A New Beginning (erotica)

A New Beginning by michael

Feeling the roar of the engines, Michael stared out the window to the world he was leaving behind.

The flat Texas landscape, so bland in the winter months he thought, was about to change as he left for a meeting with a woman he had only come to know as Inamorata.

No longer was he to be Michael, but michael the slave, owned and controlled by this Dominating Woman who somehow very easily took his soul in the palm of Her hand and was leading him into Her world.

She had sent the Leer Jet for him, to “claim Her Property” and bring him “home.” As the plane sped down the runway faster and faster, he could feel his heartbeat doing the same. Was it excitement or fear he thought to himself? Never would his world be the same again. After a few moments in the air, the plane banked eastward, silhouetted by the setting sun, and he nestled his head against the pillow and drifted off into sleep.

He awoke and found himself walking down the steps, out of the plane, and onto the tarmac.

He felt the cool breeze of the night embracing his face. As he walked to the limousine, the door was opened by the driver who was dressed in the usual black uniform. Nodding briefly to the driver, he entered the limo where he found an envelope addressed to “My Pet,” and a gym bag full of items not yet known. he carefully opened the envelope and began to read.

Dear slave michael: Welcome to My World. you have passed My tests thus far, but the road ahead is far more difficult. Your training merely begins here. This is your last chance to turn back to your world as you know it. Your driver is waiting for your command as to proceed. A simple yes or no will instruct him as to your wishes. However, if you choose not to proceed, you will be banished from speaking to me again. Please instruct him now, it will be your last chance to do anything of your free will if you choose to continue.

His heart racing faster, how could he could say no? Although he had not yet met Her, he could feel that She already owned him. He could feel Her presence tugging at every part of him. The countless inductions over the phone led him here. What am I doing he asked himself? His head was spinning with excitement, fear and other emotions he had not felt before. He could tell this was a thirst that had to be quenched. He needed it. He wanted it. He was a fly, caught in Her web. He quietly said, “Yes” to the driver and the limo sped off to its destination.

He heard her voice coming over the limo’s sound system. The mesmerizing induction led him into her control rather quickly. Now hypnotized, he heard subconsciously her commands. “Now that you have committed yourself to Me, open the bag and look over the items. There you will find wrist and ankle cuffs, a butt plug, panties, stockings, a cock ring, nipple clamps and some Vaseline. you know what to do with them. Have them IN and ON by the time you get to My dungeon. Place your clothes in the bag, you will not need them again until your return flight. Your ride will be about 15 minutes, now get busy.”

He proceeded and could feel himself being drawn farther and farther into the depths of Her control. He began getting hard as he undressed and prepared himself for the weekend long journey. The stockings felt wonderful, he thought. he always liked the feel of the nylons on his skin. He placed the cock ring around his stiffening cock and proceeded to lube the butt plug and slowly insert it. Once inside him, he could feel the pressure against his prostrate making him harder as it applied more pressure against the cock rings. The wrist and ankle cuffs gave him that familiar feeling of being bound, helpless. The nipple clamps, Japanese style, were applied to his nipples which were one of the most sensitive parts of his body and She knew that. They immediately began to send waves of pain and excitement throughout him, releasing endorphins, causing him to begin breathing a little heavier. Finally, the panties. Oh how he loved wearing panties. T-back and made of silk, they left the head of his now throbbing cock exposed, starting to glisten with precum. As he finished his assignment, he could feel the limo come to a halt.

He had not noticed anything about the ride as he was too busy with his instructions. He looked out the window and saw a rather large house with a long sidewalk leading to the front door surrounded by luxurious white pillars. The limo door opened and the driver escorted him out. He walked up the sidewalk to the door, as best he could with the inserted butt plug, where he found another note and a blindfold. It simply said, “Put this on, kneel, and knock four times.”

As instructed, he did so and for what seemed an eternity, he knelt there waiting, wanting, and nervously wondering what the hell he was doing. As he started to panic, the door opened and he heard the familiar voice. “Welcome my Pet, don’t you look pretty?” as She laughed wickedly. “Well, what do you have to say slave?” He was speechless. It all was happening so fast now. Her tug at his nipple clamps quickly brought him back to reality and he blurted out, “May i enter sweet Inamorata? “Enter?” She quickly responded in a stern voice. “I fly your happy little ass all the way from Texas and that is all you have to say?”

The door slammed shut.

