Yule/Solstice and the holidays..

I celebrate Yule (21st) and while others celebrate on the 25th, my celebration is over.  I also do not celebrate New Year’s – a witch’s New Year is Samhain (Oct 31st).

I have spent the holidays in reflection, retrospection, introspection and sometimes unable to get outside of my own mind. I have ample time to spend in meditation, practice living in the moment and focusing on tasks at hand and goals.

I have more clarity. I am more attuned to my body and to my magical practice.

I can teach you, guide you, lead you, train you, mold you and shape you. That may be a tall order for some, but I welcome it. I welcome you to take me up on it.

When you engage, I will engage. But the first step must be yours. I am an open book to you. Ask me a question publicly or privately (DM) on twitter, I will answer.  Now is the time.  It’s your turn.  Take a deep breath and do it.

I look forward to hearing from you. You are not alone.

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