Hypnotizing the analytical mind by Lady Jessica

Achieving trance isn’t hard, so why do so many people struggle? Why do hypnotists (mistakenly in my opinion) refer to some clients as “bad” or “difficult”?

The answer lies in how we understand trance and recognise learning. Different people learn in different ways. Common techniques for learning new information will work for some, but not for all. That doesn’t mean that people who struggle to learn the “typical” way are bad or aren’t trying hard enough. It simply means they require a different explanation.

The same applies with hypnosis because at the end of the day the hypnotist isn’t “making” the subject trance. A hypnotist is a guide or teacher. We are showing people how to capitalise on an innate talent they already possess.

The way we teach is the key to unlocking each subjects understanding. Find and use the right key and a world of possibilities and opportunities stretch out before you.

For a subject, the importance of understanding and believing that they are capable of achieving trance cannot be underestimated. The phrase “believe you can and you’re halfway there” has never been more appropriate. As a hypnotist I’ve successfully tranced people who have been trying for 40+ years and I succeeded where others failed because I believed in the subject and their abilities and tailored my approach to suit their method of learning rather than trying to shoebox them into stereotypical inductions. The result was a subject who tranced (and continues to trance) perfectly.

© Lady Jessica
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