He knew he was in deep trouble. How could he be so stupid? He was not really prepared for this moment. A million thoughts ran through his mind. He knocked again. Waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the door once again opened. “Yes?” She said. “Inamorata, i am here to serve You. i am ready to give myself to You unconditionally. i want to be Your servant and please You in any capacity You see fit.” “Ah, much better” She seductively responded. “Now crawl forward slut!” She commanded and he felt the sting of Her riding crop on his ass as he quickly moved towards Her voice. Once inside, She instructed him to get on his feet and walk forward. He was led to a leather couch and told to sit.

She removed the blindfold and was standing behind him. He could feel the PVC of Her gloves gently rubbing his back and shoulders. he could smell Her perfume permeating throughout the room. Moving Her hands forward to his chest, he felt a sudden tug on his nipples. He winced in pain and She laughed heartily. She softly whispered in his ear, “You are Mine, aren’t you michael? You adore Me, don’t you michael? You want desperately to please Me, don’t you michael. Don’t disappoint Me michael. I am a part of you and you want this more than anything else on earth, don’t you?”

Oh how that voice had an effect on him, he had never known before. It ran through his entire body. All he could say was, “Yes Inamorata, i do.” “I know.” She said. “I know how ripe you are. You will make a good slave and you will come to appreciate the opportunity to serve Me. You will quickly learn that you are very, very lucky as only a privileged few get to dance this dance.

Now in front of you on the table is your contract. Read it carefully MY pet. It is your future. It is what I want from you and I know it is what you want to give to Me, don’t you MY pet?”

She removed the nipple clamps and a wave of intense pain shot through his body as the blood started to flow back to his nipples. Gasping for breath to endure the pain, he managed to lean forward and pick up the contract. His eyesight, slightly affected by the pain, caused him to struggle to read. His mind was racing with thoughts of the next few days. He could not focus on what he was reading. Paragraphs stating chores, orgasm control, and 100% submission were not fully comprehended. But he knew he had to sign it. After all, how bad could it be? He signed on the bottom line, “slave michael.”

With that, She placed a collar around his neck and attached a leash. She placed the blindfold back on and he heard the click of Her heels as She moved in front of him. His last taste of freedom was long gone as he heard Her gather up Her chains and bind his ankles and wrists together to the cuffs. She snapped Her fingers once and he knew this was his cue to kneel. “Now we are going to go for a walk.” She said. “Don’t you dare rip those nylons!” He was led to a room with plush carpeting, a relief from the hardwood floors he thought to himself.

The smell of leather filled the room. She snapped Her fingers twice. His cue to stop. Kneeling there, he felt Her hands rubbing his back side. The feel of the PVC was exquisite and suddenly he felt the sting of the crop again. He tried not to wince but couldn’t hold it in. She pulled his hair and head back, “you will learn to keep your mouth shut slave!” as She whipped him a second time. He could feel the pain and yet the excitement of it all was intoxicating. “This is My Dungeon” She said. “It will be your home while you are here. Do you understand?” “Yes Inamorata”, he responded.

To his relief, She removed the blindfold and stood in front of him. Knowing not to look up, he could see Her patent black leather boots and stiletto heels. She is beautiful, he thought. He wanted to look at Her desperately but knew better. “Now kiss My boot and tell me how much you adore Me.” She commanded. “Tell me how lucky you are.”

He kissed the tip of Her boot lightly and said, “Oh, Inamorata, thank You for this opportunity. I adore and worship all of You. I am the luckiest slave alive.” “Yes you are.” She responded. “Now, I wish to take a bath. You will draw the water and get it ready for Me. Understood?” “Yes, Inamorata,” he said.

She led him out of the dungeon to the master bath where he began getting the water ready. She disappeared into the bedroom to undress, returning in a purple, silk robe. “Your bath is ready Inamorata,” he stated. “Very good slave. your reward shall be to bathe Me. But if you even think about anything more than washing me, I shall punish you severely.” Finally, as he was bathing Her, he was able to admire Her beauty. Her face so pretty, Her high cheekbones, supple breasts, and those legs, how he loved to look at Her legs. He was careful to concentrate and not spend too much time in any area so as not to appear to be doing more than what he was told.

When he was just about through, She gave further instructions. “Now I want you to shave My legs slave. Don’t cut Me, I hate the sight of blood. Unless, of course, it is not My own,” She howled.

Suddenly, he realized that this was no walk in the park. He had never shaved a woman’s legs before and now he had to do so perfectly. She meant business and commanded his attention to every detail. His mind, still spinning from the pain and pleasure of it all, caused his hands to shake. He slipped and cut Her ankle. He could not bear to look at Her.

