. However, there were others who made up a who’s who of young execs at all the major companies in Milwaukee. There were even some others who were well known in their field from as far away as Chicago.

Once at the door, you had to show ID to prove you were an executive. They checked your name against a computer data base identifying executive, firm, and position within the firm.

No one talked while waiting his turn. Instead everyone stared with hungry eyes and open mouths at the pictures of the hostesses on the wall outside the club. There were pictures of Hostess Jewels who was 5’6″ tall with reddish golden hair and a knockout figure of 38C-27-36. Then there was Hostess Flame who was about 5’6″ with reddish blond hair. Oddly, the one who got the most attention was the enlargement of the silhouette that was on the matchbook. Though no one could make out her features, everyone was still entranced by her alluring feminine figure. Could this magnificent body be the home for the silken voice on the phone? That was more than one could hope for.

When Gene’s turn came, he produced his driver’s license which had his photo. Being nervous, Gene did not notice the double look given him by the female at the terminal as she slid her hand under the counter and pressed a button. As with all the others, Gene was escorted inside by a leather clad temptress. The combination of the smell of her leather and her perfume intoxicated him. She clung to his arm to allow the softness of her breasts to penetrate his suit. Unlike the others, he was shown to a table off to one side.

The young Lolita whispered hotly in his ear that this seat would permit him to view all that went on while still maintaining privacy in case he had a ‘visitor’ later in the evening. He replied that he would not be opposed to a visit by her – or better yet, don’t leave – just stay.

“No,” she retorted, “my job is to you put at ease and in the right frame of mind. I can tell by your request for me to stay that I already have you prepared for my Superiors. Another much greater than I will come later!”

After she left, Gene attempted to clear his head. “What came over me?”, Gene asked himself, “I didn’t come here to pickup women. I’m on a mission!” What had ‘come over’ Gene’s was a typical male reaction to the feminine guile of his hostesses. Everything which a male experienced from the moment he entered the club as a powerful executive until he left as a pussy-whipped boy enslaved to a chosen female, is designed to subdue his logical competitive mind and arouse the brain dangling between his legs in order to totally seduce him. Gene never regained full control of his senses because his little Lolita friend artfully left her stimulating scent on his jacket.

Gene surveyed his surroundings. Each table in the club was large enough to seat three. At each occupied table there was either a lone male, or a male with a female. No table was occupied by two males. Even males Gene knew had come together were separated from one another. (This was just another example of the divide and conquer rule. The club owners knew what a male could be more easily bewitched and enslaved if there were no other males around.) From the way they carried on, Gene assumed the table of couples were either husband and wife or boy friend and girl friend. Why a male would bring his wife or girl friend here, however, escaped Gene.

The waitresses were as enticing as the escort who had led Gene to his table. Given his breast fetish, it did not take Gene very long to realize that each of the waitresses wore a sparkling pendant which dangled into her cleavage. Each waitress had a male she led around by a leash attached to a collar on his neck. With the exception of collar, a leather mask over his face, and some type of cock and ball bondage device, each male was naked. His function was to carry his Mistress’ orders to the tables and perform any trick his female Trainer might command of him.

Less than a minute after sitting, one such sexy waitress was at his table with her male in tow. “Here you are, Mister Erickson, your favorite bourbon!”

“I didn’t order a drink …….. how did you know I drink bourbon?”

“The drink is on the house, compliments of Goddess V. herself! Like all the other top executives, we have a complete dossier on you stored in our computer. We know things about yooooooooooou – geeeeeeeeneee that even your wife doesn’t know!”.

This scared Gene. In fact if he had his wits about him, he probably would have ran for his life leaving both Bill and Ray to deal with whatever ‘mess’ they had gotten themselves into. However, the stimulations assaulting his eyes, nose, the lingering remembrance of the feel of Lolita’s soft breasts as she pressed up against him, and the way this one had just said ” ….. yooooooooooou – geeeeeeeeneee …..” overwhelmed his desire to flee!

Gene took the drink from her male.

“Enjoy yourself, geeeeeeeeneee – “, then she walked away knowing his eyes were locked on her tight swaying ass, she tugged on the male’s leash saying “Heel!”

