Ageless Devotion by billImjusta

“Sherman, set the way back machine to”…no, I am giving away my age using that phrase. “Doctor, can we set the TARDIS to travel back to”…no, too nerdy. Well let’s just go back more years than I want to remember. It was the days of Yahoo Chat Rooms and mIRC. I was first exploring erotic hypnosis. I had been fascinated by it since I was a teenager, watching the old Hammer Films. Watching Dracula staring at some girl in a low cut blouse and drawing her to her doom, and yet as she was being bitten, she seemed almost orgasmic drew me to hypnosis, even though I didn’t really know what hypnosis was at the time.

As I hung out in the rooms chatting and learning, there was always the drama going on, the cliques and the stories about people being abused. But there were a few people that people spoke about in almost reverent tones. There was obviously much respect for these few people. One of them was named Inamorata. I was curious about her because of the name, which I thought was very odd, having never heard the name. I ended up looking it up and was just impressed that someone came up with that name. Obviously this person had some intelligence.

I got to talk to her a couple of times, and she was very gracious to an obvious noob. Again it impressed me that she would take the time to talk to someone who obviously had no idea about what erotic hypnosis was, what to do with it, or anything else. Unfortunately time and real life separated me from Yahoo and I lost touch with the lady.

Fast forward to a couple years ago and the collapse of Tumblr. I looked around for a new place to call home and found Twitter had an active hypnosis community, so I signed up and looked to get involved a little more. And who do I see as I am looking around but that name again, Inamorata. Knowing it couldn’t be anyone else, I slammed down on the follow button. I read her posts and her blog and knew it had to be the same person. AND, I found that she did YouTube videos every week. I started devouring the older ones and found them very well done. And what I liked was that they were extremely erotic without being blatantly sexual. And they drew me in very quickly.

Finally I screwed up my courage and messaged her…and she was just as gracious as she was way back when. I actually asked some intelligent questions, and she answered them. Finally she said she had to end our “taco talk” and found I didn’t want the talk to end. However, I certainly understood. It just felt very much like karma to find this lady that I respected all over again.

Goddess Inamorata stopped doing her weekly releases, but not many weeks go by that I don’t listen to a selection of them and fall for her, now that I know how. Even though I may not be one of her “Knights”, I like to think of myself as a squire, ready to help at her call.

© @BillImjusta

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