Obviously, not pleased with the outcome, She said in a surprisingly calm voice, “Wait for Me in the dungeon. Go lie face up on the bondage table. I shall finish here on My own.” Crawling back to the Dungeon, he wondered what was in store. Maybe it won’t be that bad, he thought. After all, She didn’t seem THAT angry.

He entered the dungeon and took the opportunity to quickly scan its contents. The bondage table, painted black and a good eight feet in length, had a winch at the end with wrist cuffs attached. Along the entire length of the table, on the sides, were large eyelet rings. The top was padded. At the far end of the Dungeon was a hoist with quick release cuffs three feet apart hanging down by chains from the wooden four by four. Two large mirrors were attached to the walls on opposite sides of the bondage table. A padded saw horse was in the corner. A St. Andrews Cross stood at the other end of the Dungeon. Finally, on the wall, was a locked cabinet. He proceeded to lie on the bondage table, face up as instructed, and waited for his punishment. This was the hard part he thought to himself. Waiting, wondering what was in store.

The slam of the door startled him. He made every effort not to look. He sensed Her presence at the end of the table where his head was. “Give me your hands!” She sternly commanded. he raised his hands back over his head and She took them and attached them to the winch. He felt the tug on his arms as She tightened the slack. Once again, She placed the blindfold on him. She moved to his feet and attached them to the table, securing them to the eyelets on both sides. He was now helpless. His world totally at Her mercy. “I’m going to teach you a lesson about self control slave.” She whispered. “you see, you are Mine now. The first thing I am going to take from you is your ability to orgasm. I hope you have been chaste in the last few weeks as I have instructed. As you agreed in your contract, your orgasms will be controlled by Me. When I say so, how I say so.” He felt Her climbing onto the table.

She straddled his face with Her legs. She was facing his feet. He could smell the muskiness of Her mixed with the pleasant smell of Her pussy. He wanted to taste Her. She pulled down his panties as Her hand took his cock and started stroking, “you see, MY pet, this cock is now MY cock. I am going to teach you how to cum properly.” She seductively stated, “Now, I am going to play with MY cock, but you are not allowed to cum. When you think you are ready to cum, you will ask My permission. If I grant you permission, you will NOT, and I repeat, WILL NOT squirt your filthy load in the way you are used to. You will let it dribble out. And I do mean dribble. Of course, I may not ever let you cum again as you have agreed to in the contract!” She wickedly laughed.

How was this possible, he thought. There is no way i can do this. As She continued stroking him, he got closer and closer to the edge. Each time he felt himself getting close, She instinctively stopped. His balls were throbbing, the precum oozing. She continued this tease numerous times. “Now slave, this time I want to see some dribble. Do you understand?” She asked. “Yes Inamorata, i do.” he desperately responded.

She continued. He came close to the point of no return very quickly. He uncontrollably began licking Her. She stopped again. Damn! he thought. This is torture. “you see michael, MY dear, your orgasms belong to Me. YOUR orgasm is of the mouth. You will come to cherish this little scene. Your only release will be pleasing Me orally.”

He was getting very frustrated now. She was breaking him. Teaching him how to be totally submissive. Once more She began. Was this another tease or was it for real this time he wondered. Her strokes were harder and faster. He cried out, “Inamorata, may i release!?” “Yes slave, give Me a few drops and no more!” She commanded.

He squeezed his ass cheeks together, as best he could around the butt plug, and tried to stop the cum from shooting out. A few drops dribbled out. He did it! he thought.

“Very good slave” She praised him. “Now we are going to do it over and over until you are empty.” His only satisfaction was the fact that She came on his face. After several repetitions, She descended from the table. He was out of breath, frustrated. His balls were empty but he never got to achieve orgasm. He was still very excited. Somehow, still hard. She had truly taken away his ability to achieve sexual satisfaction, yet he no longer had any cum left. He wanted more.

“Good night My dear” She said as She kissed him on the forehead. She left the room and turned out the light. He realized he was already in his bed. Feeling totally frustrated, bound by both wrists and ankles and unable to move, he somehow had to sleep.

Day 2 ———–

He awoke to the sound of the winch being released. He could feel the tension relaxing. She undid his wrists and ankles and instructed him to go down the hall and fix breakfast.

The night had not gone well for him. He had hardly slept but he was in no position to argue. He was under contract. “Inamorata, may i go to the bathroom?” he asked. She laughed, “Oh my, did i forget about the butt plug? OOPS, sorry! Yes you may MY dear.” “Take out the plug, but remember, you must never stand to go to the bathroom again.” Yea right, he thought. She didn’t forget.