Again, Gene was filled with contradictory feeling. He was scared by what he saw but totally intrigued as well. His cock was getting harder and harder with each passing second. Before long, Gene saw both Sheba and Delilah. Each was dressed very suggestively and had males on leashes like the others. As with all the other waitresses, they were so sexy and desirable that he never even gave their males even a cursory look. If he had, he probably would have noticed something familiar about them. As he sipped his drink, he felt himself be absorbed by the soft leather of the booth he was in. Soon he was spellbound. He knew he was watching males be seduced into something neither he nor they quite understood but all he could do was sit there, nurse his drink, and play with himself – thus turning himself on even more and making himself even more susceptible to what was planned for him later.

Gene watched as table by table the occupants were visited by one of the Goddesses of the club. By this time, the male was far enough along in his enslavement and bewitched by everything being done to him that when his Seductress insisted on being addressed as Mistress – the male readily complied. The Dominatrix sat down at the table, and, because of the noise level, moved close to her subject to engage him in conversation.

Gene watched as the male begun to talk less and less and only concentrate on what the Dom was saying to him. Soon, She had him totally silent and staring at the pendant dangling in Her luscious cleavage. He sat transfixed with his head nodding up and down …… up and down …… up and down …… to indicate complete agreement or acceptance of whatever he was hearing. When the Dominatrix stopped talking, the male just continued to stare at the pendant with a blank look of total bliss on his face and nod his head. The Dom would then smile and signal for an unattended waitress. The Club Dom would then have the male stand away from the table.

In every case, Gene saw the male’s cock and balls were fully exposed. The waitress then pressed up against him and slowly removed his tie. She tied the small end of the tie around his cock and balls and used it as a leash to lead him away. The Dom would then focus Her feminine charms on another male. About 15 minutes later, the waitress reappeared with a naked male on a leather leash and begin her rounds.

This ritual was played out from table to table. At the tables occupied by a male and female, the process was very similar. The difference was the end result. Instead of turning the male over to a waitress, his ownership was transferred to the female accompanying him. It was clear that she had entered into an agreement with Club Venus to ensnare the male in feminine bonds for her.

After the Dom left those tables, the male typically found himself sitting on the floor at the feet of his new Dominatrix performing foot and body worship as she desired!

Gene was so taken by all that was going on around him that he failed to notice the shadowy figure approaching him. All at once, he became aware of an eclipse of the light source from his right. Looking up, his eyes absorbed the outline of the very same figure he had seen on both the matchbook and poster outside the club. In Her 5″ heels She towered over  him at an even 6′. As expected, Her 36C-26-37 silhouetted figure was even more powerful than the poster or matchbook. His heart skipped a beat and then fluttered as he inhaled the fragrance of Her Royal Blue Latex Gown and matching Opera Gloves. He was speechless!

As this was the standard male reaction to Her sudden appearance, The Vision confidently spoke, “Good evening Mr. Erickson. May I call you Geeeeeeeeeene? ……. I know you are taken by Me ….. just nod your head ….. gooooooood boooooy! You would like very much for Me to join you ….. wouldn’t you Geeeeeeeene …… gooooooood boooooy!” The vision which now sat next to him was the very source of The Voice which had driven him wild over the phone earlier.

The Goddess V. moved closer to Her prey to complete the conquest. As Gene still possessed a minute amount of resistance, he attempted to slide away from The Huntress. When he did, he slid right into the waiting Chest of Mistress Flame who had silently taken up position on his right flank. The sudden unexpected sensation of Her Firm 38C Breasts pressing against his  back caused a reflex action back towards the waiting Seductress Venus as Mistress Flame took up the slack. Gene was little more than ‘lunch meat’ sandwiched between the two FemDoms and They were about to have him ‘for lunch’. “Hellooooooo Geeeeene”, Mistress Flame whispered hotly in his ear, “We decided that you should experience the Special Club Venus Treatment ….. I know you’re going to enjoy it ….. too bad you won’t remember any of this after you leave here!”

The Goddess Venus slid Her hand under the table and flipped a hidden switch. Immediately, a light directly above Her came to life illuminating Her Tantalizing Breasts. The sudden appearance of light on this Heavenly Body drew Gene’s attention like a submissive moth to a Dominant Flame. The luscious sight held his gaze while The Goddess whispered so only the three of them could hear, “Gaze upon Me, Geeeene, gaze upon Me and concentrate on My Voice. You are not to speak ….. not to speak ….. you are to listen …… you are to listen and absorb My words. If you break either of these two simple rules, Mistress Flame and I will leave you and you will never see any of Us again! Do you understand, Geeeene?”

Gene gulped, and silently nodded his head that he understood.

