My Collaboration With Her by earle

My writing, listening, and explorations in hypnosis, eroticism, and the dominance of a strong female all presented a perfect storm. It was when Lady Inamorata offered a collaboration in creating scripts that that storm blew my way. She presented several opportunities at once, one in writing and one in submission. A lot of files came into existence, and we created great things through our bond and mindfulness of one another.

This type of collaboration differs from traditional because the artists usually require the meeting of minds and multiple people introduce numerous demands and possible obstacles but Lady Inamorata had already met my mind, in sessions (I happily consent and beg for time and time again). We share the mutual trust of abandoning norms and exchanging powers that be. Her direction was my muse. We both love the same things, and in our collaboration, lent each other our tools of which we admire the other for – all that went without saying because of our history with one another. Week by week, I finalized and emailed a primary script that would allow setting of intros and endings. My favorite part in this is the fact I would try to imagine my own Dominant and Owner using these scripts to create unique, fun experiences. Like poetry, my ideas sought theme – how would listening to this is going to make one feel? This immersed me into the task in a way that suited the finished product. My Owner wanted a submission that was ideal for Domination/submission and not an average sexual roleplay; the script nearly wrote itself from that aspect. Eventually the act of writing a couple of these sessions culminated into “being free inside” in Her universe; a file that detailed and sensationalized the nature of Mistress’ ownership. The task also brought introspection. What would I normally listen to hypnosis-erotic-femdom files for? My favorite sensations were bondage, hypnotic-induced scene play, the enchanting and trance inducing items, the adoration that words can call up to the surface. This whole series of files become one of my favorite creative things to be a part of.

Mistress Inamorata picked up on my enthusiasm. She not only liked what I wrote, she knew its source and inspiration naturally. My writing was definitely a stream-of-conscious draft of fantasy and ideas, pictured around one powerful figure. The words were written for Her. And I was truly giddy knowing Her voice would eventually say these things, that thing. It’s unwrapping a gift that was on a list of gifts. It’s letting loose a mad scientist into a space lab. It’s baking and the hot thing risen once whatever is put together passes through Lady Inamorata’s fires. Then people viewed, liked, and even commented on these really special pieces of work. As a co-creator seeing a notification of anyone seeing, reading and liking anything of ours brought always the “gift rush”, that thrill of giving or being given to. I always listened, first, before I saw the comments, some desperate fellows and some connoisseurs of trance. Listening and being in trance, for your own words wrapped in Her voice, changed the way I dropped into that state. In a good way, my mind knew specific phrases or descriptions were on the way. A preemptive knowledge dampens any, but not all, uniqueness in the first listen. But why only listen once? And more specifically, were the notes in grammar picked up on? Would the words stop or pause at certain places? Would they play out slowly or slower with emphasis, too? Practically all the ways I intended the words be read came out naturally as Lady Inamorata’s experience made those things easier. And rarely, if ever, would I need to rewrite anything or explain a thing more than once. I miss those times, our collaboration, and hope the same experience will cross my path again. Writing, for me, is always tumultuous but during those times more empowering content came out and became public than ever in my whole adult life.

© earle

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