After breakfast, he cleaned the dishes and knelt before Her as instructed. “Today, MY dear, we are going shopping. I need a new wardrobe.”

They proceed to Her favorite part of town with exclusive, upscale shops. He was careful to always be a step behind Her and to open every door for Her.

They entered a small boutique and She picked out a pink leather miniskirt and asked, “How does this one look?” “i think it would look lovely on You Inamorata.” he stated. She laughed, “Oh? I don’t think so My slut. Go try it on.” She commanded. He hadn’t realized She was shopping for him. It was HIS new wardrobe they were buying!

He came out of the dressing room with the pink skirt on, and a couple of women were laughing nearby, obviously enjoying this sight. “Oh, that is nice.” She said. “It will go well with your pink stockings and pumps” as She handed him the nylons and shoes. “Now, we need a top. Perhaps this would do” as She gave him a silk white blouse.

He once again returned to the dressing room and tried it on. He looked in the mirror. What the hell am i doing he thought. He clearly looked like a cheap whore. A man in woman’s clothing. He was not passable. It was humiliating. Yet he was hard, he was enjoying this.

He came back out and She smiled. “Very good. you are coming along nicely!” She led him to the counter to pay and She pulled his wallet out of Her purse. “Charge.” She said to the clerk. Damn, he thought. Not only was She humiliating him, She was taking control of his bank account! “Is there a problem michael?” She asked. “No Inamorata, no problem.” he submissively responded. “Good! Now let’s go down the street. We have to finish you.” She once again wickedly laughed.

They entered a store full of perfume, makeup and the like. She approached the cosmetologist. “My little girl here, needs to find her proper colors. Can we try some shades of blush, eye shadow and lipstick?” She asked. “Of course!” the woman responded with a smirk. She obviously knew Inamorata and had done this before.

By the time they were through, he looked in the mirror. Wow! he thought, She is transforming me. He could see that maybe there was a chance to pass. Inamorata returned with the final piece, a blonde curly wig. She applied it to him and took a step back. “Mmmm, very nice.” She said.

He was done. He was feminized. He was her “Slut Puppy.” “you are no longer michael.” she stated. “I think we’ll call you michelle.” they spent the afternoon walking the streets, going in and out of shops and he found himself starting to enjoy it. How could this be? he thought.

They returned to Her house and She led him upstairs to another room. Inside, was a massage table. “I am exhausted.” She said. “you will give Me a massage now.” She undressed and laid face down on the table.

Nearby was a small table with a candle, some oil and a CD player. He lit the candle and turned on the player. The sounds of Enya filled the room.

He put some oil on his hands and rubbed them together to warm it up. This is a real treat he thought. He had received massages before and had given some, so he knew the basics. It was a pleasure just to be able to touch Her skin. He worked Her shoulders and neck first, stroking the tension down and out of Her body. Her skin was so smooth. He could feel Her relaxing.

He worked Her back and buttocks, legs and feet, paying particularly close attention to Her feet and calves. She had been in pumps all day and they were very tense. God how he admired Her body. She was beautiful. To his surprise, when he finished, She was sleeping. He knew then, She must have enjoyed it.

He took this opportunity to go back downstairs and start another bath for Her. When he returned, he woke Her with a soft kiss on Her hand. “Your bath is ready, Inamorata.” he stated. She smiled, “I could get used to you, My pet. you are learning fast.” This thrilled him. She was not one to give out compliments easily.

She instructed him to wait for Her in the dungeon. She wanted some time alone. As She was bathing, She felt very comfortable with Her new slave. I have found a good one, She thought. He is cute, responsive and willing to push his limits. She wanted him full time. I must first test his ability to endure pain. She had gotten into the “scene” because She loved the power exchange. To Her, nothing was more beautiful than someone trusting Her so much as to let Her have Her way. In its purest form, it was an expression of deep love, unconditional giving. She knew that in no other way could two people connect better. Vanilla relationships sometimes go years before two people really get to know each other. In this lifestyle, it happens in a matter of hours. She reveled in it. He was kneeling when She entered.

He craved Her now, his submissive side totally taking over. She was wearing those lovely leather boots, Her PVC gloves and a tight corset around Her waist.

She grabbed his head and jerked it back, up towards Her. In Her hand was a leather hood. She slid it over his head and laced up the back tightly. The zippers for his eyes and mouth were open. She went over to the cabinet, unlocked it, pulled out a dildo and held it in front of him to see. “Ever suck cock, My little slut?” she asked. “Uh, no Inamorata.” he softly said. He knew what was in store.