“Gooooooooood booooooy! You have no idea how long I have been waiting to get you to the club. I knew you had all but figured out what was happening to your friends and planned to ‘save’ them. Well Geeeene, they don’t want to be ‘saved’ and at this moment neither do you ….. do you Geeeene?”

(Gene’s head swayed from side to side.)

“No, of course not! All you want to do is sit there gazing upon My Mesmerizing Tits …. isn’t that right Geeeene?” (His head bobbed up and down.) “Look into My Cleavage, Geeeene. Look into the Deep Deep Crevasse separating My Seductive Tits. See the sparkling pendant nestled there? Lean closer Geeeene ….. lean closer to see it better …… that’s a good boy …. closer ….. closer …..” (The Goddess now had Gene inches from Her Breasts – just far enough away to allow the overhead light to make the pendant sparkle.) ” ….. Inhale Geeeene, smell the sweetness of My Very Being!…… inhale deeply ……. as you exhale feel the tension dissolve from your body …… inhale …… exhale …… inhale …. deeper …… exhale …… in goes the submissive air ….. out goes the bad air ….. in goes the submissive air ….. out goes the bad air!”

“Say it to yourself, Geeeene – each time you inhale you think ‘in goes the submissive air’ and each time you exhale ‘out goes the bad air’ …… submissive air in …… bad air out …… submissive in …. bad out ….. subconsciously you will think these thoughts with every breath you take for the rest of your life. With every breath you will feel yourself becoming more and more submissive to Me! You want to be My submissive, don’t you Geeeene!”

(Again, Gene’s head bobbed up and down …. up and down).

“….. Continue to think your phrases as you concentrate on My Voice ….. in goes the submissive air …. out goes the bad air ….. as you breath, you find that you choose to disregard all other sights, thoughts, and sounds …. all you see is the pendant dangling into My Cleavage – The Cleavage you Love, Worship, and Adore ….. all you think of are these phrases which help you cleanse your body of foul air so that you can replace it with sweet submissive oxygen – so necessary for life …… all you hear is My Velvet Voice as it leads you deeper and deeper into My Domain!”

“Follow My Voice Geeeene …… feel your eyelids becoming heavy and tired ….. tired and heavy ….. they want to close but you so want to gaze upon the pendant and its resting place ….. try to resist ….try …… Geeeene ….. try to resist ……. the more you resist ….. the heavier they become …… resist …… heavy ….. resist ….. heavier …. they are now toooooo heavy to resist …… it’s ok to give in Geeeene …… it’s okay to close your eyes and sleep because you know that I am your Goddess and your Temple and you shall come to Worship Me again and again and again …… your eyes are closing ….. closing …. closed! ….. your head is heavy ….. heavy …. heavy ….. too heavy for your neck ….. relax and sleep ….. sleep ….. sleep!”

(The Goddess Venus now had Gene face laying on the table pointing directly at
Her Bosom, eyes closed, and mouth open.)

“Geeeene listen and obey …… to obey Me gives you pleasure ….. so listen and obey! Tomorrow morning you will begin to think about your secretary, Mrs. Robertson, and how inadequate she is for your needs! You will begin to envy your boss and his boss because of the happiness they have found with their new young secretaries. These thoughts will Dominate your weekend. Monday morning you will arrange for a transfer for your Mrs. Robertson and begin interviewing for a new, more vivacious female. You will devote your entire day to find a suitable female. You will conduct yourself professionally and be fair with all applicants.”

“There will be one, however, who will be wearing the very pendant dangling now between My Tits. When you see that pendant, all the feelings which you now have and all the submissiveness building with each breathe that you take will engulf you. You will find her Beauty, Sexuality, and Feminine Charms irresistible. Your devotion and obedience to her will be second only to your Devotion and Obedience to Me! Her touch, Her smell, Her Voice will fill you with submissive lust. All the qualifications of all the others will lose any meaning for you! She will be your only choice. “You will desire to deny Her nothing. You will find reasons to be alone with her. Whenever she dangles this pendant in front of you and whispers the word ‘Obey’, you shall immediate fall under her hypnotic influence subject to her whims, suggestions, and commands! Now, slave Geeeene, The Mistress Flame will whisper some instructions of Her own to you. You shall obey Her as you would Me!”

“Slaaaaave Gene, remaining in your deep submissive sleep, I command you to sit up …… goooood boy …….. now, when I snap My fingers, you will open your eyes ……. you will respond to My questions honestly because you know in your heart that you can never be dishonest with your Mistresses of Club Venus.”

