For the novice subject by Lady Inamorata

Meditation and hypnosis have been a very large part of my life for years.  I would like to help you and guide you towards a sense of peace, especially during these tumultuous times.  Let me show you the mind-body-spiritual-sexual connection and allow you to free-fall into an altered state of awareness. My passion runs as deeply and as strongly as yours.  At this time, I am interested in working with those of like mind; that is to say, trance purists and/or those who are seeking to be guided deeper into their meditation practice.

I am a trance purist – I enjoy working with subjects to put them into trance for the love of the trance. I particularly enjoy working with subjects long-term.  These days I do phone sessions and expect my subjects to be co-responsible for their sessions.  I expect my subjects to have an open and willing mind and to be responsive to me even during their altered state of awareness.

Hypnosis actually occurs several times throughout your everyday life to some degree.  Have you ever been so engrossed in a book you are reading that you do not hear someone call your name?  Ever been watching a movie and not heard the phone ring?  How about driving in a car?  Have you ever reached your destination and not remember the actual drive?  All of these are forms of a light hypnotic trance.  Part of your brain was completely occupied and involved in something while another part of your brain was engaged somewhere else.

These days, I lean less towards erotic hypnosis but it is also something I enjoy from time to time. It is quite empowering to put someone into trance using subtle sensual innuendos and have them go deeper upon just saying a trigger phrase.

I am grounded in reality but my mind wanders below, within and above me.  Some fantasies are exciting but should stay fantasy. I will indulge your fantasy to some degree but I must stress again that I am grounded in reality.  I have no time for indulging those of you who are going to use me to get off. That is a game I have no patience or time for.  I do not offer JOI to those subjects/clients who I have not worked with long-term. Anyone who has had a phone or skype session with me can attest that I simply do not need to.

Do your own research. You should have a good rapport with the dominant you might seek to enter your mind. Always remember that entering your mind is a gift and should be treated as such.

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