She ran it along the tip of his lips slowly. “I’m sure you will make a good little cocksucker won’t you, My precious michelle?” Feeling no way out he had to say yes. How could he refuse now? “yes Inamorata, if it pleases You.” he quietly responded.

“Oh and it does. All my sluts are very good at sucking cock. They seem to get the knack very easily.” She confidently stated as She slid it into his mouth.

She zipped shut the eyelids leaving only an opening for him to breathe through his nose. She took him to the saw horse where She attached his arms and legs to the supports, leaving his ass exposed to Her. She rubbed his ass gently and then gave it a firm smack. “What a nice little ass you have slut. I bet all the men were looking at it today. Oh and its so white and lovely! Just like a blank canvas, waiting to be painted.” She was in full Mistress mode now.

She gathered two floggers, Her riding crop and a cane which was very thin, excellent for leaving marks. “We’ll start with this.” as She let loose a direct blow with the first “beginner” flogger. He bit on the dildo. “Ah, that was nothing. Surely you are more a man than that. I guess michelle truly is feminine!” She laughed.

She struck him again, a little harder, and then quickly three more times. Each time, harder and more direct. His ass was getting red now. He was breathing heavier.

She took the next flogger and teased him with it. This one had thin leather strands. She gave him a quick whip and he flinched. Again and again, she snapped the strands, each time watching him jerk uncontrollably. She counted to ten. Whipping him in a frenzied manner.

His ass was fiery red. “Aw, is my slut sore?” She teased. “We’ve only just begun!” She grabbed the riding crop and started again.

His head was starting to spin. His body starting to shake. He didn’t know how much more he could take. The first blow left a clear straight mark across his ass. It started to swell up. She was enjoying Her artistry, painting Her picture. This is what She lived for. She was doing what She loved most.

His endorphins were kicking in. The pain, so extreme, so harsh, yet, he was feeling the pleasure of it all, starting to feel the ecstasy. She then picked up the cane and teased his ass with it. “Do you know what this is michelle?” She asked. “It is for my bad little girls. I only use it when they disappoint me.” “Good things come in sixes. you know.” She instructed as She wacked him six times in quick succession.

It stung like a rubber band snapping on him. He bit down hard on the dildo, panting heavily. He was on the edge of passing out. His whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

She gently rubbed his ass. She could tell he had had enough.

She released him and instructed him crawl to the cross where She bound him once again. She was really starting to get wet now. She was enjoying this so much, and, by the looks of things, he was too. he was dripping with precum. He looked so good in that hood She thought.

He was still trying to catch his breath. His whole body was feeling numb. The endorphins had kicked in and he was in a state of bliss. There wasn’t a stray thought in his mind.

She attached him to the cross and went to the cabinet for more toys. He winced in pain as She applied the nipple clamps.

After the initial rush, he felt ok. Then She applied a weight to each one. They were pulling, sending more waves through him.

She took her cock and ball spreader and snapped it on. He was very wet now and very hard. She applied weights to it also.

She took a handful of wooden clothespins and decorated his body and balls. He was totally numb. His whole body vibrating, trying to respond to the intense pain.

She took her hand and ran it down his chest seductively, playfully. “you are Mine.” She whispered. “you are naked without Me. I am inside your mind, body and soul.” She was on the edge Herself. She needed satisfaction. “I am going to milk you again slut. Remember the rules!”

She backed up to him and slid him inside Her. Oh how good it felt, She thought.

She began to move Her hips in a circular motion, stimulating Her G spot. She lost Herself in it.

Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, She let out a scream and came on him in multiple successions.

She collapsed to the floor, out of breath, totally shaking, satisfied.

After a few moments, She regained Her breath, rose, and removed the items and the hood from his head. He fell to his knees. “Very good, My pet” She exclaimed as She ran Her hands through his hair.

She had truly broken him. He now understood Her world. She reached down and lifted him up and took him to Her bedroom. “you will sleep with Me tonight.” She said in a motherly fashion. “It is okay.”

She held him in Her arms, comforting him, helping him to regain his composure. She wanted him whole again. They slept soundly.

Morning came and he was first to wake up. He looked at Her sleeping peacefully. The morning sun was peaking through the French doors.

He felt whole again, alive and more alert than he had ever felt before.

She stirred and quietly said, “Good morning” with Her eyes still shut and a smile on Her lips.

He held Her and together they felt as one.

Inamorata and slave.

A New Beginning…

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