After positioning Herself, Gene responded to the “Snap” of The Mistress’ fingers. He found that She now sat on the table with Her Legs on either side of him. He was staring directly into Her Cleavage.

“You like My Tits, don’t you slave gene!”

(Gene nodded in agreement.)

“No, slave, I want to hear you confess ….. tell Me …..”

“I… love… Your… Tits, Mistress ….”

“I know you do, slave. That was the report We had on you from Our Seduction Scouts!”

The Goddess Venus handed Mistress Flame the pendant which She begun dangling and swinging in Gene’s view. Without being Commanded, Gene’s eyes locked on to it and followed its flight …… back and forth ….. up and down …. where ever it traveled, Gene’s eyes followed while his head remained stationary.

“Now slave gene …… reach down and open your zipper ….. gooood boooy …. take out that rock hard cock ….. free that slave meat which We have enslaved from the uncomfortable confines of your pants ….. there – doesn’t feel better?”

“Yes ….. better ….. Mistress …”

“Slave gene …… that cock in no longer yours …… it now belongs to The Goddesses of Club Venus ….. say it!”

“my cock ….. is no longer my own …… it belongs …. to the Goddesses of ….. Club Venus!”

“Now slave gene, play with that slave meat ….. continue to follow the pendant to which you are totally submissive and play with yourself…. good boooy! stroke it …. stroke it …… it will not cum until given permission to do so! Feel the pleasure We grant you as Our slave! …… do you feel it? …… Tell Me slave!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes Mistress, I feel it …… I feel Your Pleasure!”

“Now slave, when you go home tonight and climb into bed with your wife, you will feel very horny! …… you will not take her like you normally do ….. five minutes and you are through ….. no my pet, you will be naked and horny …… you will snuggle up to her kissing and licking her ears …… you will massage her tits and play with her pussy ….. you will not once think of your cock ….. your only concern will be turning your wife on with your hands, fingers, mouth, and tongue! …… you will bring her to orgasm by tongue fucking her pussy and ass! ….. all the while you will see in your mind’s eye the Heavenly Vision of your Queen – The Goddess Venus …… you will be servicing your wife but Worshipping your Goddess! This will give you great pleasure. Tomorrow night and Sunday night you will repeat this ritual but only if your wife makes the first move …… you will be very excited by all this and will be breathing fast and hard …. tell Us what will go through your mind as you breath faster and faster slave!” “In goes the submissive air ….. out goes the bad air”

The Goddess Venus once again assumed control of Her property: “Very goooooood slaaaaaaaaave! Now on the count of three your enslaved cock will shoot its pleasure into your hand …… one ….. two …… three …… cum slave!”

Slave Gene exhaled a cry of ecstasy as his enslaved cock filled his hand with its liquid ecstasy.

“Now lick your hand clean slaaaaaaaave!”

Gene was too far gone to even think of disobeying. He eagerly lapped his juices so as to please his Mistress!

“Now slave you will go to the restroom, clean yourself off, and leave……. you will have no conscious memory of what has occurred here this evening. Subconsciously, however, you will remember everything and be filled with great happiness. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes Goddess V., I understand.”

“Good …… then Obey your Queen!”

The next morning Gene’s wife was whistling and singing as she made breakfast. She asked Gene where he and Ray had gone the night before.  Gene replied, “Nowhere special …. just out.”

“Well,” she replied, wherever it was, go there again and again. You were a regular stud when you came to bed. You’ve never gotten me off like you did last night ….. never! In fact, I’ve canceled the plans we had with the Smiths for tonight. I want you all to myself! You and I are going to be in bed by nine ….. not asleep ….. just in bed! Do you understand me, Gene?” If his wife had been listening, which she wasn’t, she would have heard Gene reply in a whisper, “Yes Mistress!”

Saturday night was a repeat of Friday, and Sunday a repeat of Saturday. Through out it all, Gene did not once attempt to shoot his wad into his wife like he normally does. Strange, he thought, that he had no desire to do so. Equally as strange was the much greater satisfaction he received by using his tongue instead. Not only did she allow him to tongue fuck her pussy, but she also permitted his face access to her ass, a place his cock had never ventured. During all three nights of sexual lust, the image which dominated his mind’s eye was that of the Most Seductive Feminine Silhouetted Figure he could ever imagine. He could not remember where he had seen Her, he just knew that She was his Goddess Queen forever!

