Meeting my Mistress by amy

As a bi-female, I’ve had both male and female Dominants. Both are good in their own ways, but there is something special about having a Mistress. Women understand the “soft” side, the emotional side of me just a little better. Maybe because they have been there too. Sometimes I am an emotional wreck or just need to be comforted and as much as my male partners can, they are there for me, but Lady Inamorata knows just what to say to calm me down and make me focus on what needs to be done at the moment.

When I first met the Lady, I came home to my boyfriend being so excited, literally bouncing up and down, telling me about this wonderful lady he had started talking to. Hearing and feeling his excitement, I knew our lives had changed with that one conversation. She was adamant to continue a relationship with him, she would have to talk to me and get my blessing. He called her and we all three talked together. I could feel her energy radiating through the phone. So began us building a friendship and ultimately my own submissive relationship with Lady Inamorata.

It started with a few “get to know you” phone calls. I learned she was a witch like me. I learned her Goddess was the same as mine. I looked at her files and they were great; filled with positivity, guided breathing exercises, and just long enough to leave you craving more. Her triggers “Fall for me” and “want this, need this, crave this” left me spell bound and implanted themselves into my brain instantly.

I am happy to say I am very blessed to be her submissive little girl. Even though she is hundreds of miles away, she is very much a big part of our lives. She’s there at the exact moment I need her, ready to listen, ready to trance me, ready to love me. She gives as much to me as she expects to receive from me. She has such a big loving heart, and that is why I choose to submit everything to her. I love you, my Lady. Thank you for all you’ve done to improve my life.

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