Now and every now (erotica)

I settled in with my coffee and grabbed my phone to doom scroll through my applications. I had barely had my first chuckle when my phone vibrated and the screen showed the name of my Goddess. I took a deep breath.

“Hello”, I whispered, nearly unable to make a sound.

“Such a good boy. A good pet.” Her honeyed tones made my knees weak.

My heart beat exponentially faster as I tried to maintain my composure and balance. I was sitting in a large firm chair, but the floor moved a like the sea and my stomach tried to contain the butterflies trying to escape.

“My Goddess. Good morning.” I had been hers for years, but I was still a school boy whenever we spoke. I was hers unquestionably and unconditionally, yet still she made my world move.

“Yes it is. Have you been a good boy?” I loved her and quickly fell into the rhythm of her words.

“Yes Goddess, I …”

“Of course you have. Fall, for me,” I was lost. “That’s it my good boy. Fall, fall, fall, for me pet.”

I was gone. My mind simply stopped and transferred all thoughts to her. Happiness and heaven. Service to my owner. I don’t know what happened next. She was my world and my world revolved around her.

“… and that’s all there is to it. Have a wonderful day my good boy.”

“Yes Goddess. Thank you Goddess. You’ve made my day wonderful.”

“Of course I have.” **click**

I don’t know what “it” was, but it was the most important thing to me. My knees were still weak when I realized it was nearly 90 minutes later. My life was hers and all I knew is that her will was my command. Now and every Now.

© @OInamorata


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