It was a great weekend of sex at the Ericksons. The only downside for Gene was realizing that Mrs. Robertson had been pulling the wool over his eyes for sometime now. Well, he would not stand for that! She was not going to make a fool out of him. He would take care of her on Monday! When Monday did finally come, Gene dragged himself into work to begin his search for a new secretary.

Monday was a very busy day. First he called Mrs. Robertson into his office and told her how disappointed he was in her. Out of some sense of loyalty he could not understand, he was going to have her transferred to another part of the company rather than releasing her outright. When Mrs. Robertson asked for an explanation, Gene all but exploded saying it was he who should be asking for an explanation, not her and he was not in the habit of answering to his secretary.

The next order of business was to contact the various secretarial agencies and have them fax resumes of candidates. He made it clear that this billet was to be filled that very same day. Like most agencies today, they sent quantity, not quality, resumes. Still, Gene selected those he wanted to interview and they were told to report at various times during the day. The interview was well under way by 11 A.M.

None of the candidates made Gene sit up and take notice from a secretarial standpoint. Some came in wearing short skirts, spiked heels, black stockings, and low cut tops. Though he stared hungrily at their young firm bodies, Gene was turned off from a professional standpoint. In his mind sex had no place in the office. Still, he was very professional towards these, as he was to the others. The fact remained, however, that by 4:45 P.M. he had found no one suitable to replace Mrs. Robertson. Picking up the phone, he called her and begged her to come back. After making him squirm a bit, she accepted.

No sooner had he hung up the phone, than it rang again. From the display on his console he knew it to be his boss, Bill Anderson.

“Hi Bill, what’s up?”

“Hi Gene, sorry about Friday night.”

“No problem, I know things come up unexpectedly.” (Gene had obediently forgotten about his enslavement at the club.)

“Listen, Ray and I have something we want to ask you …..”

“Okay, I’ll be right there …..”

“No …. no … no need. We are in the middle of a private conference right now. We know that you have been interviewing for a replacement for Mrs. Robertson all day and have a favor to ask.”

“Well actually, Bill, I found no one so I’ve offered Mrs. Robertson her old job back. I look like a fool but what am I going to do?”

“I see, well, could you do one more interview?”

“What’s the point? I’ve already made my decision …..”

“I would like you to interview Jezebel ……”

“Jeze ….. you mean Barbara, your daughter?”

“Yes, my daughter …. and Ray’s Goddaughter … don’t forget. You don’t have to hire her if you don’t like her. It will give her experience in going through the interviewing process.”

“It’s kind of late in the day Bill, how long before she could be here?”

“She’s sitting in my office now ….. she’ll be right over!”

Before Gene could say anything, Bill hung up. As he did so, Gene thought he could hear female giggling in the background. “What was Barbara doing in Bill’s office during a private conference”, Gene thought. It also irked Gene that Bill would resort to this type of pressure. “Oh well”, Gene thought, no big deal, I’ll talk to her a bit and then send her on her way!”

About two minutes later Gene heard a knock at the door. “Come in!” Another knock. “I said come in!!”. Another knock. Frustrated, Gene went to the door and pulled it open. He had always known Barbara to be about 5′ 7″ a good three inches shorter than he. The Barbara standing before him was now a good two inches taller. Gene had to look up to make eye contact.

“Didn’t you hear me say ‘Come in’?”, Gene asked.

“I heard you but it sounded like you were summoning me”, Barbara replied.

“Look, Barbara, this is no way to begin an interview …..”

“No it isn’t Gene, shouldn’t you address me by my name ….. Jezebel?”

“Your given name is Barbara, that is how I will interview you ….”

“Okay, if you don’t want to interview me, we can stop now. I will just tell Sheba and Delilah. They will make sure Daddy and Uncle Raymond hear about this under the proper conditions!” “Now, now, Jezebel, don’t get angry. Please come in.”

Jezebel entered and walked slowly towards the desk. As she past him, her perfumed aroused his manhood. The fragrance was hauntingly familiar. The sight of her from behind only abetted the swelling in his pants. Gene was instantly transfixed by the sound and sight of HER luscious ass swaying back and forth …… back and forth …… back and forth in a tight black leather dress which ended short of her well defined knee by a good three inches. As he gazed transfixed, his mind’s eye pictured a red pendant swinging back and forth in perfect rhythm with the ass holding him spellbound. Her muscular feminine legs were encased in black seamed stockings. On her feet were 5″ spiked heels which explained her sudden height advantage. Her long blond hair was pulled up and held in place by a hair clip. This only drew attention to the fine lines of the nape of her neck. She was such a sight from this view that Gene shuddered to think what awaited him from the front. In her hand she carried a medium size overnight bag. When she got to the chair by the desk Jezebel stopped, placed the bag on the floor, and waited.

