Half a world away by david

Over 20 years ago I met a wonderful lady online, Lady Inamorata. We would chat for hours about dominance and submission, both Dominants at the time. Over the days and weeks she expanded and enlightened my knowledge of all things BDSM and introduced me to hypnosis. I learnt so much and unknowingly at the time had begun to fall for her. As a man in my 30s I began to feel the true power of a sexual, dominant woman for the first time. This was more than a little erotic to say the least and we continued to chat, some days for hours. We both truly enjoyed each other’s company and I believe learnt much from these experiences. After many months I admitted to this amazing lady how much I had become attached to her and my sexual excitement at the relaxed control she exuded. I believe her response was something like “of course my boy, you are falling for me”. These words today from her honey drenched voice still get me erect like it did then.

We continued to talk almost daily and my love for this lady grew and grew to the point I would alter my work and life schedule to be with her. To my career and relationship detriment over that time, but still I would not change a thing. I wanted her, her voice, her mind, her control, her warmth, she excites, calms and controls me whenever she wanted and I was so pleased when she did. I feel a contented safety when I am in her presence like a newborn, suckling at its mother teat knowing nothing else and not needing anything else, safe and warm.

We still talk regularly to this day but our roles are very much defined, I am her submissive boy, any thought of being equal or my dominance has long gone and I desire to do what pleases her. She knows this and it gives her joy and power; the reach and attraction she has over me is undeniable and intoxicating. The kicker is we have never met and our skin has not touched, I am half a world away. Yet her (what I now realize) training of me all those years ago has given us a bond that I cannot break (and only semi control) and that suits me just fine. If she ever needs me she reaches out and I drop everything to belong to her. It is the most exciting effect I have ever experienced, overwhelming at times, but always leaves me tingling and wanting more, lusting to be her chosen boy.

My last point is – this wonderful lady is like no other I have met. She is my perfect woman, a friend and confidante, a teacher and nurturer, powerful with grace and control. A woman like this comes along once in a lifetime and I have found her. Simply put, she is every sexual and non-sexual fantasy I have ever had in one person. She loves and embraces them all and gives me a safe place to discuss and fall into her time and time again. She is always mindful of the outright strength of the hold she has over me and has never abused it. She could easily and, sometimes I want this and even beg her for this, and yet she always takes me to and leaves me at a safe place. Kisses to you my Goddess and here’s to another 20+ years of learning, lusting and laughing together.

© david

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