When Gene failed to move, Jezebel said something to purposely break the spell. He couldn’t be positive but it sounded like, “Heel!”. What ever she said, Gene found himself almost running to his desk while trying to hide the obvious bulge in his pants. When he sat, he offered a seat to his guest by simply saying, Sit!”.

As this sounded more like a command than a request, Jezebel remained standing training her icy blue eyes on his. Feeling their power and realizing his error, Gene rephrased his words, “Please have a seat Ms. Anderson!”

Jezebel took the seat facing Gene with the grace and style of a Queen. As her sweet ass pivoted to take possession of the chair, her tantalizing dress naturally rode up her legs exposing him to the seductive powers of her enticing thighs. Jezebel purposely did not cross her legs, choosing to hold that maneuver in reserve for when she wanted to draw her prey’s attention away from what was being said to an unspoken subject which would excite him. As it were, the upward travel of the dress held his undivided attention at the moment.

For a full minute Jezebel allowed Gene to stare hungrily at her thighs lost in his own thoughts of lust. This was just what The Goddess Venus had instructed her to do knowing that Gene would visualize his most potent fantasies. Then, during the token interview to follow, his subconscious would dwell on these fantasies leaving him horny and completely susceptible to his final seduction and enslavement.

“Ahem….. why do you stare so at my legs, Mr. Erickson?”

Gene looked up his face turning scarlet. ” …. ah I didn’t mean to stare …..”

“Of course you did …… don’t worry I won’t tell daaaaaddy. I think a man of your age and ‘experience’ finding me desirable is amusing. You do find me desirable don’t you Mr. Erickson?”

“No ….. ah I mean yes …… no …… I mean I’m old enough to be your father …… not that I am mind you …….. your father’s your father ……” Gene stammered all flustered.

Jezebel smiled to herself as she thought how much fun it was going to be owning Gene for The Goddess Venus. To her floundering fool she said, “Perhaps I should leave you alone to regain your composure …..” “No no, please don’t leave me …..” came Gene’s submissive plea.

(Jezebel’s inner smile grew exponentially!)

At Jezebel’s suggestion, Gene closed his eyes and tried to relax. (How can I relax when my boss’ daughter is sitting there and, through no fault of her own is turning me on?” Gene thought to himself.) On my count of three, open your eyes and we will start …. one ….. two …… three ….. open your eyes!” Gene obeyed!

When he did, he found Jezebel just as desirable as before but he was once again in control of his feelings. As he did with all the other applicants, Gene took note of Jezebel’s attire. The leather dress had a plunging V-neckline. The cut would have left her breasts very visible not for the tasteful scarf she wore. Still, Gene felt drawn to where her cleavage would be. He could not understand why but he felt a very strong attraction to something there. Sure that the worst was over, Gene begun the technical aspect of the interview.

Jezebel’s secretarial skills proved to be average. Gene could not help but think she was wasting her talents by dropping out of Med-school. When he asked the obligatory question about salary, however, Jezebel shocked him with her response. She expected to be paid the same as Mrs. Robinson, the person she was replacing. Gene tried to explain that was impossible given her lack of experience and strongly suggested lowering her expectations in order to gain an entry level position but Jezebel displayed a stubbornness he had never seen before. Sensing no reason to continue Gene decided to bring the interview to a close. “Well Ms. Anderson, unless you have any questions I am through.”

When Jezebel stood, Gene did likewise extending his hand for a business-like handshake. Instead of offering hers, Jezebel reached up and released the clip holding her hair. With a shake of her head, gravity became her ally as her long soft hair fell gently to her shoulders …… giving her an even sexier look. Reoccupying her seat, the dress once again rode dangerously up her thighs. Sensing it to be the opportune time, Jezebel now crossed one leg over the other. Gene stood there completely stupefied unable to move or say anything. If it wasn’t for the tent materializing in his crotch, Gene could have been mistaken for a life like wax figure.

“Sit!” Unlike his earlier use of this term, there was no question that this was an Order  given him in his own office. This did not matter to Gene …. may not have even registered in his mind as Jezebel reduced it to submissive mush ….. Gene complied with the command.

“Now Mr. Erickson, I have some questions of my own …… you do not mind if i call you Gene do you? …….. no of course you don’t! Tell me about your weekend Gene ……. did you have sex with your wife ……”

Gene was in turmoil. Part of him could not understand why Jezebel was asking questions about his sex life but his much larger submissive part so wanted to tell her how he had served and service his wife over the weekend.

Jezebel knew this so she coaxed him down her path of Domination, “Tell me Gene …… tell me how you used your tongue this weekend …..tell me how your cock got soooo rock hard and though it never released its foul juices you felt more sexual gratitude than ever before ……. you want to tell me …….”

This was all Gene needed. Everything Jezebel, and then some was true. Feeling a dire need to tell someone, Gene described his sexual submission to his wife in full detail. As he did so, he felt a great hunger to submit again …… not realizing he was mentally submitting at that very moment. As he spoke, Gene was unable to remove his eyes from Jezebel’s sexy thighs …… that is until she playfully adjusted her scarf. Immediately, Gene’s eyes were drawn upward …. again to some mysterious power.

“Are you a tit man Gene …..”

“Yes …..”

“Yes ….. of course you are ….. we knew that about you long ago!”

Jezebel got slowly up from the chair and straightened her dress. The sound of the leather oozing down her body excited Gene even more. Jezebel slowly moved behind Gene’s desk and straddled him in his chair. “You would like to see under my scarf wouldn’t you.”

“Yes …..”

Taking his hands, Jezebel placed each on one of her breasts and rubbed back and forth against them. “Feel my breasts Gene ….. feel how my nipples harden ……. if you are a good boy you may be allowed to worship them ……”

Gene let out a deep sigh.

“It is time for you to accept your destiny. Without removing your hands from their sacred place, remove the scarf Gene!”

As if in a trance, Gene sat for a moment not knowing how to proceed. Then slowly as if by will of its own, Gene sensed his mouth drawing closer to the scarf.

“Yes ….. that’s it ….. your mouth and tongue Gene ….. just as you learned this weekend, your mouth and tongue are very important for pleasing females …”

As his mouth drew closer, Jezebel’s hand caressed the back of his head and guided him home. Though completely unnecessary, her perfumed scarf pushed him yet further over the edge. When his lips finally touched the scarf, he could feel her softness from under it. Taking hold of the scarf in his teeth, Gene gently pulled away ….. allowing Jezebel’s pendant to become fully visible and thus he sealed his own fate! As soon as his eyes focused on it, Gene let out a deep lustful groan.

“You recognize the pendant don’t you Gene – where did you last see it?”

“Dangling between my Goddess’ Tits ……”

“Just as it now dangles between my tits …..”

“Yes ……”

“Who is your Goddess, Gene …………….”

“The Goddess Venus – Proprietress of Club Venus.”

“And why is she your Goddess Gene …….”

“Because she is a High Priestess of Female Superiority. I worship her!”

“And I am her disciple ….. sent here to train and govern you!”

Gene’s head bobbed up and down in agreement.

“Let me hear you say it Gene ….. I want you to hear yourself accept me as your Dominatrix”

Jezebel watched Gene closely for any sign of resistance to the term ‘Dominatrix’
but he offered none whatsoever.

“You are my Secretarial Dominatrix. I Love, Worship, and Adore You as I do my Goddess Dominatrix!”

“and my salary?”

“The same am Mrs. Robertson …… if you will accept it.”

“Speaking of Mrs. Robertson, you must call and inform her that her services are no longer needed ….. but first you must prove your obedience to me my pet …”

As hard as Gene’s cock was it stiffened even further when he heard Jezebel referred to him as her “pet”.

“Open your zipper – then display your slave cock and balls for me” As submissive as Gene had become, this was still something that went totally against his normal behavior ….. sitting in his office with his cock and ball hanging out of his pants. Gene therefore hesitated. This was not an act of disobedience but rather confusion over doing something which seemed so unnatural. It was fully anticipated by The Goddess V. Given the many ‘unnatural acts’ Gene would be trained to perform without a second thought, it was imperative to instill in him a sense of blind obedience from the outset. This was the primary focus of the exercise.

Jezebel leaned forward to give Gene an up close and personal view of her cleavage and tits. His breast fetish gave him no choice but to stare hungrily at the heavenly sight. In so doing, Gene had to look directly at the pendant dangling before him. Jezebel flexed her shoulders causing her breasts and the pendant to sway.

“Open your zipper …….. good boy……. reach in and remove your slave cock and balls ….. very good boy ….. to obey me gives you pleasure ….. say it!”

“To obey you gives me pleasure …..” came the reply.

From her ‘gym’ bag Jezebel removed a big feather and begun passing it up and down and around Gene’s shaft and balls. “Now call Mrs. Robertson …… on the speaker phone …..”

A few moments later, Mrs. Robertson’s phone rang, “Hello!”

“Hello Mrs. Robertson, this is ……”

“Oh Mr. Erickson, you’ve made me so happy… I can’t wait to ….”

“Mrs. Robertson, I have found someone to replace you ….”

“WHAT! …… WHO? ……” came the icy reply.

“Jezebel Anderson …..”

“WHO? ….””Jezebel Anderson ….. Bill Anderson’s daughter …..”

“That bimbo? ….. she can’t hold a candle to what I can do for you Mr.

Gazing at the dangling pendant while Jezebel continued her teasing with the
feather, Gene replied in as normal a voice as possible, “No, Mrs. Robertson, it is you who cannot hold a candle to what she can do TO me!”

“Well, I’m going to call Ms. Peterson in Human Resources right now! ……
CLICK” Mrs. Robertson had not hung up on anyone in all the years she had
worked for Gene.

“Very good, pet gene. I have a reward for you ……. (removing an old stocking from her bag, she continued) ……. this is one of Goddess V.’s old stockings it will make a wonderful cock leash for you …… (displaying a knot tying ability which would earn any girl scout a merit badge, Jezebel soon had Gene’s ball tightly bound and separated and his cock secure in a nylon web) …… there …… by the red color it’s turning I would say I have it about right!” Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”, Jezebel asked taking full control of Gene and his environment.

“It’s Ms. Peterson of Human Resources.”

“One second please …….”, Jezebel gave a hand command for Gene to sit behind his desk while she took a seat on the couch.

“You may come in now”, Jezebel call to Ms. Peterson.

Ms. Peterson entered and closed the door behind her. She was a young woman in her thirties. She was still younger when one considered she had already assumed control of the Human Resources Department. Given her firm figure, many a male thought she had slept her way to the top, the typical male reason for being passed over for a position of power in favor of a female.

“Mr. Erickson, I just got the strangest call from Mrs. Robertson. She tells
me that you’ve changed your mind yet again about who you want to be your

“That’s right Ms. Paterson, I’ve settled on Ms. Anderson …..”

“Oh I don’t know Mr. Erickson, I’m having second thoughts ….. I could never work for a man who didn’t stand up when a lady entered the room …….”

Gene looked down at his crotch and his exposed cock and balls with a nylon wrapped around it and then over to Jezebel who merely touched the pendant and said “Obey!”

Completely under the pendant’s influence, Gene rose to his feet putting himself on display for Ms. Peterson. As his eyes were trained on the pendant, he did not see the smile which materialized on Ms. Peterson’s face.

“Mr. Erickson …… now that’s what I call a dangling participle!”, then, turning to Jezebel she continued, “I see you have taken complete possession of him. Goddess V. will be so pleased. Are you happy with his performance?”

“Yes, Goddess V. has him totally enslaved to the pendant. But there is one thing left to do ……” Jezebel crossed her legs and dangled the shoe from the toes …… eventually allowing it to fall to the floor.

“Pet Gene ….. Heel and Kneel!”

Gene went to his Dominatrix and knelt at her feet. “On Friday, he refused my request of fetching my shoe and putting it back on my foot …… now I am going to make him do that and so much more …….” Turning her attention to her pet boss, “Pick up the shoe, Gene ……. now bring it to your face and inhale …… that it ….. Speak!…..”

In a submissive voice Gene recited the thought which Goddess V. had programmed him to repeat subconsciously, “….. in goes the submissive air ….. out goes the bad air ……”

“Now suck my toes and lick my foot …….. pet!”

Gene did not resist. Jezebel had him in a state of mind where resistance did not exist …… only obedience to his Secretarial Dominatrix mattered”

“Very good, Jezebel! What are Goddess V.’s plans for him? Will he be working in the club with the others?”

‘No”, Jezebel replied, She has decided that he will work as a maid in her
new Bed and Breakfast ….. cleaning the rooms and submitting to The Dominatrixes.”

Gene did not hear them as they discussed his fate. He was too busy
worshiping Jezebel’s feet……

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